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  1. Your opinion it's just that, your opinion (and its seems that it's that i;am attacking everybody) still i respect but you have no opinion about the subject, so you're just spaming here. This is not a show and tell thread and nobody cares what u did in other discussions, nobody asked you in this thread and nobody needs for u to "come to the rescue". So just mind your own buissnes and go searching for people you leave with no reply so you can feel smart and superior;) I understand that and i'am not arguing that she should stay home and be a house wife because she's a woman. I'am how
  2. Nothing personal, i'am just so sick of people posting in my thread without actually reading any posts or just browsing through them...
  3. Yes i have strong feelings about this but that's beside the point. In my oppinion they just went to far with that and that's just because they can... I don't generally think that a forum debate is necessary for a tv show and especially for a sitcom but this one was the last drop. As i said before is not that this show did this kinda thing for the first time, it's the "Let's just hire cheap writers and instead of complex story plot will just shock people with stupid things" we see in almost every show now...
  4. Thank you for that lesson of life and that insult, we the "less intelligent" people thank you for the kind thoughts and great advices, we'll be sure to write them down. That was exactly the point I was trying to make. The fact that these characters are not ideal parenting material is what makes them funny. In real life, would you want to hang around with mama's boy Howard, arrogant, obnoxious Sheldon or drunken, obnoxious Raj either? Why is Bernadette being held to a different standard? She's just a character in a comedy. Also, I imagine that Bernadette getting more of a backbone a
  5. Hi Alex7, The Big Bang Theory is fiction & comedy by its very definition it is fantasy You obviously have some issues with the direction that the fictional character Bernadette is being taken in by the writers. Fair enough. I personaly wonder at the wisdom of airing your personal issues on a fan forum. But that is up to you. I have no desire to get into it with you, and as such already regret posting on what you have claimed as your thread. But I will (just for the sake of it) re-emphasise "Fiction & Comedy." It is tough enough when one takes real life too seriously, witho
  6. Are u a hysterical teenage girl? How does 'cute and kind' make "completely passive"?? Am really starting to wonder about u.. Back o the topic i understand what (and for that matter everybody else i think) Howard perpetually comedy is suppose to be however it can be done without hating children.. If you're not suppose be taken literally than nothing can be taken literally, we can just assume that when (for instance) Leonard Hofstadter said the he respects women that he actually hates them and he is a just another bigot because acording to you we are suppose to draw your own conclusions and
  7. Well first of all Matt, the feminist side of her character from my point of view is being forced on her in that episode by saying "You should stay home with the kids because i make more money anyway and i'll go live my life" which was so unlike her since she was suppose to be the cute and kind one. The side of her that has nothing to do with her character was probably forced on her for p.c reasons because like i said earlier, they are probably starting the wave of boring crap just like in any other show.. Now, i may understand why u both decided u shouldn't have children and a salute the de
  8. Well they done it now and they can't take it back.....believe me i use to like her more than any female character on the show but now i can't stand the sight of her...
  9. As of this I said nothing of the sort. I was trying to say: Maybe people on here did not understand what you were trying to discuss, so if they were not discussing what you wanted or it got off topic maybe you needed to reword/restate the topic in a different way. People can not read each other minds and therefore things sometime sound off topic when either the person misread or did not understand the poster's original idea. And as for a condescending attitude: You're reading that. I have no attitude towards you. That was my response. Look, i'am making 2 points in this thread: 1 Is
  10. Believe it or not there are people in the world who think the same about children. Its something about the early years of children touching everything and putting everything in their mouth and all the questions that those people can not stand. Also people tend to say they hate things when they really mean they just really really dislike them. Most likely she does not know how to deal with children or does not have the patients which means in turn means children do not like her which makes her dislike them even more. People are allowed to hate children and put their happiness above havi
  11. You guys are not reading my posts and not even paying attention to the show... I'am gonna try to make myself more clear.. IT'S NOT JUST THAT SHE DOESN'T WANT CHILDREN IT'S THAT SHE HATES THEM!!!!!! SHE THINKS THAT THEY ARE DISGUSTING AND REPULSIVE AND AN OBSTACLE IN THE WAY OF HER HAPPINES!!! How much more clearer do i need to get Aviodingtherealworld and Fiction315???? This is not a gender or "head of the family issue"... If you're gonna post in my thread please have the common sense to read the posts... Of course there are other factors that make that episode a bad idea like him being a
  12. You're right, she shouldn't give in if she she doesn't have it in her.. Fiction They can't leave it alone because demonizing family values and mocking any kind religion is the cool thing right now apparently... It takes real imagination and talent to come up with complex ideas, taking cheap shots on these kinda things it's a lot easier than a writing complex dialog and storyline, this way people will focus on these things rather on the lack of ideas and imagination.....
  13. I agree, they should had discussed this before marriage and it doesn't make sence that they didn't.. Here i disagree with u, most people who have a bad childhood do everything in their power to not repete history and give their kids all the things they never had including love and affection.
  14. I agree 100%, you can never compromise with the lives of your children. And ya....you can't risk it since people like that will never really change..
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