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  1. I started watching TBBT the night it premeired and became more personally invested in this show than any other I've ever gotten into. I watched most new eprisodes when they first aired and have seen reruns so many times I couldn't possible keep count. Needless to say, I watched TBBT pretty much any time I could. When the show ended I totally lost all enthusiasm for watching and that lasted for several months. I continued to vist the forums but had no interest in watching TBBT. That has remedied somewhat and I will watch from time to time but still don't have the enthusiasm for it that I once did.
  2. Thanks! Took the week off and really enjoyed it.
  3. Welcome! There's a lot of minutia to enjoy. Glad you've joined us.
  4. It is interesting but i'm not sure it's all that unusual. I've seen a lot of actors interviewed that say they do not watch their own performances. That apart from production playback of individual scenes they never watch their work. A similar interview with the rest of the cast could result in a similar response.
  5. You only think you're getting old. Once you get there you'll recognize the difference. 🎂
  6. That could work. It's not really science unless you count political science. As there are very few of us left here that post I don't really care which forum thread things go in. Whatever, wherever is fine with me.
  7. As TBBT is over and likely never to return, does it really matter what the thread title is anymore? At this point I'm happy with whatever brings people back to the forum. As Chucky said, "I just go with the flow." But in the spirit of cooperation, I'll offer this on topic comment: Season 12 was a monumental disappointment. Wasted on the Shamy Nobel story line which was, in itself, bogged down with that nonsensical story involving those two idiots that were trying to steal credit for the idea. In a season of mediocrity that was the biggest waste of time. Closely pursued by the Penny not wanting children drama. Don't get me wrong. There were episodes I enjoyed and there weren't any I will not watch in reruns, but they could, and should, have done so much better.
  8. I live in Georgia and am shaking my head at the Governor's decision. Partly because I fear it is too soon, but mostly because of what he's allowing to reopen. Bowling alleys, fitness centers, salons, etc. These are not essential industries. Not even close. Though to be fair I have to consider the owners of these businesses and their concerns about whether they can financially survive remaining closed. The owners of the shop that cuts my hair have said they are not reopening today. That they will wait until May 5th. Since the latest projections are that Georgia is still weeks from it's Covid-19 peak it doesn't really seem that waiting another 10 days will make a major difference. Today in Georgia it comes down to choices. Business can choose to reopen or remain closed. People can choose to patronize open businesses or stay away. I will stay away and that is for two reasons: 1. I do not trust my fellow humans to do the right thing. On my rare forays out into the world I am seeing too many people without masks (and/or gloves) who absolutely refuse to observe any measure of social distancing. Also, I simply do not trust those who may be sick to stay home and not put others at risk.; and 2. I do not trust the businesses themselves to follow the guidelines issued by the governor's office that are supposed to ensure safety. Some of them won't do so because of indifference, but many won't because they simply cannot make a restaurant, bowling alley, movie theater, fitness center, etc., sterile. It can't be done. But, staying away for the near future is my choice. Others who are willing to take the risk may do so. Perhaps this is how it should be.
  9. Young Sheldon frequently makes TBBT references, or mentions things that eventually came to pass in TBBT. In the most recent episode Missy makes a comment about never having children. TBBT viewers know this is not accurate as Missy has a child in one episode and is pregnant at Shamy's wedding. In fact, the YS canon is establishing facts that will effect the (unlikely in my opinion) the resumption of TBBT at some point in the future; either in a reboot or reunion format. I would certainly like to see some TBBT morsel in the YS finale. Hopefully, they;ll give us one.
  10. I watch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Better Call Saul, The Rookie, Sneaky Pete, and Downton Abbey reruns any time I see them airing. None of the current sitcoms have gotten my interest. One thing I have little interest in is 'agenda' television. Anything that promotes a cause, worldview, or social platform I will probably skip. There are documentary and opinion programs for that kind of thing and I really don't care to watch entertainment that promotes a 'message'. At least not if it does it surreptitiously. State up front what it's about. If it interests me I'll watch. I have gotten back into watching TBBT reruns. It took me a long time post-finale to do so but I can, once again, enjoy watching.
  11. Happy Birthday @gsxdoug I hope you have a fantastic day and you're staying safe during these trying times.
  12. HeWolf

    Penny's Bra

    Episode 7.11 Penny is shown in a bra. Don't think it's the same one.
