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  1. Agree, but it goes far beyond the 'last few seasons'. The writers struggled for twelve seasons to maintain any adherence to established canon. Possible examples probably run into the hundreds.
  2. Activity has certainly waned and will no doubt continue to do so since there will be no more new episodes. Personally, while I still check the forums at least once daily, I haven't felt compelled to post anything in quite a while. In fact, I also haven't watched a single episode of TBBT since the finale. I see the show listed on my guide and think about watching but then decide there's no point. The show is over. What were once seen as parts of a greater whole; bits of an ongoing story; place keepers until the next chapter unfolds; are now just parts of a finished tale. The curtain has dropped; the book is closed; Porky has spoken; and, Howard has Vespa'd off into the sunset. Perhaps one day I'll be ready to re-visit the 12 year TBBT saga, but right now I have no interest. It would be nice to see TBBT nominated for one, or more, Emmy's, but I'm not sure the Season 12 content truly warrants any such accolade. It was better than some of the prior seasons, but certainly nothing fantastic.
  3. I was okay with the final episode. How it all played out, and where it left the characters worked well for me. The penultimate episode was a let down. What I have surprisingly discovered is my complete indifference to watching TBBT reruns now that the series has ended. I haven't seen more than a few seconds of TBBT despite the abundance of opportunities presented on a daily basis.
  4. Ugh! Not to be argumentative, but for me, Bakersfield Expedition rates right down towards the bottom of the list. Just above Speckerman. Only redeeming part is the girls comic book plot.
  5. Yes Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  6. The Speckerman Recurrence. The one episode I will never watch again.
  7. The final season deserves better episodes than this. Sheldon's part was inane and, once again, ridiculously juvenile. These guys are techno geeks. No way do they walk out on the laser. Big experiment with the meteor? It's still laying on the table days later. Apparently all they had done was an x-ray. Sheldon had a Nobel crisis to deal with? When? All he did was act silly over forms. Not a good episode when Stuart and Bert have the best lines. Only laugh was during the preview for the next episode.
  8. If Penny were less obvious about her dissatisfaction with Leonard that might keep Bernadette from making such comments. Chances are just as good that the kid will be dumb as a post, short, asthmatic, lactose intolerant, and about as athletic as a sloth.
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