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  1. I agree. Also I think the way Jim Parsons is playing him has changed. In the earlier seasons when he was expounding on something or correcting someone it was usually done in an unemotional, matter-of-fact way with a somewhat deadpan delivery. In the later years he's become much more animated and emotional by waving his arms and raising his voice much more often. To me it's had the effect of changing the character from odd, quirky and innocent to just kind of a goofball. It's like when Star Trek:TNG gave Data the emotion chip.
  2. The scene in the bar where Amy saw the good looking guy and said "WHOOOO!" was THE moment when the show changed. It was her sexual awakening <shudder> and the moment she stopped being funny and turned creepy. The spanking scene was repulsive. But it brought squeals of delight from most of the audience. But getting back to the original topic - no, I don't thnk Penny should go out with Sheldon.
  3. I agree. It was refreshing to see characters who weren't obsessed with dating and romance and sex and were perfectly content with their lives. Now THAT was unique. That's why it's so disappointing to me to see the writers now sending Sheldon & Amy down the same path as everyone else. They were being mocked by the others in the last episode for not having sex like the "cool" couples are. It may be a lot slower progression but we all know what the end result will be.
  4. Some say it's boring for the show and characters to remain the same. I think it's boring to send a unique show and characters down the same tired paths that hundreds of previous shows and characters have already traveled. They should have done a "Fawlty Towers" and just ended it while it was still unique. But, money always trumps creativity. Just my opinion.
  5. There's a difference between talking about something and obsessing about it. And that is obviously subjective.
  6. It baffles me how people can get so worked up over the "love" between fictional characters. There are entire topics devoted to it, including this one.
  7. I'm not a Shenny shipper but I love their scenes together.
  8. Well said. People tend to overthink the show. To me it's just about what's funny, which everyone will have a different opinion about. I liked Sheldon and Amy as "robots" because it was funny as well as unique. It was refreshing to see characters who were content with their lives and didn't care about sex and relationships, in fact they looked at others' obsession with sex and romance as a human weakness or character flaw. They were a great contrast to the other characters which made for great comedy and dialogue. Now they're being forced down the same path as the others. As for "growth" and "happiness", if they were real-life friends of mine I would want them to grow and be happy, but they're not, so I don't. Not sure what kind of "ist" that makes me but I'm sure I'll be told.
  9. I preferred vintage Sheldon 1.0 over the later releases.
  10. 1) Leonard 2) Sheldon (pre-Season 4) 3) Penny 4) Howard (pre-married) 5) Raj 6) Bernadette 7) Amy - because of the changes done to Sheldon
  11. Once again, yes you ARE telling people to shut up. Not in those exact words but by telling them that what they post is fussing, harping, complaining, completely pointless, futile, ineffective and accomplishes nothing. You're trying to intimidate people into not criticizing the show. I have no idea what Fruit Loop's posting history is but I do know that you always say that people are free to state their opinions, but then you jump on them every time they do. And does anything anyone says out here really "accomplish" anything? It's just an opinion forum. There are people who keep saying over and over and over how they love Sheldon and Amy's relationship but I don't recall you complaining about how completely pointless that is. That doesn't "accomplish" anything either. See you in September. Maybe. :D
  12. As you've already seen, criticism of the show will quickly be met with "shutup shutup shutup!". Or worse. That's just the way it is out here. I'm glad this season is over.
  13. I agree that the Newhart episode was a benchmark but I laughed a lot during that episode. Probably because I'm a big Newhart fan and love his distinctive style of humor.
  14. Very sweet and touching episode, but just not very funny.
  15. It was OK. I liked the Raj/Lucy sidestory. I've never played D&D so I didn't really get that part. Howard did a great impression of Al Pacino. Didn't care for the Shamy (surprise) but for the first time I actually felt sorry for Amy. It seemed like the "cool" kids were mocking her for not having sex.
  16. The actress is now on "Rules of Engagement".
  17. I've noticed that repetition is perfectly acceptable if you agree with what is being repeated. Otherwise it's condemned.
  18. Ahhh, another personal attack. I'll add her to the list.
  19. So we've gone from Leonard/Penny to ALL the characters being in romantic relationships. Yet you insist it hasn't shifted to a rom-com? OK.
  20. It does seem like that, doesn't it? Welcome to the club.
  21. I didn't say it wasn't working. The show was still great. But I think they were running out of fresh material so they decided to boldly go where everyone has already been. Thanks for acknowledging that the relationship developments now outweigh the geek/science-focused stories. That's been my whole complaint about the show. And I know that's a minority opinion.
  22. I share your concerns about that happening. It's why many of us lament the show changing from geek based humor to a more standard romantic relationship based show. It's the loss of originality. If Bernadette does get pregnant and have kids those future episodes you predict WILL happen. In changing the show to a romcom the people who run the show not only tapped into the huge audience who loves that type of show, but they also tapped into the thousands of script ideas of the countless romcoms that have come before. Grab a script, insert TBBT cast, make a few adjustments and, BAM, they've got an episode. We've already seen that in The Parking Lot Escalation. How many times has the childish-men-fighting-about-something-silly-and-drawing-the-normally-mature-women-into-the-battle story been done before? I know it must be incredibly difficult for the writers to keep coming up with fresh, new geek humor. The well was running dry so they had to branch out to other areas.
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