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  1. I really don't like what they're doing with Sheldon this year. He's changing from quirky to just plain goofball. Too slapstick.
  2. ANOTHER lesbian comment from ugly Amy?!?!? WTF writers! I'm sticking by my prediction that Amy and Penny end the season naked in bed together.
  3. Another episode, another lesbian come on to Penny. Yawn. Paint her face green and she looks just like the wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz.
  4. I think the show is following the same downward path of countless sitcoms before. The writers get bored with the characters and try to make them "evolve" but in doing so they lose sight of what made them funny in the first place. They've painted themselves into a corner with Bernadette and AFF and don't know where to go with them. The interaction of four geeks and a beautiful floozy is what made the show funny.
  5. The Sheldon/Kripke storyline was fine, but, Worst. Amy. Ever. WTF are the writers trying to do with her? She's become a creepy stalker. If I was Penny I'd be terrified of her. Bernadette was horrified by the painting and begged Penny not to involve her. I just don't where the writers are going with Amy but they're rapidly making the character scary and unlikable.
  6. "Spice him up a little and bring that irritable Sheldon character back too life." I agree. IMO Sheldon is at his funniest when he's frustrated and irritated by what he sees as shortcomings in others. Brilliant, condescending and socially naive is what I want Sheldon to be.
  7. It reminded me of Star Trek Next Genereation when they gave Data the emotion chip. It ruined the character. I think the writers are getting bored with the original Sheldon and are trying to humanize him. Please don't ruin him.
  8. Given the attempts at "humanizing" Sheldon and Amy and Amy's attraction to Penny - Sheldon, Amy and Penny will wake up naked in bed together and not remember what happened.
  9. The "Fun with Flags" bit was like something you'd see on "The Brady Bunch". Embarassingly bad.
  10. I thought she was hilarious for her first few episodes as the female version of Sheldon. Actually both characters were almost asexual and robotic. I don't like the "humanizing" of Sheldon and Amy. They were much funnier characters before. And Amy's constant infatuation with Penny is becoming very awkward.
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