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  1. When I was 20 odd I shared a five bedroom house in Southern England (UK) with three other male computer engineers and one female PA/Secretary. Our 'Penny' could turn as many heads as yours! Us 'geeks' were into large speakers and powerful amplifiers; one being an active DJ and another, a native of Goa, a Cricket fanatic. We had some huge parties, smoked some 'pot' and enjoyed ad-lib live music sessions alongside formal, weekend dinners. I regret that I did not see the opportunity to record our day-to-day life and expand this into a TV series. 'The Big Bang Theory', like the MTM programmes such as 'Hill Street Blues' builds on character development. But, apparently, the average American 20+ leads a sober, boring life compared to their British counterpart. Not true, according to my very limited experience of the USA! I wonder how many others share(d) their life with their Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Raj and maybe a Howard? Alan (UK)
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