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  1. I have a stressful week. I think it's a good time to watch the big bang theory to wash away all my stress and negative vibes.

  2. I already watched this episode and it was really good. I just can't wait. I really liked this episode because there's a shenny moment but the most part that struck me most was the part when Sheldon confronted Penny about her decision in breaking up with Leonard. It seems to me that Sheldon really cares for Leonard even though his exterior part of him is like a robot, no emotions but deep inside he has an emotion. He just can't show it because he is too smart and he is not expressive but he has an emotion and he can be caring. Sheldon understood Leonard's difficulties in the past when Penny broke up with her before and he doesn't want to see his friend hurt. It gave me a goosebump when Sheldon said "Please don't hurt my friend" and I saw the softer side of Sheldon. :icon_razz:
  3. alisaperne


    Before I don't like Bernadette because she is a distraction to Howard but now I'm okay with her. I like her sweet nature and she really turns me on when she said that she doesn't like kids. How ironic.
  4. Penny and Sheldon scenes. I love it when Penny sings soft kitty to Sheldon, it reminds me that there is hope that they could be a couple but its not going to happen. Am I bitter? Haha
  5. I noticed the changes in his hair but I like his current hairstyle. It makes him look younger and hotter.
  6. I love Jim Parsons! He is so cute while dancing the Gangnam style and he made me smile. He is so hot!
  7. I miss the old Howard too. I like his creepy attitude and his failed womanizing strategies.
  8. Moulin Rouge Pearl Harbor Forrest Gump
  9. I haven't seen it yet but I heard from my friends that it was great. However, I'm not going to watch it because they keep comparing Neil Patrick Harris and Jim Parsons and I hate that but I'm not against Neil Patrick Harris.
  10. I love this episode! I love the part when Howard was floating in the spaceship that was awesome but the best part was when Sheldon said something meaningful to Amy and I was like uhhh! that's so sweet but it came from the lines of spider-man movie! I fell for that part and I was laughing. I thought Sheldon had learned to express his affection to Amy but I was wrong.
  11. Jim Parsons dancing Gangnam style is so cute! :)

  12. This one is epic! Love it! :icon_razz: :icon_biggrin:
  13. I love Shenny! Sadly, it's impossible for Sheldon and Penny to have a romantic relationship to each other but I love their chemistry. I'm not against Shamy but I still prefer Shenny. Go team Shenny
  14. I think the high pitch voice of Melissa Rauch is suitable for the character of Bernadette. Bernadette is like a young girl in this show and I think Melissa did it on purpose just to give more character and it works. I find it cute actually.
  15. Oh I envy you people who met the cast of the big bang theory. I have to wait for years and I'm still dreaming that I can meet or see them someday. I hope :icon_cry:
  16. Why is it people are so obsessed whether Sheldon should have sex or not? I'm so tired of this question but in my opinion, I think that Sheldon should perform coitus after marriage, I think that is more appropriate and I have a high respect for Sheldon because his different.
  17. Ryan Reynolds. I know Sheldon doesn't like Ryan Reynolds to be the Green Lantern. He prefer Nathan Fillion than him and he said that he wasted his 114 minutes in the Green Lantern movie. Hahaha. I want to see his reaction when he sees Ryan Reynolds.
  18. I can't wait for season 6. I'm so excited that after reading the information I was getting emotional because I can see that every character is progressing and Sheldon made me cry because he's becoming soft and he was able to express his concerns about his friends.
  19. I think there should be a progress between the relationship of Sheldon and Amy. I think sheldon is really in love with Amy but he can't just express to her. There are times that Sheldon became jealous and that is a sign that Sheldon has a feelings for Amy. It would be nice that Sheldon become sweet in episode 6 and I think it's possible because in the last episode of season 5, he holds the hand of Amy. I wish they could do something romantic to each other and I hope that Sheldon becomes mature and learn to express his affections to Amy.
  20. At first, I wasn't supportive between the relationship of penny and leonard but as I watch the big bang theory I realize that they truly love each other but they are too afraid to express it because it might damage their relationship. I was team shenny before, but I realize that penny and sheldon are not good to be lovers. Yes they have some chemistry but not romantically. Their relationship is funny because they are opposite to each other and they have some misunderstandings but we can see that they truly care for each other. I wouldn't say that Penny doesn't care about Leonard. She truly cares for him and I know that he really loves leonard but she just want to take things slow. I think that the two of them are good for each other. They were able to mature and learn to take risk.
  21. Hi guys! I'm a big fan of the big bang theory and I think that there should be a movie of it. It's a great show and the story is unique. It offer something new for the audience that makes it stand-out to other shows. I love the show and the actors are amazing in portraying their characters. This show makes me laugh and happy and I think being a geek can be fun. Do you agree? Hahaha
  22. When Sheldon rescued Penny from her bathroom and when he helped Penny to dress up and he suddenly touch "unnecessary". Hahaha! Also when he didn't get a haircut.
  23. I think sheldon getting addicted might work but I'm not sure about the rest but I respect your ideas.
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