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  1. Actually, it wouldn't surprise me if they make Kunal a recurring cast member at some point. Raj used to be my second favorite character, but he serves no purpose on the show right now.
  2. Sheldon felt off to me again, but I can't be bothered with that anymore I guess. Besides that, I've enjoyed this episode for the most part! My only complaint is Amy, she was so weird this episode. I didn't want to know about her gross activities with her electric toothbrush, I think Big Bang can do better than these kind of jokes. And of course there just had to be a lesbian comment towards Penny...
  3. stephanie

    Penny and Amy

    No, I don't think the writers want to go that way. They probably just think at least one lesbian joke per episode is the best running gag ever.
  4. Oh god, I'm SO tired of that girl crush thing. I can't wait for the day Penny puts her foot down with Gorilla-fingers Fowler. The guy's storyline was fun, had some good laughs. Too bad it ended with Sheldon going bat-crap crazy again, but oh well. I'll just pretend I never saw the Amy/Penny scenes and rate it an okay episode.
  5. The laughter was weird and a bit creepy haha. Sheldon was very OOC this episode. There's definitely some change going on, the writers could be getting lazy but both of those theories sound very plausible, Moonbase & Pomita. Anyway, I just rewatched some S2 episodes and I saw a whole different Sheldon. He's less wooden now and he's definitely dumbing down. We're having at least four "sheldony" episodes in a row now and I hope they're not doing S3 over again. I mean, I love the Sheldon character, but I don't want him to turn into a caricature ... again.
  6. A very weird episode... Sheldon felt off to me again: the weird laughing in the opening, his disguise (that's the second time he's done that, come on Shelly you're smarter than this) and especially in Amy's lab. The endless whining fell flat and why would germaphobe Sheldon touch that brain without gloves? I also don't understand why he fainted when he saw the blood: he didn't faint when he was bleeding in The Precious Fragmentation nor when he saw Leonard bleeding in the white asparagus thingy. And Bernadette/Howard thing, meh, I've never liked the way they portray their relationship. I me
  7. Mine is season 2. I could watch it over and over again.
  8. Amy is my least favorite character, I wouldn't miss her if she was written off (yes, I know she's probably here to stay). First of all, I really, really, really, really, wish they'd stop with those cringeworthy lesbian jokes. They're absolutely not funny anymore, and this seems to be the #1 complaint about Amy right now. Secondly, her relationship with Sheldon is something I really don't care for. Sheldon doesn't need a girlfriend imho, but maybe that's just me. I can only hope that she won't turn him into a doormat and that they keep their relationship platonic.
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