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  1. hugging penny for the napki 2. BONGOS
  2. I just prefer the old Sheldon regardless of their reasons for changing him. He was much funnier in the first few seasons. "Fun with Flags" Sheldon was embarrassing to watch. They seem to be changing him from brilliant and quirky to just plain goofy. And I REALLY hope the writers resist the temptation for Sheldon/Amy coitus. Just my opinion. So tru
  3. ekap2

    If you ...

    WHO VOTED FOR SHELDON!???!!!??????!!???!!!?!?!?!!!! (YOU WONT LIKE ME WHEN I'M ANGRY)
  4. Thats not a theory. Thats a hypothesis. One that I find to be ridiculous. I know right? btw that's more riducolous than shenny
  5. I think the show is about plutonic relationships, if you take away plutonic then I completely and totally disagree
  6. think abut this tho Sheldon: I barely met you 2 years ago and im in your apartment after dark, how much faster can this relationship go?
  7. ekap2

    If you ...

    wait leonard/penny?? why?
  8. ME TOO and about ingorance... it depends on your philospehy about the word, to see how bad it is. but the dictionary says "Lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about something in particular: "ignorant of astronomy" how bad that is... well you decide
  9. I don't think Sheldon was EVER the most mature character on the show by any stretch. He's always been high-strung, socially clueless, childishly self-centered and egoistic. Sheldon in season 1 and 2 - demanding babysitting when he was sick, completely flipping out in his jealousy of a young boy who seemed to be a better scientist than him, losing the Physics bowl because he didn't understand the first thing about teamwork, feeling homesick for just one night 20 meters away from his home, hanging Penny's clothes outside the window (and recanting only after a scolding from his mother).. were those signs of maturity? yes
  10. "My answer was completely sincere" Mine was too Deal with it
  11. Pomita do you understand the meaning of a rhetorical question? BigBang true BUT it's easier if it's a story that people like
  12. I have a feeling that season 6 will be dominated by the Amy/Sheldon relationship leading up to the ratings-smashing episode where they have coitus. Bet the farm on it. Which man? This would completely end he series, you know how many would be pissed off?
  13. I have a feeling that season 6 will be dominated by the Amy/Sheldon relationship leading up to the ratings-smashing episode where they have coitus. Bet the farm on it. This would completely end he series, you know ow man would be pissed off?
  14. will they ever break up? (SHAMY)?
  15. Blue ray dvd, 1-4 stremed season 5. wacthed each maybe 15 times. (I dont listen to music I listen to episodes of TBBT
  16. amy's a bit... off. she's ovbiously dosn't understand what is socially acceptable or not, except not in a funny sweet way like sheldon. More like a wtf way. she's also not even slighlty funnyor for that matter intressting. but I dont like amy mainly becuase of how she changed the show.
  17. one problem tho, There is a reason tat everyone rejectde her throughout her life, which is the same reason a lot of people dont like her
  18. They evolved becuase of the women on the show, bernadtte, amy, penny NO OTHER REASO
  19. Sheldon or/ and penny make her feel bad, she dicthes group
  20. remember when Penny gave sheldon a napkin signed and with th DNA of Leonard Nimoy? Remember sheldon's acting lesson's?
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