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  1. Under Cover Angel - Alan O'Day
  2. Red Shoes - Little River Band
  3. Thank you, all! The birthday wishes are very much appreciated! Thank you! The graphic is amazing!
  4. We're back to the classic battle: Adhesive Duck vs. Bath Item Gift Hypothesis. Really hard choice and not sure there's a wrong vote.
  5. Lido Shuffle - Boz Skaggs
  6. I like Johnny and enjoy his acting, but I hope he doesn't waste his talents on that dramedy playing a sad loser surrounded by even sadder losers. The spirit of that ensemble was Roseanne. She shot her mouth off and got fired. That ship should have been allowed to sink with her.
  7. Nowhere did I say damaged. Nor, injured or harmed.
  8. Your opinion, not mine! Maybe not injured, but certainly altered. A quick perusal at IMDB shows that of the main 8, several are unemployed. Others are involved in a variety of projects, but only KC is actually working on something in which she is the lead character. TBBT was a rare opportunity for a group of non lead type actors to star in leading roles. Credit Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady for not only their vision in seeing these actors as good fits for the roles, but also for their courage in casting them instead of more mainstream (beefcake and pinup) choices. There is a great chance for all of the cast to continue to enjoy success in their acting careers, but the odds are long against them being a principal star on another program. He isn't responsible for the others well-being. That doesn't alter the fact that his choice directly affected the well-being of the cast and crew who lost their lucrative, secure jobs. Fortunately, he chose to leave after twelve seasons and not, (like many others have throughout TV history), after only a few. Again, I don't fault him for his choice. He was aging out of the character. Maybe it's a different story had he been in his early twenties when cast. He's in his mid 40s and the super hero shirts just don't fit like they used to... (Dame Maggie Smith had a similar take on continuing to play the apparently non-aging Dowager Countess on Downton Abbey.)
  9. It will be interesting to see how Young Sheldon fares without the audience base provided by the 'mother ship'. There was already a drop off in viewer numbers between TBBT and YS and 'The Unicorn' doesn't look like anything special. I watched YS since it followed TBBT and have grown to appreciate the program. I'll DVR it and see how the next season goes but it obviously has a limited shelf life simply because we already know George Cooper is going to die and Sheldon is going to college at a young age. Any reboot of TBBT will be an absolute shocker to me. Jim Parsons has clearly moved on and I can't imagine him ever wanting to don the Sheldon persona in the future. The others will move onto other endeavors, but I think it will always be Parsons, and maybe Galecki, that will be the naysayer(s) that kill any TBBT reunion. I can understand Jim Parsons wanting to move on from Sheldon Cooper. Twelve years in super hero shirts would be enough for most people, and I cannot disagree with his belief that he had (or would soon) age out of the role in a way that the others would not. He has always been very open about his love for live theater and it's easy to imagine him being happier in the anonymity that New York offers to celebrities wanting to live something to close to a normal private life. TBBT had its run and from a quality point of view it probably ran too long. I can certainly see how some of the actors and production crew might have liked to see it continue as it provided them with a steady income and secure employment. TBBT made the big three quite wealthy. Less so for the other five main characters, and most likely none of them will ever be considered the 'star' of any program in the future. No doubt they'll all find work as there are so many programming holes to fill these days it and will be hard for them to sit idle unless it's by choice and, for the near future, there will be projects that will want them for the name recognition they carry from TBBT. From what I've seen everyone involved with TBBT has said all the right things about the show ending and no one has expressed anything but support for Jim Parsons but, the fact is, that for five regular cast members, some supporting cast members, and a whole lot of production staff, JP is the one that killed the golden goose. (I know there are some who will take issue with that last statement but that's how I see it. It's not meant as a criticism of Jim Parsons but the fact is that his decision impacted the lives of a lot of people in a major way and, the industry being what it is, some of them will never again regain what they lost when TBBT ended.)
  10. Agreed. Not just Season 8, though. There are several episodes I will not watch. Speckerman Recurrence tops the list.
  11. Very true. And that clip is the most TBBT I've seen since the finale aired. Wife asked the other night why I don't watch TBBT anymore. Only answer I could give was, "It's over."
  12. No. Those are called 'anecdotes'. Examples used to illustrate the point. Also, the 'point' was to emphasize the irrationality of some forum member's insistence that, "If it didn't happen on screen", then I refuse to accept it happened at all. Personally, I found Penny's adamant opposition to having children to be inexplicable and out of character. Nowhere in 11 prior seasons had she intimated any such position. The writers certainly could have come up with a scene, or two, to cover this ground without taking anything away from the other plot lines. Losing some of that stupid 'plagiarism' story arc would have been a good thing. Similarly, the sudden reversal of position by Penny is just as bewildering and not conducive to effective story telling. Both aspects of this tale should have been fleshed out with resultant screen time. I continue to feel the greatest shortfall in the Lenny pregnancy is that they did not allow us to see the moment Penny informed Leonard of the pregnancy.
  13. Those issues in addition to a plethora of others. I have no doubt that there is someone on here that could provide a list of unresolved issues that would be quite extensive. All of the characters had things take place throughout the run of the show that were never fully, or even partially resolved. This seemed to be the preferred mode of operations for the writers. We do know that Penny quite demonstrably expressed her disinterest in having children. No reason given. Then, once she accidentally becomes pregnant, she changes her mind. Some are unhappy that this didn't play out in the episodic TBBT world. I understand that. It might have been fun to watch the Lenny dynamic play out. Personally, I would at least have liked to see the moment Penny informed Leonard she was expecting. Instead, we missed another important moment in the Lenny relationship cycle. As for the oft repeated mantra of "If it didn't happen on screen I don't accept it/believe it/care about it",etc. Taking that view of things there are any number of things in the series that fall into doubt/non-acceptance. How did Bernadette conceive not once, but twice? We accept it was through physical relations with Howard. Did Dave Underhill really try to take naked pictures of Penny? Did Howard actually drop Raj's iPhone in a urinal? We did not see any of these things happen, yet we accept that they did. An episodic sitcom with an average of 22-23 minutes of program time cannot possibly air every aspect of the characters lives. Some are simply revealed through dialogue.
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