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  1. Sadly, they were much more real in season's 1-2. They have lost that. Eh its a show i take it with grain of salt. I still like it other wise i would not be here. Season 1-2 was my fav but i still like season 4 and 5.
  2. cooper56


    We should eventually find out.The show is not even close to ending with the popularity it has now it can easily go to 10 season like a Seinfeld or Friends or the more popular shows of its genre.
  3. Leonard is likely least accurate and Howard. Its a tv show people need to remember but i think show makes nerds look bad. Most nerds are not actually like characters on show and show paints them in a bad light i would consider my self a nerd or geek but i i also act and look like a normal person.
  4. Good to know im only on season 3 right now I hope the jokes are still funny are they just easier to understand.
  5. I love the show been watching it since season 1 but i dont understand why it gets so many views. Most shows start out and drop in view but the big bang theory has gone up every season and is now getting more view than American Idol. Any Theory's? Well besides season 4 slight drop the show seems to have lost no views where most fall off. Season 1: 8.31 mil Season 2: 9.98 mil Season 3: 14.14 mil Season 4: 13.14 mil Season 5: 15.53 mil
  6. Leonard for me but i love them all so much at least main cast. This one of the few shows i can say that.
  7. Hope L and P stay together for at least a while seriously they keep breaking them up so quick and then getting back together.
  8. Eh i liked it. People have to high of expectations. Penny & Leonard make a good couple no idea why everyone thinks they should not be together.
  9. Eh i dont think so they will end up together its nothing new shows always drag on the relationships if they were together for season 1-5 there would be no drama or good story. Happens in every show.
  10. I really do like Leonard and Penny work better and i see that is where they will end up eventually. Its been them from the start. Not that i dont like Penny and Sheldon together the to of them together have the funniest lines on the show but i think story does not make sense its better for amy and Sheldon and Penny and Leonard
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