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  1. I thought that the schoolgirl outfit was kind of cruel. It's like the writers were saying "Let's all laugh at the homely girl trying to be sexy." The humor this season has a mean edge to it like they're now making fun of the characters. Instead of wanting us to like them we're just supposed to "laugh at the dorks".
  2. One of the better episodes of the season. I rated it Good. It was nice to see the Big 3 together bantering without all the secondary characters. And "“I don’t understand my food" is a GREAT line. Did anyone else expect AFF to appear from behind the curtain and hand the psychic a big wad of money?
  3. They need to keep viewers interested for three more years. There will be lots more breakup & makeup drama but the final chapter is already written. We KNOW they will all live happily after so I just don't understand all the emotional turmoil among the fanbase. Maybe it's just fun to ride the roller coaster and be in a dither all the time?
  4. Doesn't everyone really know that in the end Sheldon & Amy WILL be together? Why all the angst?
  5. Ah yes. The old standby. If you don't love everything about the show shut up and get the hell out because WE'RE the MAJORITY. I guess we're hoping in vain for a return of the unique, fresh humor that originally attracted us to the show. I greatly preferred it to the tired old romcom relationship slop we've been getting served for the past three seasons. And, yes, I know it's not going to happen. Enjoy your "victory". SQUEAAAL!!!
  6. Ewww. You just had to make it creepier didn't you.
  7. I was just asking because there seems to be such a concerted effort to airbrush away the many creepy aspects of her character. Fire away!
  8. 128 by season 4 Does Gerard count?
  9. I believe I was the original "inspiration" for his thievery.
  10. No need to apologize. People can post whatever they want. But I guess the writer of that article didn't live up to YOUR standards.
  11. As opposed to brilliant commentary like: "Reading the report for myself has got me drowning in Shamy love....omg ...... I won't sleep tonight....I just won't . I agree... as much as I want them to.....its too soon.......I want him to say ILY as well... in some super romantic Sheldony way." Pot. Kettle.
  12. He used to be child-like. Now he's childish. There's a big difference. That's more regression than "growth".
  13. I thought the opening scene was excellent! It was nice to see the cast bantering back and forth and Sheldon talking some science for a change. The Howard storyline was OK. The main story, not so much. As someone who really liked Original Amy for her innocence and honesty, the current Pupper Master version who will do anything to get what she feels she "deserves" just isn't very appealing.
  14. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!
  15. I rated it as Good, mainly because of the opening scene. Vintage TBBT. JEJ was very good as was Carrie Fisher in her cameo. The guys storyline was pretty good. The girls scene was just cookie-cutter material that could be put into any other sitcom/romcom. Does Bernadette really have to give Howard an allowance? This the second time they've implied that they're living off her income. Howard is an engineer with a Master's, not a cashier at White Castle. He must make a pretty good salary, surely enough to afford a ticket to a comic book convention. Overall a good episode. I noticed it during the initial Sheldon/JEJ scene. Seemed too loud and not natural.
  16. I actually liked Amy in this episode. She's likable when she's not playing Captain Ahab. I liked Bert. I've seen that actor in other shows basically playing the same character. He fits in perfectly as a geek. Don't know why they've decided to have Bernadette screech in every episode. She's replaced Howard's mother. She gets muted now. The alternate comic store owner seemed like he was doing a Scott Baio impersonation. I liked that they had Penny and Sheldon together. I'm not a Shenny but I like their interaction. Still don't care for the current over-animated version of Sheldon. Treating him like a dog was demeaning to a mind that comes along once, maybe twice in a generation. I rated it OK.
  17. We're good as far as I'm concerned. Glad we could clear the air. Skol Vikings!
  18. I don't hate the show as a whole but I do hate some episodes. I'll admit I've probably been too strident at times and I tend to get snarky too. Especially when other people act the same way toward me. For that I apologize. I'm not claiming to be innocent, but others are. I've talked outside this forum to several others and we all admit we actually like the show less than we normally would because of our experience in this forum. That's the opposite of the way it should be. One person said he was indifferent to the Amy character until he was verbally assaulted by Amy defenders. Now he hates her, not because of the character, but because of her fans. That's like me and the Green Bay Packers. I used to like them until I went to college and was exposed to their fans.
  19. There ARE episodes of the show that I have really hated. That's why I said negative things about them. Thankfully those episodes are not the majority. My wife has stopped watching the show because she's even more dismayed with the direction that I am. I think it was the Spanking episode or the Song episode that I showed her because I knew it would drive her crazy. And it did. "Why did you show me that!". I DON'T think the show is as good as earlier seasons and I've said that, with and without specifics. But there are those who immediately respond with "If you hate the show so much just shutup and stop watching". They translate criticism into hatred. They have a zero tolerance policy for any criticism of the show. You know who they are. And BTW, I've seen "The List" of those to be shunned. Really? It's just a TV show. And we're not in 7th grade anymore. For the record, I'm obviously disappointed in the direction of the show but it's still one of the better shows on TV, and much to the anger of most people out here, I'll continue to watch it and comment on it . If I stop liking most of the shows, I'll stop watching.
  20. But I don't think it's so bad. It's still one of the better shows on TV despite its decline in quality. And, yes, that is a subjective opinion.
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