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  1. HeWolf

    What is the gadget next to Leonard's fridge in SE1EP10

    Looks like a karaoke macine.
  2. HeWolf


    No need for them to read anything. All they'd have to do is consult with almost any member of this forum and that would eliminate most of the consistency issues...
  3. HeWolf

    shamy's first dance

    'At Last', by Etta James
  4. HeWolf

    1121 'The Comet Polarization' (April 19)

    Meh! An okay episode. Nothing stood out and the whole thing can be summarized thusly: 1. Raj is an ass. Willing to betray a friendship at the drop of a hat. Seen it! 2. Sheldon is a tool. He doesn’t like change and acts like a giant baby. Seen it! 3. Leonard equivocates. He doesn’t want to take a side on an issue and upset someone. Seen it! 4. Amy suffers. She puts up with Sheldon. Attempts to find a way to understand and connect with him and is disappointed. Seen it! It was nice to see Stuart find some success at something. Pull him out of his ‘woe is me’ self-loathing for a while and let him enjoy being alive. There were some funny bits and these actors are really good at playing these characters. Nothing off about the presentation. It’s the recycling of the standard TBBT characterizations that has become stale. The actors could be told, “Get into character and ad lib a scene”, and you’d get the same things as in this episode. Nothing here that actually required a writing staff. In many ways, TBBT reminds me of an athletic contest where the outcome is no longer in doubt. The issue is settled but the game has to be played until the clock runs out. Everyone does what is required but no exceptional effort is made.
  5. HeWolf

    Johnny Galecki

    I watched the episode and found that, to me, JG is more identifiable as Leonard than David. I don't have any problem seeing Sarah Gilbert as Darlene. or Laurie Metcalf as Jackie, but JG has played Leonard for much longer than he did David. He's just Leonard to me.
  6. HeWolf

    1120 'The Reclusive Potential' (April 12)

    A lot of it was okay, and there were some good lines that made me laugh. The guy's story was enjoyable. The girls, not so much. The original bachelorette party premise was amusing, but all the drunken Amy stuff I found lame. My probable response to encountering this one again? You... Just no.
  7. HeWolf

    Jim Parsons

    Actually, it is John Oliver trolling the book written by Mike Pence's daughter and illustrated by his wife. From CNN: Pence's family's book, "Marlon Bundo's A Day in the Life of the Vice President," was written by the vice president's daughter, Charlotte, and illustrated by second lady Karen Pence. Oliver told Ellen DeGeneres that the inspiration for his book stemmed from the release of the Pences' book, saying the "family has written a book about their bunny, so we on top of that have released our own book about his bunny where his bunny falls in love with another male bunny."
  8. HeWolf

    1113 'The Solo Oscillation' (January 11)

    Nothing ground breaking but I enjoyed most of this one. Too much 'Footprints On The Moon', but the rest was okay. I enjoyed the interactive character, but not relationship paired, story lines. That two of the plots were mainly science centered was nice to see. Sheldon continues to devolve, and that's just sad. Not 'laugh out loud' funny, but I enjoyed it.
  9. HeWolf

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Give Howard a break. He only had the car chase Penny because she moved away when he had the camera looking up her skirt. It's not like he wanted to chase her with the car...
  10. HeWolf

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Works for me...
  11. HeWolf

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    I'm sure Leonard would have given her anything she wanted. However, Leonard has no right to authorize Penny to take something that belongs to Sheldon. Being lactose intolerant, I doubt the milk was purchased by him. Enough of this. LOL! If you have a response, I concede the victory to you.
  12. HeWolf

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Then Penny is equally guilty of the some offense. Worse, she actually stole something.
  13. HeWolf

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    There is nothing in the episode to indicate Sheldon 'took' the key from Leonard. Likely, it was placed in the bowl with their other keys. I am not arguing Sheldon had any right to be in Penny's apartment. But, in the eyes of the law, he did not break and enter. For the sake of this discussion it can be argued that Penny 'broke into' 4A and stole milk from the guys. She did not have permission to enter on that occasion and she had no authorization to help herself to their milk.
  14. HeWolf

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    He mounted a camera on the remote controlled cars.

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