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  1. LadyLyla

    What's your opinion of Leonard and Penny?

    How do i say it.... i just watched all the episodes since they broke up in season 3 today to see if they are getting back together :D I just discovered this show recently and i've never shipped any couple like this. If i see Leonard sad i really get really sad and this really annoys me, because it always kinda ruins the show when i start to ship a coulple too much and i don't pay so much attention to all the other stuff... so i really need them to get back together to really enjoy the show again. No chemistry? really? I hink they have the most chemistry ever in the history of sitcoms atleast. Maybe really not that much now in season 5.. but that kiss in the beginning of season 3!?! that was just smokin hot! There is something missing.. the communication part and Penny should be more open with him etc... i think something has to happen.. like Penny screws things up somehow and Leonard really loses hope with him for a second but then Penny really opens up to him and apologizes etc... then they would really work.
  2. LadyLyla

    Penny should go out with Sheldon

    I don't even want to read the crazy thing that people can come up with :S it really makes me sick :D
  3. LadyLyla

    5.14 The Beta Test Initiation (Jan. 26)

    IMO in season 3 it wasn't a joke, i think it was pretty much planned this way.. back then they only had the physical side of the relationship.. they were pretty much how Sheldon describes this sort of things, now they are really getting to know eachother and i hope soon they are going to combine those two sides and they will live happily ever after... I really have faith in the creators and writers of this show, they have it all planned out usually and they know what they are doing.

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