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  1. Sitcom 101. Women are wise and patient. Men are childish buffoons.
  2. Do you think the dating app will end up matching Amy with Sheldon? Like no one sees THAT coming. It's a remake of the Pina Colada song.
  3. Totally agree with that. That was Vintage Sheldon. Now he's become Sheldumb - just another clownish, befuddled sitcom boyfriend. "Growth".
  4. I'm not about to go back and count and provide "evidence" but there was a long stretch where just about every episode contained a ritual "Sheldon won't have sex with me" whine. But just off the top of my head - dismantling a TARDIS and rebuilding it around your bedroom door is quite eager. Faking illness to get Sheldon to touch her, Catholic school girl outfit, Star Trek nurse outfit, flashing her privates at him, scenting his possessions, pressuring him to move in with her, etc. I'm sure others more zealous than me could come up with many more. All betray a certain sense of "eagerness" that you say should cause Sheldon to "lose all respect for her".
  5. Hasn't Amy just spent the past 4 seasons letting everyone, including Sheldon, know how eager she is for sex with Sheldon?
  6. I think the reason so many posters are upset about Shamy is that they've created heir own personal fantasy versions of the Shamy romance that aren't based on the reality of what has actually happened on the show. They want a perfect fairy tale type of romance and the writers aren't giving it to them. The fact that TPTB have as much as told everyone that Shamy will be together when the series ends apparently isn't enough.
  7. For the past few seasons she obviously wants intimacy with Sheldon but I'd say she was interested in intimacy with Penny before Sheldon. What season was the lesbian innuendo version of Amy? S5? Remember the creepy painting of them that was originally in the nude? "There's not a hair on my body I wouldn't let this woman trim.". That sounds pretty intimate. You can't simply airbrush away the past to fit a fantasy.
  8. The Alien Parasite Hypothesis episode disagrees with you. From wiki: Amy is aroused by Penny's ex-boyfriend Zack Johnson and is unfamiliar with the feeling. "Zack meets them in the same bar and Amy approaches him saying, “I stand here before you, 130 pounds of raging estrogen, longing to grab your hold of your gluteus maximus and make Shakespeare's metaphorical Beast with Two Backs.” Zack is confused as usual. (My gluteus what?) Based upon his ape like expression, she decide to start using Vulcan disciplinary practice of Kolinahr for her urges, though there is one more “Hoo” before she leaves. Outside the bar, she does try holding Sheldon's hand though doesn’t feel anything, well at least in season 4."
  9. Fish Guts and Prom were dreadful. Also the one where they sang to Bernadette.
  10. Absolutely. They have to stretch out the show for two more seasons and contrived drama helps them do it. The last 4 seasons have been the "Amy Pursues Sheldon Show". Now it'll be the "Sheldon Pursues Amy Show" for at least one season.
  11. So in other words, since TPTB have made their "ultimate intention" clear and have thus already told everyone in advance how the story ends, all "drama" the rest of the way is essentially meaningless because as you say, in the end it will all be okay. So why is everyone constantly wailing and gnashing their teeth over the state of the ships when they already KNOW the ultimate outcome? I fully expect that all the couples will break up at some point in the remaining 2+ years but TPTB have already slipped us the final chapter - all the current couples WILL live happily ever after.
  12. I'm not a "romantic Shenny", but this statement coming from this site is simply...........stunning. Do you not read the Shamy threads?
  13. "The purists must have mobilised their forces?" - somewhat, but not to the point of dressing alike. "Is the forum just a vocal minority?" - I'd say yes. Most of the previous posters who disagreed with the direction the show has taken the past three seasons, (ie couples humor, emphasis on romantic relationships), have either left and/or stopped posting. Unlike the posters who remain, I don't think most viewers really care whether Amy finally gets Sheldon to have sex with her or if everyone lives happily ever after in fictionland. They just want the show to be funny. "Or are the best laugh out loud episodes actually from the early years?" - Yes. And it was a different type of humor then. It was fresh and unique. Much more LOL-centric than awwwww-centric. But almost all sitcoms have problems remaining fresh AND funny. TBBT is no different. .
  14. It's just as likely that people who are voting can't be bothered to post in the forum. I wonder what % of people who visit the site even go to the forum?
  15. I don't think the posters in the forums are representative of the fanbase as a whole. They represent the fevered fan as opposed to the casual viewer.
  16. I agree with a lot of what you say about what they've done to Amy. I liked her when she first came on the show. Since then they've made her very needy, desperate, manipulative and unlikeable. But Sheldon did not ruin her. I'd say that the writers ruined both of them in an attempt to force them into a conventional romantic relationship. They just don't seem to like each other much anymore.
  17. Excellent episode!! Also an excellent jumping-off point for those who can't bear to suffer thru the next three seasons that WILL culminate in the final deliverance of Vintage Sheldon into the clutches of the Undeserving One. The Howardette story was entertaining even though it was a bit "heavy" on the tired old "my mom is fat" jokes. Stuart was very good. I even liked Leonard in this one. He showed himself to be a real friend. And Penny was spectacular. The best part of the episode is the way Amy's attempt to exploit Sheldon at a vulnerable time in his life blew up in her face. Her four years of never-ending pressure, scheming and manipulation failed and she was left in a sputtering, selfish rage. She didn't get what she demanded. Not deserved. Demanded. Sheldon is FREE!!! That's the way I will remember him. Long live Vintage Sheldon! End of series for me.
  18. No, I think the worst that could happen for Shamys is that tptb get so annoyed by an orchestrated twitter flood from a very vocal minority of obsessed fans that they decide to fling Amy down the elevator shaft to be rid of them. Or, they might somehow find out about this topic and realize that the flood isn't a spontaneous uprising from outraged fans but rather a pre-planned and coordinated scheme to attempt to manipulate the future of the show. Just saying.
  19. Do you think 30 or so obsessive fans deliberately manipulating a social network medium to make it look like their concerns are genuinely representative of a much wider fanbase is particularly honest? But then, I'm sure it's something Amy would do.
  20. The character is SUPPOSED to be sad and pathetic. Or as Sheldon put it, "she looks tired and pale as usual".
  21. Bernadette's voice got annoying very fast
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