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  1. I thought the writers had bought themselves some time with the last scene of last season by letting everyone know that eventually Sheldon would give in to Amy's desires and Amy would be patient with him. But this season they've reverted back to sex-starved Amy making a frustrated comment every episode. It's like they feel they have to keep dangling that bone in front of the Shamys to keep them from revolting over lack of progress on the coitus front.
  2. You're right that there is no turning back. If this forum is an accurate sample of the total viewing audience then most viewers are desperate for Shamy coitus at some point. But I don't see how they do that without completing the destruction of original Sheldon. How do they follow it up? It would almost have to be done in the final episode of the series, which means delaying it for at least two more seasons. How do they play out the sex-starved Amy bit that long?
  3. A few seasons ago it was a lesbian innuendo every show. Both that season and this my wife and I shout "There it is!" when it happens. Don't they think people notice things like that?
  4. Barely rates an OK. Sheldon's putdown of Howard by asking him about the squeaky chair was funny. And of course they couldn't leave out this season's required-in-every-episode "Amy's frustrated because Sheldon won't "satisfy" her" bit.
  5. I know what you mean. Any criticism of her is taken VERY personally by many people out here. My main problem with Amy isn't the character herself or the actress. It's that it seeems that the sole purpose of the character is to change Sheldon. And he has changed - from quirky and deadpan to goofy, silly, animated and increasingly unlikable. That's just my opinion based on my personal preferences. Those who are positively giddy about the prospect of a SIK obviously feel differently.
  6. I have no doubt that an ultimatum from Amy is in the not too distant future. I predict a brief breakup, just to throw a scare into the Shamys, followed by a glorious renuniting. And the slumber partiers will go wild. I'll stop watching at the breakup, knowing that what follows will be the final deconstruction of the Sheldon character we once knew.
  7. Standing ovation!!! To put it kindly, I think the writers are "adapting" the characters to the large new audience that has come on board in the past few seasons.
  8. I know that most people out here are fully aware that the characters are fictional. But some of them...... I'm not so sure.
  9. It seems to me that the more "growth" Sheldon experiences, the more clownish his character becomes. At times it's like he's on the road to becoming an intelligent version of Jethro Bodine. And, no, I don't have any "evidence" of that. Just my personal impression. And to answer Lionne from way back - I guess I do look at the characters as "puppets dancing for my amusement". When they stop amusing me, I'll stop watching them. But since they're not real, I don't think that will have any adverse affect on their "feelings" or their "lives".
  10. Because he's not real. He has no "life". I just want him to be funny and in my opinion Sheldon 1.0 was much funnier than the later releases.
  11. Excellent episode! Newhart was fantastic as always. Could have used a little more from Bill Nye. Liked Amy walking out on Sheldon rather than come out and say that he's annoying. Liked Leonard's explanation of why he's friends with Sheldon. Liked Fu-UN. Could be another Emmy for Newhart. The only line I didn't like was one that most people seem to love - "they'll have sex before me and Sheldon". A few seasons ago it seemed that every episode was required to have a lesbian comment from Amy. This season it seems that every episode is going to have a "Sheldon won't have sex with me" line. Just a small quibble on a great episode.
  12. That's the part of the episode that I hated. It reminded me of the Brady Bunch putting on a variety show or Potsie singing.
  13. Do you really think I'm trying to impact anyone's opinions? Really? I don't think ANY opinions out could ever be changed. I'm just offering my own. I don't know why it bothers all of you so much that I don't agree with the vast majority. So far this season I've rated 3 Very Good, 1 Okay, 1 Bad and 1 Very Bad. I'll bet that's much less "predicatable" than the vast majority. Do you accuse those who vote every episode Excellent of being "predictable"? Hmmmm?
  14. I thought the first 3 episodes of this season were very good. But I guess an inconvenient fact like that won't get in the way of your hatred for me.
  15. Worst. Episode. Ever. They've finally reached "The gang puts on a variety show" stage. Time for Cousin Oliver to show up. Those who say I just hate the show are wrong. But I DID hate this episode.
  16. So saying you don't like something about the show is considered insulting and demeaning? Fine. The forum should have a rule that no criticism is allowed. Problem fixed. There's nothing to refute. You all act as if there's a right or wrong answer about whether someone likes the show as much as someone else. There isn't. You simply don't tolerate disagreement. Done. Go play with someone else.
  17. I HAVE said that. My first post about this episode was "I didn't really like the episode." I was met with "Just wondering why you exactly didn't like the episode." So when I explained why I didn't like the episode I got a long lecture on how I was "wrong" and I just don't understand the variables and nuances of the show....blah blah blah. So you see, simply stating that I didn't like the episode leads to all this. Over and over and over......... I dont even know, or care, what your "points" are. You argue just to argue. Enough.
  18. I don't care if someone else loves every second of the show. But when I say I don't, they get offended. Why should they care about my opinion? Why does it bother them so much? When I said that the Protectors of the Show need to lighten up, I'm not trying to change their opinion in any way. Just asking that they allow others to disagree without being accused of hating the show. You're arguing just for the sake of arguing. Your entire spinning is just distraction. Can't be bothered to play your silly game anymore.
  19. I've never accused anyone of trying to change opinions. They accused me of that. It has everything to do with the point. People keep accusing me of hating the show but I've rated three of them as Very Good. Because my opinion is about the show, not about the opinions of others. It's not that difficult, is it?.
  20. I rated the first three episodes of the season as Very Good. But apparently that's not good enough for the majority. I'm not trying to change anyone's opinions. I simply state my opinion of each episode. And I stated before, I rated the first three episodes as Very Good. But anything short of glowing adoration of every second of every show is attacked as heresy.
  21. BINGO!! There it is!! I knew that was coming. If you don't like the show as much as the 99% of posters out here then just go away. If you had read some of my previous posts you would see that I've said that I DO still like the show, but it's not as good as it used to be IMO. I rated the first three episodes of this season as Very Good. But apparently we're not allowed to offer ANY criticism without people trying to change one's personal preferences. I said I didn't like episode 4 and was met with demands to provide "evidence" of why I dared to disagree with the rest of the posters out here. The Protectors of the Show need to lighten up.
  22. i said "It's sad that to TPTB it seems to be that IS all that now matters." That's my opinion. Take it or leave it. How do you "counter-argue" a personal preference? It's not like there's a right or wrong answer. I don't dissect the show looking for variables or nuances. I just want it to be funny and in my opinion it's not as funny or unique as it used to be. No "counter-argument" is necessary.
  23. Of course it's based on my personal preference, just as everyone else's opinions are.
  24. Red: I'm just getting tired of seeing Leonard continually humiliated by his awful, awful, awful mother. I got the point during her first few appearances. Now it just seems like piling on. I'm also dismayed that the writers have apparently settled on the tired old "silly, childish boyfriend and the wise, patient girlfriend who loves him inspite of his buffonery" type of relationship for Sheldon & Amy. They threw away the refreshingly unique robot-couple in favor of a much-easier-to-write romcom cliche relationship. Blue: It's sad that to TPTB it seems to be that IS all that now matters. JMO And please spare me the "if you hate the show so much why do you keep watching?". I don't hate the show, I'm just disappointed in it.
  25. At the risk of incurring the wrath of phantagrae, I didn't really like the episode.
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