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  1. No, it's been about this from the start, plus would it really be a show if four nerds sat around eating Thai food and talking sci fi or comic books the whole time it would get boring real soon. Plus life is about relationships why wouldn't a show. Yeah but I'm more or less wishing, ya know I mean it could be exciting if it involved something with Sheldon. A family member showing up on his door step, something other than 2 characters in bed together or making out.
  2. To me, Bernie the character and in real life look the same, just no glasses! I am basically a brunette Bernie. I get the cute a lot in real life, but not usually the compliments that the "grown up" women do LOL. Oh well I'll take it. I think Bernie is really cute but pretty too. I don't think Amy is, even in real life I don't consider her attractive, not to be mean. I agree on Dr. Stephanie though - not so much on the show but she recently played on Rules of Engagement and looked gorgeous. I also think Priya is beautiful, almost more than Penny (I just assume everyone prefers Penny LOL) I
  3. Is there anyway they can make it exciting without doing a relationship thing? It just gets tiring, but I guess a reguarly nerdy time isn't exciting enough.
  4. Well yeah I agree; but it's not that I dislike it because I'm offended; I just think it's annoying and too common. It's like the Amy loves Penny show or something. Although I wouldn't call it love, more like a freak obsession. But if people think it's too perverted, I just mean there is worse.
  5. I dunno where I used to work in the midwest, we used to talk pretty nasty to each other, but it was all talk and joking. I dunno I think if you are friends or you know the person right, it wouldn't be something to get all up in arms about. However, it annoys me. It doesn't offend me; I just find it annoying, and old. If Amy says things like that to/about Sheldon, it doesn't bother me. I think it's that it's every freakin' episode, and it's borderline obsession. I used to live in England too... I really miss it there But I do agree, I dont think it's that big of a deal. 2 Broke Girls hav
  6. I liked the episode quite a lot. I was really hoping no lesbian comment from Amy, but of course there it was. I like her comments toward Sheldon though.
  7. I just watched the episode. I can't stand the Amy crush either; and I can't stand how she acts as if she is better than Bernadette, and that Bernadette isn't Penny's friend and they just "let her" come around. I really wish they'd both stand up to her and she'd acknowledge that Penny and Bernadette are more likely "besties". Penny doesn't seem to have a backbone where Amy is concerned, and just tolerates her to not rock the boat. I liked the other parts with the guys a lot - Kripke scenes are always funny and watching them play basketball was hiliarious.
  8. Yeah after Penny and Raj in bed at the end of the last one, let's not go there again.
  9. I also hope he goes. I like the sound of this one already - no romance drama, hopefully no Amy lusting over Penny, mostly about Sheldon, with some science nerdom incorporated in it via Howard.
  10. LOVE that Kripke is going to be in it! I'd lke more Kripke, less of the girls. The Amy lesbian thing is something I can't stand either. The only way I can like this is if they use it as a way to make it stop or resolve something so that Amy knocks it off, esp if Penny would lay down the law.
  11. I believe so, yes. AKA "recording it". I don't think it will ever be just the 5 - I def don't see them getting Amy out. I also think if they did phase out her and B, they'd just bring another one in eventually.
  12. I liked a lot of it, but do find the repetitive story with Howard/Berna to be annoying with them having a real serious issue that should be discussed before marriage, but gets swept under the rug. Amy-Lesbian over Penny - annoying as heck. I don't mind her being a bit weird as in someone mentioned Penny is like the friend Amy could have never had; but every week there's something and it's getting old. I also like the scene at the bar how Penny told Howard the women had a meeting. I liked most of the episode.
  13. I love her too, she is a lot like me (short, glasses, not Penny-beautiful but cute, not motherly or wanting the stay at home mom role, brainy, etc) she is funny as heck and my fave female character.
  14. I think Sheldon and Penny get good laughs together and have a certain chemistry, but people are just so used to romantic pairings that when they see a male and female on together they automatically think that way, but I think for S & P it's better that way - getting them together would ruin what I think makes them fun to watch together.
  15. PBJ

    Bernadette crap...

    Tiddles that is an excellent point! I was wondering if it's because most people assume the woman should take on the main parenting role - I feel like society portrays a lot of men as clueless and the women are expected to be the sane ones to give everything up and do all the care-giving while the man just kind of sits there and does whatever. I would not even date a man like that - can't cut his own meat? Oh boy. So many problems. You are right, TV land is not realistic land!
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