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  1. drewnd

    How did you discover the show?

    I was extremely sick had nothing to do and watched season 1 and 2 on dvd in bout 3 days (season 2 just came out on dvd) I then started to watch all the movies they talked about a few more days for that.
  2. I signed up today cause I am trying to write a fan fiction episode want to get some info from here. I want it to center around Howard I want to know what infos out there regarding his father besides wanting ALF to bring him back from Melmac or whatever he said bout it.
  3. drewnd

    First time for everything ?!

    I saw an episode today "The Agreement Dissection" Sheldon is overwhelmed with Priya spending so much time at the apartment and here legal expertise to change the roommate agreement. This I the first time I am annoyed how Sheldon acts kinda hoped someone let him have it I don't like this feeling.