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  1. THIS was one of the prime sticking points during the Shenny wars on the forum.
  2. I cannot say that I ever 'liked' Sheldon. I did find Sheldon 1.0 greatly entertaining. This character was gone by the beginning of Season 5 and his future iterations were mostly annoying and sometimes really difficult to watch. Original Sheldon was a unique character who was played masterfully by Jim Parsons. I know there are many fans that say the character had to evolve. Maybe that's right. I do know that the process he underwent on the show was often ill conceived and frequently unbelievable. At one point they had him going around calling people vegetables. Jeez!
  3. It might be worth noting the difference between 'favorite' character as opposed to most liked. In the above poll Sheldon pulls in almost 50% of the 'favorite' character vote. Penny ranks second and this could be seen as confirming the premise of this thread. I remember the original poll and I am sure I voted for Sheldon as my favorite. Sheldon 1.0 was far and away my favorite TBBT character. By 2012 we had begun the transformation to Sheldon 2.0 which, while quirky, was frequently more adolescent in his behaviors and often simply annoying. Also, the 'Sheldon is evolving' meme made th
  4. I see the wild card regarding Penny as being Chuck Lorre. Penny as seen during the 12 year run of TBBT was much different than originally envisioned by Mr. Lorre. If Chuck had his way, the Penny character would probably have been more akin to a female Charlie Harper. This was evidenced in the original, (rejected), pilot. Fortunately, the character was reworked and recast. My personal perspective is that any time Penny did something that made her a questionable character it was due to some Chuck Lorre influence.
  5. I'm not sure there are any popularity rankings for the character. Sheldon, (in his multiple iterations), has been popular with a lot of fans. He's also widely disliked by more than a few fans. The same can be said for most of the main cast; Penny included. Thanks to the show's writing there were many times Penny got put into a bad light and that certainly affected her popularity with certain fans. The unreasonable break-up with Leonard and the failed hookup with Raj are just a few of the examples of Penny being put into unlikeable situations. However, unlike Sheldon who was forever polarizing,
  6. He did. Linkletter has been pursuing Mee-Maw for quite a while.
  7. In no way do I fault JP for wanting to move on with his career. He wants to pursue other projects and opportunities and I hope he finds success and fulfillment in all of them. That does not mean I cannot simultaneously attribute the ending of TBBT to his decision not to continue. There is no ambiguity involved. Chuck Lorre, (and the rest of the cast), were prepared to do a season 13 until JP announced he would not return. Not only did that end the show. It put a lot of people out of work. No doubt many of the production staff found other jobs. No doubt some of them did not. This is a dilemma f
  8. Where have you seen these stories? All I've seen is Kaley saying she'd be up for a reunion at any time. Last year Mayim seemed pretty dismissive of the idea, citing possible legal conflicts and opining that it's 'too soon.' Of course, that was before the awful "Call Me Kat" made its appearance. Apologies to anyone that enjoys that drivel. A quick search of 'Big Bang Theory' reunion didn't produce anything tied to the other actors.
  9. While I do not fault JP for wanting to move on with his career, TBBT effectively died the minute he announced he would not do another season. So, in that respect, I do blame Jim. For Chuck Lorre to say there were no more stories to be told is short sighted. A good writing team could have brought some good material for the other characters and told some entertaining stories. Would those stories have been embraced by TBBT fans? I don't know. Fact is a lot of the fans were not exactly enamored with the last several seasons so it is definitely uncertain what reception a Sheldonless TBBT would have
  10. Leonard engaged the services of a lawyer in regards to the roomate agreement. In the end it did him no good...
  11. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't 'must see' veiwing, either. Entirely too much breaking of the 4th wall and it messed with the continuity of the scenes. I'll give it a try and see if they can find their footing. It will be interesting to see the viewer numbers stay steady as the weeks go on.
  12. I'm sure this is informative and entertaining. Can anyone translate?
  13. I watched this show faithfully, (fanatically?), for 12 seasons. Never missed an episode and watched them endlessly in reruns. Then, after the finale, I had no interest in watching for months. My enthusiasm was gone and it seemed there was no point in watching. The story was told and it was done. Eventually, I got to the point where I would watch if I happened upon an episode but I didn't really look for TBBT. This is still the case. In a way it seems similar to looking at photos, or video, of people who have passed away. I spent a lot of time with those characters but they are now history. I h
  14. At this point in the life of the forum, just about any post is welcome wherever it may appear. Endless posts about TBBT inconsitencies, (most of which were discussed when origianally aired), can become tedious. They are, however, better than the thread devoted to an in depth discussion of Penny's bra... Paige as portrayed on YS is a terrible match for Sheldon. In many ways she's reminiscent of Leslie Winkle. The only thing she hasn't done is call him a dumbass...
  15. I started watching TBBT the night it premeired and became more personally invested in this show than any other I've ever gotten into. I watched most new eprisodes when they first aired and have seen reruns so many times I couldn't possible keep count. Needless to say, I watched TBBT pretty much any time I could. When the show ended I totally lost all enthusiasm for watching and that lasted for several months. I continued to vist the forums but had no interest in watching TBBT. That has remedied somewhat and I will watch from time to time but still don't have the enthusiasm for it that I once d
  16. Thanks! Took the week off and really enjoyed it.
  17. Welcome! There's a lot of minutia to enjoy. Glad you've joined us.
  18. It is interesting but i'm not sure it's all that unusual. I've seen a lot of actors interviewed that say they do not watch their own performances. That apart from production playback of individual scenes they never watch their work. A similar interview with the rest of the cast could result in a similar response.
  19. You only think you're getting old. Once you get there you'll recognize the difference. 🎂
  20. That could work. It's not really science unless you count political science. As there are very few of us left here that post I don't really care which forum thread things go in. Whatever, wherever is fine with me.
  21. As TBBT is over and likely never to return, does it really matter what the thread title is anymore? At this point I'm happy with whatever brings people back to the forum. As Chucky said, "I just go with the flow." But in the spirit of cooperation, I'll offer this on topic comment: Season 12 was a monumental disappointment. Wasted on the Shamy Nobel story line which was, in itself, bogged down with that nonsensical story involving those two idiots that were trying to steal credit for the idea. In a season of mediocrity that was the biggest waste of time. Closely pursued by the Penny not wa
  22. I live in Georgia and am shaking my head at the Governor's decision. Partly because I fear it is too soon, but mostly because of what he's allowing to reopen. Bowling alleys, fitness centers, salons, etc. These are not essential industries. Not even close. Though to be fair I have to consider the owners of these businesses and their concerns about whether they can financially survive remaining closed. The owners of the shop that cuts my hair have said they are not reopening today. That they will wait until May 5th. Since the latest projections are that Georgia is still weeks from it's Covid-19
  23. Young Sheldon frequently makes TBBT references, or mentions things that eventually came to pass in TBBT. In the most recent episode Missy makes a comment about never having children. TBBT viewers know this is not accurate as Missy has a child in one episode and is pregnant at Shamy's wedding. In fact, the YS canon is establishing facts that will effect the (unlikely in my opinion) the resumption of TBBT at some point in the future; either in a reboot or reunion format. I would certainly like to see some TBBT morsel in the YS finale. Hopefully, they;ll give us one.
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