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  1. I watched The Muppets today and discovered that Jim Parsons plays the human version of the muppet Walter. I almost fell off my chair laughing when I saw that, especially when I heard the deep voice that was used for Jim Parsons. I have always enjoyed the Muppets, especially when I was a child, but it was really great to see them in a modern adaptation with so many cameo appearances by the stars of my favorite TV shows.
  2. This will be quite interesting. The last time Sheldon had a "mandatory vacation" was when he was fired back in season one. It will be amusing to see him handle his extra free time. Of course he will spend it annoying others.
  3. I enjoyed seeing Leonard stand up to the Roommate Agreement. We've seen him bypass it in previous episodes, but never completely broken that contract. Also, it's nice to see Leonard and Penny back together again. I like how they are taking things slowly. I believe Leonard and Penny made a mistake to allow their relationship become physical too quickly back in season three. Neither were quite ready, but I think they now know each other well enough to have a serious relationship that will probably end in marriage, if the precedents of every other TV series are to be followed.
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