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  1. Happy Birthday, Chucky! I hope you had a great day!
  2. Worst episode of the entire series.
  3. Hello, and welcome! Not much happening here these days but there is twelve seasons worth of comments to peruse. Some good stuff in there and you'll get replies if you post something of your own.
  4. This is really sad news. Mike was one of the true gems of this forum and is greatly missed. I always appreciated the 'Happy Birthday' messages he sent me. Condolences to his family and friends.
  5. Glad you're back. Thought you might have given up on the Forum.
  6. Sheldon is correct that comics are the strips in the newspaper. The magazine type publications are comic books. It is true that people like Sienfeld used to be referred to as comics. That's a bit archaic but I do rememeber it. Then again, I'm almost 60 years old. Your last point is just another example of the slipshod writing associated with TBBT.
  7. Welcome to the forums! While I would be interested in seeing more of these characters, including as children, it is unlikely any production company would undertake such a project. The costs associated with this would be significant and as time passes there is decreasing interest in the characters. YS is doing well as a mainly light hearted family oriented sitcom due in large part to some toning down of the Sheldon Cooper my childhood in Texas was hell narrative. This was necessary as the TBBT version would be unwatchable. Sadly, this would also be true for Leonard and Amy. I would be much more interested in seeing these characters picking up their stores post finale. Of course, that would be a TBBT reunion and that's not likely to happen anytime in the near future.
  8. Seems that even Chucky has abandoned the forums... Guess I win.
  9. The pitchfork and torches crowd is already coming for Mayim. They don't like past statements she's made about vaccines, attachment parenting, female dress behavior, and other things. They're also after her for promoting 'junk science' brain supplements. It will be interesting to see if she can weather the storm and hold onto the Jeopardy gig.
  10. Welcome! I wish the the forum activity was livlier but there's plenty here to enjoy. Some good stuff from when the show was in production.
  11. No posts since August 6. Guess you win. Oh, wait...
  12. Sheldon had no reason to think Amy would have the smoking monkey in her apartment. It was a lab animal. One would, rightly, expect to find it in a lab. Not a researcher's apartment.. Nice word play but there is absolutely no basis for your assertion that Penny 'rode' Glen. Tryiing a little too hard with this one...
  13. Hi. Nice to have you here. Not a lot going on these days but there's plenty of stuff to read.
  14. Foreplay (Leonard: It doesn’t matter. I’m the king of foreplay.)
  15. Bins (at the comic book store)
  16. "zoom, zoom, zoom!" (Sheldon as The Flash)
  17. Seen it No Country For Old Men
  18. X-Men (Sheldon Cooper has C-Men...)
  19. Seen It The Incredible Mr. Limpet
  20. Vixen - "You're a vixen, Amy Farrah Fowler!"
  21. Not Seen It 40 Guns to Apache Pass
  22. Tondelaya della Ventimiglia
  23. Seen it Teahouse of the August Moon
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