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  1. Ugh! Not to be argumentative, but for me, Bakersfield Expedition rates right down towards the bottom of the list. Just above Speckerman. Only redeeming part is the girls comic book plot.
  2. Yes Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  3. The Speckerman Recurrence. The one episode I will never watch again.
  4. The final season deserves better episodes than this. Sheldon's part was inane and, once again, ridiculously juvenile. These guys are techno geeks. No way do they walk out on the laser. Big experiment with the meteor? It's still laying on the table days later. Apparently all they had done was an x-ray. Sheldon had a Nobel crisis to deal with? When? All he did was act silly over forms. Not a good episode when Stuart and Bert have the best lines. Only laugh was during the preview for the next episode.
  5. If Penny were less obvious about her dissatisfaction with Leonard that might keep Bernadette from making such comments. Chances are just as good that the kid will be dumb as a post, short, asthmatic, lactose intolerant, and about as athletic as a sloth.
  6. She settled for Leonard. Her words and behavior make that abundantly clear. Penny wants Leonard; in Dave Underhill's body. Boooooo, Penny!
  7. The easy answer is, "no". The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) establishes academic criteria that high school students have to meet in order to qualify for collegiate athletics. Those that don't meet these requirements end up in college 'prep' schools. Once in a university, however, the systems are more prone to manipulation.
  8. The episode was okay. Not great. Not bad. There have been many better, and many a lot worse. The girl's scene in the bar was just rehashing old territory. Penny centered and predictable. Silly comments from Amy concerning Penny that border on creepy. Bernadette lane changing from pleasant to snarky. Someone commented on how insulting it was for Bernadette to hint that Penny might cheat on Leonard and that Penny should have been insulted. Why? Penny makes no secret of her beliefs that she 'settled' for Leonard, and that he's lucky to have her. Why is it so hard to imagine she might want to spend time with someone she finds more 'her level'? The gaming scene in 4A was okay. Also fairly derivative. Just a setting for mocking Raj. The boat scene was fairly enjoyable. Zack is always fun and it appears he found a good match in his wife. Leonard and Penny were very believable and it's completely conceivable that they would be envious of the idiot that hits it big while they continue to work for a living. The idea that Leonard be their donor is not unthinkable. It is also believable that Leonard would be open to considering the idea. That he wouldn't do it if Penny objects is also very much in line with who he is. Raj and Anu provided some good scenes and some laughs. Kunal plays Raj very well and he was fun to watch in this episode. As observed below, it might be a dangerous thing to say, but I'll do it. Quite often, Penny sucks. She's terrible. Vain, self-entitled, spoiled, narcissistic, and dismissive of others. Her good qualities are few and they seldom overcome her more abundant negative traits. She thinks the girls are 'lucky' to be her friend. She 'settled' for Leonard. She puts no effort into her marriage. Can't remember her husband's birthday, or their anniversary. She lucked into a good, well paying, job that she doesn't appreciate. She was a bad waitress and didn't care. Penny? Boooooooooooo!!! Why should she care? She unilaterally decided for both of them that they wouldn't have any children. No discussion. No explanation. Only question that should really matter is whether, or not, Leonard could do it and not expect to have something to do with the resulting offspring. I think he'd have a hard time with that.
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