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  1. Truer words have never been spoken. That subplot was unnecessary and a complete waste of precious episode time.
  2. There are several iterations of the character which supposedly show his 'progression' towards a more emotionally and societally acceptable person. Original Sheldon was largely gone by the end of Season 4 and he progressed and regressed in various ways during the subsequent seasons. My take on him is that the more he supposedly 'grew up' the more juvenile he acted at times. Even becoming almost infantile during some episodes. My two favorite Sheldon episodes are 'The Adhesive Duck Deficiency' and 'The Bath Gift Item Hypothesis'.
  3. The folding board is probably more efficient and less likely to damage the shirts. Sheldon speaks what the writers write. The bigger issus is the writing staff composing dialogue containing sentences that end with prepositions. Sheldon didn't truly become Sheldon until the show had progressed through several episodes. Sheldon in the aired pilot is essentially Sheldon from the unaired pilot. Welcome to the forum!
  4. Said this as my original take and still see it the same way. I suppose Mayim's name should be added to the last sentence as she seems to be doing quite well between Jeopardy gigs and Call Me Kat.
  5. It wasn't expensive at the time. And if money is tight it can be prepared without the hamburger. It was a staple in low to middle income American households at one point.
  6. Glad I got to see these. Thanks for sharing!
  7. That's great! Thanks for sharing.
  8. I watched YS from the beginning through the end of last season. I skipped the first episode of the new season and may not continue to watch at all. To be honest, the show has become a tedious dramedy filled with mostly unhappy characters. Georgie is unhappy. Mary is unhappy. George is unhappy. Mee-Maw is a criminal with an unhappy (ex?) boyfriend. Only Sheldon and MIssy are shown in any other light and they're not the focus of the show. YS, should at this point be called "The Coopers".
  9. Thank you! It was a quiet and enjoyable day. Just what I like at my age...
  10. The adult Sheldon narration was absent from some of last season's episodes of YS. Particularly towards the end. Has me wondering if the adult Sheldon voiceovers are being phased out.
  11. I don't read much fan/fic and would never read a Shenny story. It is not difficult to imagine the thought processes of Shenny writers. They were on this forum during the Shenny wars and some of their logic(?) was mind boggling. That they have carried this into fan/fic is not surprising.
  12. Nice story and off to a great start. I'm glad you shared the link.
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