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  1. This was on Fanshare-site, dated april 1st 2012: "The Flash is set to be played by The Big Bang Theory actor Jim Parsons, who has a fairly extensive knowledge of the superhero due to his Big Bang Theory character Sheldon Cooper being a huge fan. It is a bold move by Warner Bros. to cast Jim Parsons and it is a big step for the actor." That would be so great!
  2. A Questionable honor for TBBT! Bogie Awards is a ceremony that celebrates all that is crass, dumb, embarrassing and annoying in Australian television. TBBT Nominated in: -Most overexposed Stephen Fry (ABC), The Big Bang Theory (Nine and GO!), Hitler's Bodyguard (SBS), Heartbeat (7TWO), My Kitchen Rules (Seven), Charlie Pickering (Ten). and -Least-credible canned laughter Two and a Half Men, 2 Broke Girls, The Big Bang Theory, Hot in Cleveland (all Nine). :/
  3. CBS Sets Dates for Season Finales: Thursday, May 10: “The Big Bang Theory,†8pm (very) Small SPOILER http://bit.ly/GIb516
  4. Zach is funny. He reminds me of Seinfeld's David Puddy, if anybody remembers him?! I Like Wil Wheaton and Leslie has her moments.
  5. Run in! Great! :D In CBS press release: “When people would ask us who a ‘dream guest star’ for the show would be, we would always joke and say Stephen Hawking,†executive producer Bill Prady said in a statement, “knowing that it was a long shot of astronomical proportions. In fact, we’re not exactly sure how we got him. It’s the kind of mystery that could only be understood by, say, a Stephen Hawking.â€
  6. After Nimoy they got Hawking (April 5 episode)..Interesting to see if there is going to be more these star cameos...
  7. Leonard Nimoy will finally show up on the March 29th episode…but it’ll just be his voice in a dream..
  8. The Big Bang Theory‘s Melissa Rauch won EW.com’s first annual Celebrity Oscar Pool by picking 20 out of the 24 winners. “I credit my success in this pool to mathematical techniques I learned from the Best Picture-nominated film Moneyball,†Rauch says. “It was an honor just to participate, and I share this big win with my fellow Oscar Poolers… and Brad Pitt.â€
  9. I Think BBT is becoming more like mainstreem sitcom. I Just watched episode, where Amy, Penny and Bernadetta are having a slumber party and Amy is looking from the net what should be done in such. The episode ends Amy going to the bathroom with Penny intending to "go lesbian" with her, because it was in the net... I think that was done purely because they thought male viewers would be all exited! Sucking the audience!:D I Am not quite sure why it effected me so much, but it was something they would do in Friends or some such...
  10. I also like Bernadette and don't understand why she irritates people.. Amy is irritating!
  11. I Just love BBC's Merlin! <3 And Black Adder, Monty Python...
  12. Just read article about Kaley from AdeleNow. Her favorite episode is the one where she gives Napkin signed by Leonard Nimoy to Sheldon. Because they hug! <3
  13. I Think they could do like season 6, where the cast would continue as the orginal 5. Maybe some dramatic developements between the orginal cast. Or maybe they could bring like almost in every episode some different woman for Wolowitz (the woman would leave Wolo in every episode)..:D Just a thought!
  14. Bazinga91


    I liked her at the beginning, but i am not sure anymore...I think maybe she could have been like visiting star...
  15. I just love this episode! When Sheldon wished good night to her willing date: "Good night puny human!" (with Hulk hands), i almost died laughing. :D
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