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  1. Zazzles

    5.20 The Transporter Malfunction (Mar. 29)

    I dunno about that, but I thought it was pretty solid. Best of season 5 anyway. Hoping the Stephen Hawking episode is as good or better.
  2. Zazzles

    5.18 The Werewolf Transformation (Feb. 23)

    Another lesbian joke from Amy. Otherwise a pretty good episode. Wolowitz after the survival training was hilarious. A callback to the soup tattoo would have been funny. I wish Jim Parsons would really get his hair cut. I hate shaggy Sheldon. "Continuity" and "The Big Bang Theory" don't really belong in the same sentence.
  3. Zazzles

    Your biggest movie disappointments?

    Starship Troopers. Hands down. What utter dreck.
  4. Zazzles

    5.15 The Friendship Contraction (Feb. 2)

    To be fair, Neil deGrasse Tyson has had a lot more screen time than George Smoot. Smoot.
  5. Zazzles

    5.14 The Beta Test Initiation (Jan. 26)

    I'd call it a solid episode. I thought Leonard shooting himself was hysterical. Bernadette's "I think I want to leave now" was hilarious, too. Chalk "the list" up to Leonard still being a geek at heart and pathologically un-smooth.
  6. Zazzles


    This has the potential to be hysterically funny, if it ever happens.
  7. Zazzles

    5.15 The Friendship Contraction (Feb. 2)

    Seriously? After 11 years? Hope they tread lightly on this subject.
  8. Zazzles

    5.13. The Recombination Hypothesis (Jan 19th 2012)

    Why are you yelling?
  9. Zazzles

    5.13. The Recombination Hypothesis (Jan 19th 2012)

    M*A*S*H Anyone? :D I watched that until the bitter end, even after Frank Burns was gone and it had stopped being funny. IMHO Sheldon/Jim Parsons is just as essential to TBBT. It could survive someone else leaving, but Jim Parsons as Sheldon IS the show, as much as I like the other characters. I watched it again last night and I thought the wood thing was done pretty well. Up until college, I was a hardcore geek (still am, and proud of it, just to a lesser degree) and giggling inanely to penile innuendo is pretty much de rigueur in the geek world. So is dragging it out past funny.
  10. Zazzles

    5.13. The Recombination Hypothesis (Jan 19th 2012)

    Which is part of the problem, IMHO. Too many "main" characters. It should be Sheldon, Leonard and Penny, with Raj and Howard as supporting cast. Anybody else should be guests. That, in my eyes, is the formula that put the show where it is. But whateva. It's not my show to write, and I haven't gotten to the point where I don't like watching it. Well, other than episode 5.11.
  11. Zazzles

    5.13. The Recombination Hypothesis (Jan 19th 2012)

    I certainly wouldn't call it the worst episode either of the season or the series. I reserve that for 5.11. I laughed a few times but the whole "it was all a dream" was lame. Penny and Leonard catching each others eye in the hall and smiling I thought was pretty touching. I thought the whole wood thing was fairly funny and in character for Sheldon not to pick up on it. Is it just me or does it seem to anyone else like they try to cram too much into 20 minutes lately? This season just seems like the episodes are shorter or something. Like there's too many different things going on to really make a good story? As soon as they get into one storyline, poof, it's gone and they're on to something else.
  12. Zazzles

    Howard And Raj

    Kites ho!
  13. Zazzles


    I think Mayim Bialik is the ideal person to play the female half of The Shamy©, but they need to dial her down a notch or three. I'll give the dead horse a kick and say: enough with the awkward lesbian jokes. I'll also agree with the idea that the show is about Sheldon, Leonard and Penny, but that train left the tracks by the end of season 3.
  14. Zazzles

    Bernadette crap...

    I thought it was waaay out of character for Bernadette. If they're trying to create a wedge between her and Howard to create a little tension or whatever, there are better ways to do it. proof suit>

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