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  1. Oohh I can imagine that. It would really give the writers a chance to develop their relationship.
  2. I know how you all feel.None of my friends really watch tbbt, let alone ship a couple so I sometimes find my self struggling to not go on and on about shamy all the time around them.I started to watch the show around season 4 and I instantly fell in love with Sheldon's character.Then... as soon as Amy was first introduced, I knew they were meant to be.Some how their relationship fascinated me and here I am: reading shamy fanfics(sadly these dont come very often these days) and rewatching shamy episodes
  3. One thing I would love to see is the whole gang going to some sort of convention and Amy and Sheldon have to share a room.
  4. Yeah, I think he would make a great suspect in C.S.I or NCIS . You see a lot of great actors/actresses playing suspects.
  5. tsotb


    Great that's just what we all wanted ( sarcasm) more leonard/penny!
  6. Thx I love shamy but I'm trying to stay spoiler free.
  7. I believe the words sheldon uses( according to taping reports)" the necessary physical contact. And as for the stuart thing, I thing that the addition of amy and bernardette into the cast was a good choice but for me the cast list is at its maximum capacity and aadding stuart would not be a good idea
  8. I am not so sure a 4th relationship of Stuart and Raj isn't in the works also. There is a reason for Up grading Kevin to full cast member. . He was upgraded???
  9. What I'm about to post may contain a few hints to the first episodes of season 6 so if you wanna be spoiler free, don't read on. It seems to me that the writers are taking the three main romances(Shamy, Lenny and howardette) further in this season and for me it feels like they are going too fast.It really wouldn't suprise me if bernardette ends up having a child at the end of season 6! Also it looks like they are trying to drastically change sheldons personality.In the first episode, We find out that sheldon put a 2 year aniversary in the relationship agreement, with physical contact.I don't know about anyone else but to me that looks abit OOC.
  10. Yes it is, and it's interesting that the networks always seem to think that way when it's well known that the baby storyline is pretty much always an admission that they are out of ideas and the show needs to be over... Maybe they're willing to admit that, in exchange for drawing in a few more baby-loving viewers! If the show ever slips I'm okay with Sheldon adopting Dennis Kim:icon_biggrin: Errr was that adopt or kill Dennis Kim? @Pomita Thats how I look at it too. Lol, I don't think sheldon would ever adopt a kid, especially dennis kim. I also agree with the kids thing but if they plan on keeping the show running for a while, they might have to consider it but I think by the time the show gets to that stage, it would have run dry anyway.
  11. I personally loved season 5 and I want season 6 to be just as good(if not better) A few things I would like to change: -Amy's lesbian comments to penny. -the forcus on howard and bernardettes relationship -Leonard and pennys unstable relationship.
  12. In my opinion, I think putting sheldon into a romantic relationship with amy is a good thing. Its really fun to see him being put out of his comfort zone and although I did enjoy the previous seasons, season 5 is one of my fave seasons because of the relationships. If you think about it, without the introduction of the female characters and the increased use of relationship-based story lines, has really forced the programme to develope and move forward and for me , that is a positive thing. In the earlier seasons, I agree there was a lot more comedy but, eventually the writers would have had to change that or the show would become a bit repetitive. Well that's my opinion anyway.
  13. I would love to see sheldon initiate a kiss
  14. Yeh I'm in the UK , but I watch it on the internet on friday.
  15. tsotb


    Lol, I guess we both made a mistake huh...
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