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  1. I wish there where some book about BBT... For example, there are books for fans of the Doctor House. Why there aren't for Big Bang fans?? I would read this with pleasure... Something about the show - the details and unknown facts, or the biography of the actors who played... Aaaaa, may someone write it please
  2. I like the dress on the girl on the left. I mean the model. This is the colour for brunettes, I quess.
  3. I agree with all you mentioned :-) And the funny geek-nerd graphic really provides interesting points to discuss. I would also add some points. First of all, I think when most people think about nerds they ususally see "a guy" and I wouldn't say so... I would say: popular opnion: 95% nerd guys, 5% nerd girls reality: 50% nerd guys, 50% nerd girls In fact don't you think, that if you are an introvert (and there are MANY people who are introverts, both sexes) and if you are a "home bird", you will easily be classified as nerd. I have a lot of friends, who are girls, and they are in
  4. Has Howard ever actually had an issue sleeping with Bernadette? That's how I understand it. When she wanted him to "move", he told Penny that he had been always thinking that if he happend to have a girlfriend, she would be a stunning beauty. (I'm not quoting, it's from my memory ) Rewatch episode 13 of season 4 (this is the ep which features what you mention in your opening post) I think Howard's more threatened by Glenn's "size" as opposed to Bernie's beauty. Well, but he says that he thought if he dates a girl like Bernie he will not have to deal with "ex boyfriend" like Glenn..
  5. I know what a nerd is (in popular opinion, according to the wiki etc.) But I would like to know your opinion, let's say "an extended definition" And I would like to know your opinion why there are less nerd-girls than nerd -boys. Is it because girls are in general less intereted in "nerd stuff" or maybe because girls usually more care about they look and have better social skills, so even if they are interested in nerd stuff, they are not seen as nerdy??
  6. I agree she is cute... I just think it's a pity that Howard doesn't really see that she is also pretty in a way... You know, he didn't have problems with sleeping with Leslie (and she is also not a hot type) so why did he has problems with sleeping to Bernie?
  7. I have always wondered about two things... Both connected with beauty First about Bernadette... It has been suggested, that she is not seen as "pretty" (I don't remember exactly, but Howard was shocked that she dated some handsome scientist before him, and in another situation he told Leonard about Penny, that he - Leonard - had beauty queen, suggesting that Bernadette IS NOT one) I don't recall the exact situation, but I think Bernadette is rather pretty... Maybe I would agree that her voice is not attractive but her appearance is - to me. And second question about Amy... She is played
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