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  1. Seen it (Good move about a controversial western figure.) 12 O'Clock High
  2. Seen it The Ghost and Mr. Chicken
  3. What are the ratings for this program? Disregard the question. I found this in the article: "The series averages 5.7 million multiplatform viewers in Nielsen’s Live+Same Day ratings. On Rotten Tomatoes, the show has a 21% average critics score and a 56% average audience score." Hard to believe it's that popular. The epsidodes I watched were awful.
  4. Astute observation. It did seem to work out as foretold. I would hesitate to give the writers any credit for this. Long term story arcs with consistent continutiy was never their strong suit.
  5. Seen it They Call Me Trinity
  6. Paige is a child. Roughly the same age as Sheldon. What you're suggesting would not simply make George a cheater. It would make him a pedophile and a criminal. Sheldon made it abundantly clear that Amy is his first girlfriend. That eliminated Paige as a romantic possibiltiy.
  7. Seen it To Hell and Back
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