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    Penny certainly is far from perfect just like any other person (fictional or real). I believe she really cares for these guys and gals: she’s always there when they need support and protection. I agree that she comes across as rude on occasions, but come on, they all do. No character is flawless, even Bernie has shown her dark side. Penny has some understanding of the consequences of her actions this past season. She did tried to steal from a charity box but she admitted that it would have been wrong. She gave Sheldon and Leonard gifts thank-you gifts for the free food and Wifi. I don't know if there's more tough, too tired to think. Anyway, it’s not much, but it sure is a nice start, right? I totally agree on what you said about her relationship with Leonard. Poor Leonard is always the one that tries to move their relationship forward, with little success. Penny should make a move now, it’s long overdue.
  2. Mitzy/Mitsy What kind of car does Raj's father drive?
  3. This would take a lot of time and thought. Considering the amount of screen time Raj got this season, I doubt that the writers are going to invest that much time in his character. I think the writers will keep his mutism the way it is, much easier.
  4. Sheldon wouldn't watch, as he sees himself as too intelligent and evolved for the science references. The Leonard/Penny thing would turn him off. Leonard would have liked the earlier seasons and he would identify himself with the guys. He might watch S4 and S5 episodes with Penny. Howard wouldn't watch because he's too busy picking up women of course. Besides, his mom is always in front of the television, watching soap operas and reality shows. Raj might watch S1-S3 (I'm not too sure), but he would definitely become a big fan after the fourth season. He would be sitting in front of the television, his box of tissues besides him, shipping everything there is to ship. There can't be drama enough for Raj. He would be very active in the online fandom as well, posting cute pictures of his favorite couples on fansites. Penny would watch a few a episodes while hanging out with Leonard, she wouldn't get the science references but she would definitely be rooting for some 'cute' couple. She would become a hardcore fan after season 4. Amy wouldn't watch, she's too busy drooling over pictures of Penny and playing Twister with her smoking monkey. I actually have no idea about Bernadette.
  5. How do you rank the seasons? My rank would be (in descending order): 2 - 1 - 3 - 4 - 5 Season 2 is my favorite so far because I thought both the balance between the characters' screen time and the balance friendships/relationships were at their best that season. Season 1 is a close second, but I found certain things a little awkward at times (can't really lay my finger on it, tough). For season 3, there was too much Sheldon imo. I thought both season 4 and 5 were pretty weak. There was only one standout episode for me, in season 4, so season 5 finishes last for me.
  6. That's her, but I have to say she's only half as "fat" as I imagined.
  7. This was a weak season with a weak ending imo. I liked Howard's little scenes in the space capsule but the wedding scenes were starting to bore me after a while. The bickering between Leonard & Penny and Amy's constant whining about being a bridesmaid got on my nerves at some point. And I thought that last scene with the hand-holding was just plain cheesy, ugh.
  8. Before this thread gets hijacked: Jim & Kaley at the Golden Globes 2011
  9. My wishes: More storylines involving their work and geeky lifestyle. More appearances by family members. Less scenes with the girls, more Sheldon/Penny and Sheldon/Leonard/Penny interactions. Stable relationships/less relationship drama, no more engagements or weddings. Amy shouldn't be forced into every episode.
  10. I haven’t laughed once this episode. I don’t know what was worse: Raj talking about Howard the same way Amy talks about Penny or Sheldon’s speech. I understand it was supposed to be “so unfunny it’s funnyâ€, but it was a complete failure. Those random bazingas didn’t help either. Anyway, those jokes about Stuart being poor were dragged on way too long. Stuart isn’t funny when he’s pathetic loser imo, I hope he bounces back quick. The scenes with the girls weren’t any better. I’ve never been a fan of those scenes anyway, I always find them so boring. Nope, didn’t enjoy the episode at all.
  11. I like the voice she used during her first appearance better. It was much closer to Melissa's real voice and made Bernie a more believable character than she is now.
  12. Spoiler alert, ofcourse. You've been warned. Casting sides for the final episode (called "The Countdown Reflection") have been posted. The sides contain three scenes: First scene described: Second scene described: Third scene described (the final scene, I guess?): Feel free to post if you find any more spoilers.
  13. I don't like this "new" Sheldon, humanizing him is ruining his character for me. Sheldon is a man of science, not someone's snuggle bunny and that's what's making him interesting and unique. I know people change overtime, but this isn't real life, this is a sitcom, and sitcoms don't need to resemble real life situations all the time. But the majority of fans disagree and want change, so change we will get. I'm very curious about what the fans who are pro-change will think of Sheldon after his transformation. There won't be a way back, guys.
  14. I agree completely with this. Sheldon IS different. But apparently change is good, even if the guy who's changing is the guy who hates change in the first place. I think Sheldon should remain as he is.
  15. Howard: "Grab a napkin homie, you just got served." Zack: "That's it? That's your big experiment?" Leonard Hofstadter: "Don't you see what we've done? It's the only definite proof that a species put objects on the moon. A species that only 60 years earlier had just invented the airplane." Zack: "What species is that?" Raj: "Do you know what vegan chicken and rice is? RICE!"
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