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  1. I don't read much fan/fic and would never read a Shenny story. It is not difficult to imagine the delusional thought processes of Shenny writers. They were on this forum during the Shenny wars and some of their logic(?) was mind boggling. That they have carried their delusions into fan/fic is not surprising.
  2. Nice story and off to a great start. I'm glad you shared the link.
  3. I have to admit that I do not watch any of these series. I did watch a lot of the first generation of Star Trek reboots and really enjoyed TNG, but the Star Trek series lost me when J. J. Abrams blew up the planet Vulcan and had Spock and Uhura hooking up.
  4. Sounds like someone was trying make a play on words: "Penny Teller - Penn and Teller"... Nothing to see here. Everybody go on about their business...
  5. The producers emphasized many times that Sheldon was not written as having Aspergers or any other diagnosible condition. Viewers continue to insist that he's on the Autism spectrum in order to suit their own interests or purpose. Maybe they just do it to make an often insufferable character more likeable. Sheldon very much means many of the mean, hurtful things he says. Sheldon doesn't insult other scientists and dismiss their work unaware of how offensive he's being. He doesn't demean Howard's work and education because he doesn't know any better.
  6. I read and enjoyed it. Fan fiction isn't really my thing. I read your first stories because I saw your post on this forum. Read the last chapter for the same reason. You have an interesting premise and introduced the TBBT gang into a genre that I read regularly. For those reasons I decided to check out your stories.
  7. Football coaches are indeed fired if their teams lose consistently and show little sign of improvement from year-to-year. My experience in public school administration is limited to the southern U.S. The teachers I am familiar with all operate on one year contracts which are typically renewed at the end of each academic year. This is pretty much a routine procedure and something serious would have to occur for a teacher to be let go. Football coaches are not quite as secure in their positions. Another thing to consider about coaches is if they win at one place there is also the possibility another school will come and try to recruit them. Or, they try to parlay success on their own to better jobs at bigger programs.
  8. Not a bad episode. It was nice to have the shared Sheldon and Amy voiceover at the beginning.
  9. Thanks for the clarification. Would still question the realism of the actual character saying out loud what spell they're casting at what power. Just seems odd in the heat of battle for the character to say, "I'm casting confusion for 3 points! Take that you beast!" Also, as I mentioned in the review Penny should have a more substantial weapon than a dagger. She's a warrior and a dagger is a defensive weapon. Not a fitting blade to take into battle. And, since you asked, the three doctors of wizardry seem to have a very limited spellbook. I know they're young but they aren't apprentices. Not trying to be picky but you did ask. Good stories and I'm sure you have more to come.
  10. I'm not much on fan fiction in general. Have read a few stories linked to the forums and they're usually entertaining. This author did a pretty good job remolding the TBBT cast into fantasy quest type heroes. The only thing that bugged me was the characters saying they were casting spells for a specific number of damage points. I've read more than my share of D&D oriented fantasy and played plenty of RPG table games. No one ever says anything like that. Writers have the freedom to make spells as powerful and effective as they like, and Dungeon Masters regulate those things with dice. All in all, they were decent stories with an imaginative twist on helping Raj overcome his selective mustism.
  11. I read the stories and found them enjoyable. It was interesting to see the characters transported into a different universe.
  12. HeWolf


    Does anyone know why Chucky has disappeared from the forum?
  13. The episode is okay. Mary comes off looking kinda bad and the Sheldon story is a waste of time but there were some funny moments.
  14. Heaven Can Wait - Meatloaf
  15. For Crying Out Loud - Meatloaf
  16. I am skeptical that Sheldon would have found it all that pleasant being raised by Beverly. The atmosphere of the home may have been more in tune with his academic mind, but it would not have been loving. Beverly appreciates certain aspects of Sheldon's personality and admires his intellect. She has not had to deal with his idiosyncracies and quirks and doesn't strike me as one who would accomodate them. George and Mary certainly struggled with Sheldon's uniqueness but they were patient with him. The Hofstadter home might have suited him intellectually but there is no guarantee he would not have come out childhood just as damaged as Leonard. In Leonard's case I think he would have benefited greatly from growing up in the Cooper home.
  17. I imagine his issue is with hospitals in general. I'm sure he imagines a miasma of biological death filling the corridors which he will be unable to avoid. Of course, this is also more selective writing on TBBT. Sheldon had no hospital issues while accompanying Leonard and Stephanie when she sutured Leonard's cut hand. He tracked down Stephanie in the hospital seeking her authorization for a battery of tests. He is likewise fine visiting the hospital hoping to get a haircut from his comatose barber. His presence in the ER with Penny resulted in one of the greatest TBBT scenes. All of Sheldon's quirks were dependent on the writer's whims.
  18. You've been away for a while. Everything okay?

  19. Don't Tell Me What To Do - Pam Tillis
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