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  1. They are scheduled for only a few more seasons, Penny's character would never date Sheldon, if they did date it would turn from my favourite TV series to my least favourite since they would be changing character personalities so suddenly. I think Sheldon and Amy are going to have a baby soon, Howards going to break up with Bernadette if they keep on making her look worse and worse. I think the Raj will date penny sometime throughout the series, or Leonard will date her near the end of the series.
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    Bernadette crap...

    To me it doesn't make sense at all. When Howard first met Bernadette she was really kind, and in a sense, cute. Though in this Episode 13 of Season 5 was a let down. Bernadette has suddenly married Howard not mentioning any hatred for children, and has actually turned out a lot like Howard (not understanding peoples feelings), for example how she says she will work and Howard will stay home because of HER hatred towards children. Bernadette's character has changed dramatically, with hardly any factors proving that it is a reliable change in character. I think it was one of my biggest let downs so far in the TV series. I actually made an account on here just to share my opinion about this.
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