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  1. Nothing like being on stage in front of an audience. I hope she has a great time and the show is a success.
  2. Glad to see you back on the forum. Hope all has been well with you.
  3. That's certainly possible. It could also be direct acknowledgement of the fact that she's the only one of the group with upper body strength. Or, pretty much any kind of muscular fortitude.
  4. I've seen YS though I no longer watch. The show manages to take what TBBT Sheldon described in such abysmal terms and make it into something palatable. Yes, they have somewhat tampered with TBBT canon but TBBT did plenty of that throughout the show's run. My chief reason for letting YS go was the drift into dramedy. When Sheldon becomes the most pleasant to watch person on a show something has gone amiss, and that's what YS had become. Leonard's childhood would be just as difficult to make into enjoyable watching. His mother and father did not get along. Beverly is cold and manipulative and prone to using her children, (and other people), as experimental subjects. Frankly, she's the embodiment of TBBT Sheldon's worst traits in female form. Young Leonard sounds like something that would be a real drudge of a program.
  5. Agreed. Raj, as he existed on TBBT, is not a compelling character. He's deeply flawed in many ways and I don't think I would find him, or his life, interesting enought to want to watch. Kunal is a fine actor and he was great as the character, but the character is lacking in a lot of ways.
  6. HeWolf

    Baby names

    Lot of speculation could be in play with this topic. Most of which requires you to try to get inside the minds of fictional characters. If we go that route you have to keep in mind the viewpoints of the women. Amy isn't going to entertain any sci-fi or superhero nonsense from Sheldon concerning something as important as their children's names. Yes, we have seen from YS the Coopers have a son named Leonard. Numbers and names of other children are unknown. Similarly, Penny is not likely to allow Leonard to name the Hofstadter offspring anything sci-fi or superhero related. Penny is a bit of a free spirit so something uncoventional is not beyond consideration. Their child could have a conventional name honoring their parents, something meaningful to them, or something in line with LA thinking, (Peach Fuzz, Apple Crumble, Fluffy Blanket, Moon Unit...). Who knows?
  7. Don't know if any members are in the path of the storm but good wishes for all. Some rain bands and light winds here in central Georgia but nothing dangerous. Truth is we're happy to get the rain.
  8. I totally missed this thread back in the early days. Have to shake my head at some folks trigger points. 🤔
  9. Just read through this thread. The trivia tidbits from IMDB are user submitted. Much like Wikipedia in it's early days it's best not to place too much credence in IMDB trivia. The 'Goofs' notes are probably more reliable.
  10. In February 2023, the Night Court revival was renewed for a second season. I haven't seen the show so I can't comment on the quality. I thought Call Me Kat was terrible and couldn't believe it got more than one season.
  11. I suppose the present labor unrest has brought this idea to a screeching halt. I'm still curious about the actual concept of this proposed show but I guess it's just a waiting game.
  12. Yep! It is definitely hot in middle Georgia. People and plants are having a hard time.
  13. I tried doing Google photo searches for those items and nothing matched. They do look familiar, though. Like something on a kid's show from the 1980s. Maybe even eaelier.
  14. Weather predictability is not a bad thing.
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