  13. Agreed! It was interesting to see the cafeteria with the same decor and vending machines.
  14. Season 5, Episode 12: The Shiny Trinket Maneuver Amy: Sounds like you hit the ground running. I have a bit of good news myself. My most recent paper on how a cooperative long-term potentiation can map memory sequences in dendritic branches made the cover of Neuron. Sheldon: Ooh! Speaking of good news, somebody just hit 100 Twitter followers. Amy: That’s nice. Anyway, I’ve been dreaming of this day for a long time. Sheldon: Yeah, me, too. Triple digits, I’m not gonna lie, feels pretty good. Amy: Sheldon, I’m the sole author on a paper being published in a distinguished journal that may change the course of my field. Sheldon: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Ooh, 101! Air’s getting a bit thin up here. Penny: So, are we ready to order? Amy: Give me a minute. I’m gonna go wash up. Sheldon: Well, that’s odd. We both washed up when we came in. It’s probably a euphemism for urination. Penny: Sheldon, what is wrong with you? Sheldon: Not much. Although, I can be faulted for being overly fond of koala bears. I don’t know what it is, when they smart munching on eucalyptus, I just melt inside. Penny: Okay, Amy just told you some exciting news, and you acted like it was no big deal. Sheldon: Oh, I see why you’re confused. No, her news sounded important, but what you’re forgetting is, it was an achievement in the field of biology. That’s all about yucky, squishy things. Penny: Honey, she’s upset. You’re her boyfriend. You have to at least try to be excited by the things she’s excited by. Sheldon: What if they simply don’t excite me? Penny: Well, just smile and think about koalas. Sheldon: She’d see right through that. We go to the zoo all the time. She knows my koala face. And for future reference, it’s this.
  15. Thanks for the information. That fuse panel has been the topic of discussion on here more than a few times. Appreciate you filling in some details.
  16. There is no reason to assume that Sheldon's relationship agreements would necessarily preclude the possibility for his children to have fun, friendships, or a wide variety of experiences. Sheldon, on TBBT and YS, has a lot of fun doing many different things. As much as his quirkiness permits he has varying types of experiences. Leonard, who signed the roommate agreement, has had many fun times with, and apart from, Sheldon. Amy signed the relationship agreement, (largely written to benefit Sheldon), and no one can logically argue that her life is devoid of fun, adventure, and diverse opportunities for new experiences.
  17. YS has not removed all of Sheldon's childhood memories. He still has no real friends. Star Trek and Professor Proton are in tact. MeeMaw is a mainstay and, for the most part, ally upon whom he can rely. His mother is still devoutly religious and his father is not. He is considered an oddball by everyone outside his family. What they have removed, or choose not to show, are the negative traits Sheldon attributed to his father, and they combative nature of his parent marriage. On YS his parents are two radically different people, but they do their best for their children and for one another. There hasn't really been any on-screen bullying of Sheldon by anyone, though the JP narrative still references such happenings.
  18. There are marked differences between the memories of Sheldon and his mother and the way their past is played out on YS. The main point I have noticed is that George Cooper is actually nothing like the man TBBT made him out to be. There has also been no mistreatment of Sheldon by either Missy or Georgie. I have, however, found YS to be an enjoyable program. It is wholly different from TBBT and it comes across as a traditional family centered sitcom. It is also not nearly as Sheldon centered as TBBT and that serves the show well. There was never any doubt that Sheldon's childhood would have to be shown differently on YS. The 'hell' Sheldon remembered would have made for unwatchable television.
  19. Sheldon's comments, and a plethora of other things, are rife with inconsistencies. This is one of the persistent bugaboos of TBBT. Facts, timelines, spoken comments, and canon never seemed to be particularly important to the writers and producers. They produced some great episodes but their apparent 'one off' mentality caused a lot of inconsistencies.
  20. Man on Your Mind - Little River Band
  21. Jane Harvey Fleming is an American film producer and television producer. She was born in New York City, the youngest daughter of Jane (1933–1990), a philanthropist, and Peter E. Fleming Jr. (1929–2009), a criminal-defense lawyer.
  22. Happy Birthday @veejay Have a wonderful day!
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