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  1. What age do you consider still growing up?
  2. Do you not find it interesting how quickly people change?
  3. Click pics to enlarge... Clips of Kaley from 8 Simple Rules... And then these are clips of Kaley from Big Bang... In what way then has Kaley changed?
  4. The most recent episode is a perfect example. When she is dolled up for the thanksgiving dinner she is very attractive. But she lacks natural beauty without makeup and hairdo. No question that she has female body parts that are attractive, but does she have natural beauty?
  5. I have been a Big Bang Theory fan since the beginning, but hooking up Roj and Stewart as a gay couple is a deal breaker for me. I am getting off the bus. Done with the show. Spam me if you want but I wont be checking back.
  6. I really liked Alex. She brought out the best in Leonard. The jealousy of Penny is a nice turn, she has been so take it or leave it in her feelings for Leonard. I hope to see her again.
  7. In Episode 6.02, the opening scene her hand was hidden behind wedding gifts that she was holding on her lap. She did everything with her left hand and just kept her right hand at her side. Then her second appearance was at the movie theatre, and again she hid her hand at her side. There was a bit about hand holding with Sheldon, but he was on her left, so he held her left hand. Her third appearance was a scene where she was at home in bed and took phone calls from Penny and Sheldon. She used her left hand to put her glasses on and answer the phone, while her right hand stayed under the covers. Her fourth and last scene of this second show she sat on the couch next to Bernadette and kept her right hand behind her back and under a pillow. Her first appearance in Episode 6.03 was a scene at Penny's. She was on the couch doing her makeup and then made a phone call. And again her right hand stayed out of view the whole scene. She did a very good job making it look like she is left handed. Unless maybe she is left handed. Then the next scene has her walking down the hall at Sheldon's work and her jacket covered most of her hand with her fingers visible. She was covering part of her right hand with her left hand, covering the thumb and holding it in a gaurded manner. Then as she swings open Sheldon's office door and enters her hand is uncovered for just a couple of frames, but is suspisoucly blurred.(see pics below) Then in the next scene her and Penny were standing outside the cafeteria at the door. She stood next to and close to Penny with her right hand behind Penny. Then her last scene, riding in the car with Penny and neither of her hands were visible.
  8. Did you watch the Higgs Boson episode. This pic is a fair representation of how she was made up in the episode...
  9. Dude your putting words in my mouth, I never said she was ugly.
  10. Those pics make the point pretty well. She is obviously gorgeous in those pics. Quite a contrast.
  11. Sheldon is an ultra selfish cry baby, Yes. But isn't that what people like about sitcoms? Were the characters on Seinfeld kind and giving? Of course not they were some of the most selfish people around. But for some reason that is funny. People don't like Leave it to Beaver type characters.
  12. Yeah I have a guys perspective and yes I think she is beautiful. She is physically very attractive. There are just times when facially something seems off. Actually the Higgs Boson episode is what has it on my mind right now, I have thought it before, but in that episode it was very noticeable. They had her in a very tight outfit showing off her figure, which obviously is stunning, but again something just did not seem right facially. As if they are intentionally trying to make her look bad. This shot is from the Higgs Boson episode...
  13. I have always thought that Kaley was very pretty. But why is it that sometimes she looks so homely on the show. Do they intentionally make her up to not look as good? Is she not aging well? Does seem like she looked so much better in the first season. From the pilot... From season 5 episode 10...
  14. Regarding the original question of this post, whether Sheldon Should ever sleep with Amy... What if it was an experiment? What if Sheldon started struggling at work mentally? If he were having a dry spell with regards to solving problems. And somehow came to believe that a lack of physical intimacy was negatively effecting his brain chemistry. It could be funny to see Amy's reaction to Sheldon asking her if they can do it, and Amy's reaction leading up to their doing it. Also there could be a lot of humor in the things Sheldon might say with regards to his attitude leading up to it and after. He could still have his "take it or leave it" attitude after the deed. Maybe he does seem to get over his dry spell at work and now realizes they will have to keep doing it, but yet he is not all that thrilled about it.
  15. I would def have to disagree. Amy is perfect match for Sheldon, extreme nerd and yet woman at same time. Her sexual desire in contrast to Sheldon's lack of desire plays out very well. And Bernadette is perfect match for Howard, very believable.
  16. Tonights show was the funniest show over all for me. I thought it was absolutely hillarious. Loved seeing Penny jealous of Leonard and the bit at the end with Wolowitz had me rolling on the floor. Also the bit Amy holding up the phone with Sheldon's photo was a crack up.
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