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  1. This forum needs to create an award for research this in-depth. Perhaps the "Most Exalted Order of Tensor" medallion... Kudos for undertaking such a project.
  2. Possible. Or, the tall, skinny geek tells the shorter one that this building will be a great place to meet girls. To which the shorter one sarcastically remarks the only place the tall one will meet a girl is in his dreams...
  3. I think they could combine several of these. Shelnard wins a Nobel prize; Lenny's smart, and beautiful, child is born, and; Lenny and Shamy move out of the building. As they're leaving their respective apartments for the last time, the elevator opens on the 4th floor and two geeky looking characters get out looking for 4A.
  4. The comment Leonard made was a bit snarky, but I didn't see it as horrible or out of line. Penny is known to be slovenly when it comes to housework and her laundry. This is no secret to any of the gang. Leonard, and lately Raj, have probably been doing the cleaning of 4A. There is no reason to think Penny became a new person in this regard just because she got married and moved across the hall.
  5. episodes

    Overall, I found this episode enjoyable. There are times when I find myself liking an episode while not liking the actual plot. Despite the apparent contradiction, I have come to understand this in light of liking the actors and their performances, while not necessarily caring for the story. These are all phenomenally talented people and I genuinely enjoy watching them work. This, plus the fact that I care for the characters is what keeps me watching during those times when the show is not necessarily stellar. This episode was pretty good. While the Lenny parts were a bit sparse, there was no artificially contrived drama with them. This is enough to keep me happy these days. I have seen some comments about Penny not supporting Leonard over the loss of the gyro project. This didn’t really strike me as a big deal. He didn’t seem to take it as hard as Sheldon and Howard and there did not seem to be a great need to prop him up emotionally. The Howardette part was all right, though it struck me as a bit off. All of Howard’s angst seemed to be geared toward the loss of the project, thus leaving him without a work related focus. What happened to the idea that this had to be a money producer? That he needed a financial windfall now that they have a child. I don’t recall there being any mention of that. The Shamy part was fun and it was nice to see Sheldon not act like the world’s largest toddler. Hopefully, the "Sheldon learns to live alone" routine will only last for one episode. Otherwise, it will no doubt involve a lot of late night invasions of 4A by a neurotic, “I heard a noise”, Sheldon. What I found somewhat far-fetched was the premise that the Air Force had swooped in during the dark of night and cleared out the lab. There are all sorts of technicalities involved with this and it’s really not that cut and dried. Cal-Tech most likely owns the intellectual rights to the idea as it was work product conceived of, and developed by, its employees. Either the university or the guys would have applied for a patent on the idea and probably the prototype. Lastly, there would be nothing to prevent the guys from going back to work on the gyroscope. They were working in the university’s lab prior to the Air Force showing up and they could easily go right back at it. YES; I know it’s a sitcom and things are exaggerated and simplified at times. This plot line just isn’t believable for me. In a season that has contained more than a few flops this episode was actually better than many. Hopefully, ‘The Sheldon Show’ will bring us more like this and less of last week’s drivel.
  6. I voted, 'no'. The citizenry of the United States takes the idea of national sovereignty quite seriously. The idea that we would join the EU and sign onto the premise of a body of un-elected (by U.S. voters) law makers to have some sort of legal authority over us is something that would never gain a lot of traction. Many Americans would prefer we were not even involved with the United Nations, and see that agency as an ineffective, money wasting, bureaucracy.
  7. The 'Penny's career' thing is overblown. Penny is not prepared to have a 'career'. She's a high school graduate that dropped out of a community college. Her unassisted essay for her history class was as bad as her cooking. On her own, Penny has little to no marketable skills. The only vocational training she has relates to her unsuccessful attempts at becoming a successful actor. Penny needs to sit down and assess her interests and abilities and then work towards something specific.
