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  1. No, you're not the only one. But it's a losing battle. The relationship-addicted idiots posters have taken over. You can't battle emotionalism. Let the slumber party continue!
  2. Sorry, I guess I missed your finger wagging at Carl's & Nick's snarkiness.
  3. Ahhh, so people can be snarky and attack the Shennys but Shamys are off limits? Got it.
  4. Very good episode but I could have done without the Howard/Raj boob grabbing. That was just weird.
  5. LOL. As if the Shamy's don't live in their own little fantasy world! Glass houses. And I'm not a Shenny. As you said, S/P is a brother/sister relationship and it should stay that way. Their interactions are the best part of the show.
  6. djvang

    Greedy Actors?

    The show's making a ton of money so the actors want a bigger piece of the pie. Pretty standard behavior.
  7. I've never doubted that they'll do an "Ugly Duckling turns into Beautiful Swan" episode. I can already hear the squeals of delight from the studio audience. Pretty predicatable.
  8. I agree. I think it's silly. But I also think it's silly to use the word love for a fictional character.
  9. And that "growth" has come at the expense of being funny. Just my opinion of course, if that is allowed.
  10. I don't think it's the way Mayim plays AFF that I see as the problem. It's the way the writers have been all over the map with her. She started out as a copy of Sheldon, which I thought was hilarious, but that only lasted for a few episodes. Then she went thru her my-loins-are-on-fire stage. Then it was the creepy infatuation-with-Penny stage. Then it was the demanding-and-crabby stage and now it seems to be a pathetic why-doesn't-Sheldon-love-me stage. Just pick one and stick with it! Personally I prefer the original version because it was funny and I don't see any humor whatsoever in the other versions. But I know they're never going to back to the original because too many people have become emotionally attached to needy-Amy for that to ever happen.
  11. I also think there's a very strong desire among many to see the Ugly Duckling find love and happiness. It's natural for people to root for the underdog. The original Sheldon has already been sacrificed and thrown into a relationship for the sake of the show's higher ratings. And it's working. I just saw the rerun of Season 1's "The Jerusalem Duality" - Original Sheldon: "While Mr Kim, by virtue of his youth and naivety, has fallen prey to the inexplicable need for human contact, let me step in and assure you that my research will go on uninterrupted, and that social relationships will continue to baffle and repulse me." All good things must come to an end.
  12. Kind of like "We don't care if they're fictional characters. We want them to have sex and fall in love and live happily ever after!" Definitely a job for an army of neuroscientific researchers.
  13. I don't think every poster is. I know I'm not. Because they're not real.
  14. Careful. For some reason a lot of posters out here are VERY protective of her.
  15. But they're not really uncharted waters. They're the waters that countless previous sitcoms have already sailed. The original formula was the uncharted waters.
  16. I'm afraid the hilarious robot days are gone. Too many viewers want snuggling, kissing, etc from Shamy.
  17. I'd like them to go back to Sheldon & Amy as the robot couple.
  18. It all changed when Amy went from being a female copy of Sheldon to a love-starved girlfriend. Sheldon then changed from being a unique character into just a another silly, bewildered boyfriend from countless previous sitcoms.
  19. I'm not sick of Sheldon yet but I wish we'd see more of original deadpan version and less of the current over-animated version.
  20. Just saw the episode about Sheldon & Amy's first date with Penny chaperoning. They were SOOOO much funnier as the robot couple than whatever the heck they are now. I want to see more of that.
  21. I agree. They threw away a once great show in order to tap into the huge audience that squeals itself silly over the prospect of an SIK.
  22. I think we're just seeing what happens to most shows after a number of years. The actors get bored playing the characters the same way so they want to showcase their talents by changing the way they play them. It's like on "Happy Days" when Anson Williams wanted to use the show's popularity to launch a recording career, so they turned Potsie into a singer even though he was awful. They also seem to be playing more and more to the adoring studio audience. I hope it doesn't turn into "Happy Days" where every actor got to make an "entrance" every show to wild applause. I fear that at some point they're going to pull a "Brady Bunch" where the characters are in a charity variety show so the actors can show off their singing and dancing skills. They already dipped their toe in it once with that godawful fantasy dance scene with Raj & Bernadette.
  23. Don't we all know that the end game will be Leonard/Pennny, Sheldon/Amy, Howard/Bernadette & Raj/??? all living happily ever after? Any breakups or conflicts will be temporary.
  24. More LOL and less awwwww. Yes, I know it won't happen.
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