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  1. And then there are those whose sole purpose in life apparently is to go into every thread and attack anyone who dares to criticize the show. Followed by the usual group of Pharisees who bravely "Like" the attack. Pretty pathetic considering it's all over a TV show.
  2. Original Sheldon was grown-up, but childlike. Now he's just childish. He's the victim of negative growth. But I guess that is "change".
  3. I thought the opening scene with the smartphones was very good and very true. I've seen that exact thing at restaurants many times. But then they had to ruin it with the obligatory sex-starved Amy line. At least they got it out the way early this time. For those who might not have caught on yet, I hope this isn't a spoiler, Amy really, really, really wants to have sex with Sheldon but he's not interested. The rest of the show was just strange. More like a soap opera than a sitcom.
  4. Hmmmmm, sounds familiar. Why don't you just stop watching the show if you hate it so much?
  5. I made the point out here long ago that I think the writers ran out of fresh ammo after seasons 1-3 so they transitioned the show to a romcom in order to open up more storylines and attract a wider audience. It wasn't a popular opinion. As for the "girly fantasy dream", I think that's exactly what it is to many people. Just my observation from reading thru the Shamy thread. Not that there's anything wrong with that. It's just not my preference.
  6. I don't think the Raj/Sheldon comparison works. Raj has always been miserable being single and you're right in that they don't know what to do with him. Sheldon on the other hand, was perfectly happy and content being single. In fact he looked down at the others who were obsessed with their constant pursuit of coitus. IMO the only reason TPTB gave him a girlfriend was to attract the large audience that wants romance, romance and more romance. That's perfectly understandable because ratings mean money and money means everything. And it worked as far as ratings go.
  7. I just saw that episosde last night. It's one of my favorites. Early Sheldon was childlike, not childish. There's a big difference. Current Sheldon is childish.
  8. Why does Sheldon need to grow up? He's just a fictional character.
  9. That was a great episode. My favorite Amy episode was her first date with Sheldon, and Penny had to drive them. They picked her apart like they were dissecting a frog. Very scientific and unemotional. That's the way they should have kept them.
  10. For better or worse, Amy is too much a part of the show now to get rid of her. Her departure would cause a wave of emotional breakdowns from half the posters on this site.
  11. I like her in small doses. As with Amy, the more she's on the screen the less I like her. They should be very secondary characters to the Original Five.
  12. I would watch a show centered around season 1-3 deadpan Sheldon but not the current over-animated, goofball version.
  13. Ooooooh, you're going to make it onto The List.
  14. There's an epsiode of Star Trek:TNG where Joe Piscopo tries to teach Data how to be funny.
  15. Stuart was excellent as usual. They need to use him more. Zack and the magic beans was a LOL moment. Didn't care for Howard wishing his mother would die and there was way, way, way, way too much Amy so that makes it an Okay instead of Very Good.
  16. Sorry if it sounds harsh but he dissects every line I post so it fits. But I'll delete it anyway and block his future dissections.
  17. Where is your "evidence" that it's jut the "personal opinions of a handful of people"? Maybe there are many fans who are just afraid to offer their opinion because they dont' want to be subjected to the Spanish Inquisition from the Protectors of the Show. Why can't you just let opinions being opinions? There is no "proof".
  18. Are we going to play the silly "evidence" game again? It's all just opinion. BTW - it wasn't me who brought up that fans were getting bored. I just agreed with it.
  19. It's what happens to most successful sitcoms. I'm sure they can continue to get good ratings for a couple of more years just from the momentum that's been built. And from the irrestible bait of Shamy coitus.
  20. I thought Wil Wheaton was great. Wesley Crusher and Troi were the only things about Star Trek TNG I didn't like but I didn't know he was hated for it. That pretty much says it all.
  21. Was it ever mentioned why Leonard and Dr. Stephanie broke up?
  22. So far: Very good - 3 OK - 2 Bad - 1 Very Bad - 2
  23. I liked S4 Shamy when they were the robot couple who looked at the other characters as if they were lab specimens. They were totally in sync with each other and had the same interests and attitudes and it was hilarious to watch because it was so unique. For some reason the writers changed that and morphed them into the wise girlfriend/ bufoonish boyfriend scenario that's been done a million times. I really wish they could return to the robot couple but that's impossible now. Better watch out. You don't want to be seen agreeing with the devil.
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