  8. Since they are imaginary and only exist on a TV program nothing they 'say' is true; absolute or not, (the idea of which opens the philosophical discussion concerning absolutism versus relativism). All we have to go on with these characters is what they say, and how they act, within the confines of the program we see. Leonard is lactose intolerant. How do we know this? He, and the other characters, have stated it many times. Likewise, Sheldon suffers from a variety of phobias and has numerous other aversions. We know this because they have been established within the context of 10 years worth of TBBT episodes. We know from watching the show that Sheldon is averse to the idea of swimming for at least two reasons. Pools are germy and his higher than average bone density makes him non-buoyant. All of the "Sheldon has grown/changed/evolved" talk doesn't excuse away the writers pulling this stuff out of their hats and ignoring what they have previously written. Some viewers don't mind this and that's certainly their choice to make. Others seem to want to explain it and that's also fine. Some of us find it annoying and would prefer that they stay true to the canon they have created. When they don't, we call them out on it. At which point this forum descends into pointless debate concerning who is right and why the other side is wrong. Sheldon, despite the reasons why he would not, apparently goes swimming with Ramona. Canon changed and Michael Phelps better watch out. Sheldon is coming for his gold medals.
  9. I don't necessarily ship any couple, but if TPTB told them that, then TPTB are insane. TBBT has rammed Shamy down the throats of the viewers and reduced Lenny to second string, but Lenny are still the end game for the show. L/P were foundation the whole thing was built on. It was their relationship, along with their interactions with Sheldon that made it all work. A lot of the L/P stuff with Sheldon has been transferred to Amy, but even in the finale they are still trying to keep him on track. Amy is as much mother to him as girlfriend and a show built wholly on Sheldon acting like a giant child while she parents him would get old pretty fast. It may be pretty much the Shamy show at the moment, but dropping Lenny and making that official would lose them a lot of viewers. Myself being one. Someone suggested Amy should turn down Sheldon's proposal. IMO that would be the end of Shamy. Sheldon has a massive ego and I don't see him reacting well to that sort of rejection. Though why Amy, or anyone else, would want to marry an egotistical, narcissistic, man-child is beyond my comprehension.
  10. Yes, and he could also groom dogs, drive a school bus, and wash the feet of homeless people. Point is; Sheldon, as established, would not do any of those things. Nor will he love his child (should he have one) if it's not a genius. How do we know? He told us: Sheldon: I know, and I do yearn for faster downloads, but there’s some poor woman is going to pin her hopes on my sperm, what if she winds up with a toddler who doesn’t know if he should use an integral or a differential to solve the area under a curve. Leonard: I’m sure she’ll still love him. Sheldon: I wouldn’t. I am not trying to be argumentative and apologize if it seems I am. I just believe the writers should honor the character they created and stay true to what they have established as being consistent with that character. They don't, and really never have. This is nothing new but it still bugs me. Thus, I comment on it.
  11. Granted. This is not a silly a reach as the whole 'had his driver's license for two years' bit. Sheldon is still (when convenient to the writers) an OCD germophobe. The likelihood that he would get into a swimming pool seems a bit of a reach. Just curious: What is the deal with the BBT writers and swimming. First we hear about Zack having a swimmer's body and, now, Ramona is an ex-Olympic swimmer. I haven't seen the actress that plays Ramona since her TBBT appearance, but she most certainly did not appear to have a swimmer's physique. What's next? Sheldon volunteers to drive a party bus to an overnight camping excursion in an aviary? After all, he's changing in so many ways...
  12. Leonard Hofstadter: Well, uh, remember when you tried to learn how to swim using the internet? Sheldon Cooper: I *did* learn how to swim. Leonard Hofstadter: On the floor. Sheldon Cooper: The skills are transferable. I just have no interest in going in the water. Leonard Hofstadter: Then why learn how to swim? Sheldon Cooper: The ice caps are melting, Leonard. In the future, swimming isn't going to be optional. Since when does Sheldon swim? Thanks for the report. Really appreciate the hard work.
  13. It's Colonel Williams.
  14. I hate to sound like the disgruntled, "bring back the good old days', the current show sucks, type of fan... But, who would have imagined ten years ago that TBBT would be dominated by discussions of relationships, babies, and whether, or not, Raj is gay? I watch the show and, as Sheldon once queried Amy, I ask, "What has happened to you?"
  15. Thank you! I believe this is spot on!