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  1. OMG!!!! Thanks for the video! I haven't been able to see it yet.... Jim is so adorable . PS: Hello to all the new and old members! I missed u guys over the summer
  2. She also had a small part in "You again" - she was the dance teacher Thanks for that yummy pic ...lots of new members i see...welcome all!! PS: i really missed you guys! Hello!
  3. I love to sing and i can off course. I took lessons in the past but had to drop out..I still miss those days :D
  4. Thank you for this! I'm not from the US so I wasn't able to watch the awards but this was great!....and you're right he looks soooo handsome in a suit :icon_lol:
  5. All time classic hits and looking at....
  6. My favourite Sheldon moments are the ones where he has to act as a frind and show off the "human side" (Hugging Penny, appology moments etc)....he makes such a cute innocent face then.
  7. @Bazinga_73 - It would be great it you can do that!! Thank you very much!
  8. @Pomita - I also think that Pryia's character was especially made up by the writers so that she would be disliked....and it worked :D
  9. @Bazinga_73 I wish I could go too ...It would be a treat. Until the new season starts i'm watching reruns and maybe start another series :D
  10. Moon_Pie


    Wow..you are really mad at Penny! I think you should take her as a character. She's supposed to embody all the not so nice stuff in girls these days. That doesn't mean that she should be stoned. the point is to laugh :D
  11. I cannot wait for the next season. Such a long time!!!! But where would they be if not California? About this scene...I think it's my fav from the whole series :D
  12. They tried the "drug" thing remember it didn't work out so well for the home team.Come to think of it why no "get Raj out of jail" episode hmmmm believe "Public Nudity" is a crime in Cal. Maybe they could give him a fright, like you do when someones got the hiccups. :icon_cheesygrin: That should work.....he should get over it...it's begining to be annoyning.
  13. I totally hate those people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....turn your stupid phone off in a movie theatre
  14. As I have said before I love the fact that he's bulkier now, yet I don't like the hair at all. He must get a haircut pronto. @Pomita - I agree...he looks divine in those bits. (I've joined the fan-girling )
  15. Welcome Kasiret! have a great time here!
  16. Great pics thx, love those green jeans. Have you seen the video? http://broadwayworld.com/videoembed.php?colid=373085 Thanks for the vid....oooh could he look much better in blue :D?!?!?!?!?! *sorry, just another Jim fangirl drooling*
  17. Awwwww...this was such a nice episode!....The way they held hands at the end..especially Sheldon and Amy ...lovely. And that wedding dress was gorgeous And the guys looked really sharp in those tuxes. :icon_lol:
  18. Lovely video! Thank you for the reminder Bear Guy!
  19. lolz...Often, when I'm really tired and I finally reach for the bed I sometimes find myself thinking "Did I check the forum today? hmmm" I wasn't on the forum last year when they had the season break. I imagine its going to get very quiet on these boards... what will we do then? I'll have to get a life or something. That could be a good thing... Oh, please don't remind me about the break....It's going to be a really sad period. :icon_cry::icon_cry:
  20. lolz...hadn't seen it...Thanks Pomita xo
  21. I agree with Rick. The show would be really boring and also kind of strange if not for the relationships and the "mess" that comes with them. The social behaviour of people like them has always been under scrutiny and is really fun to watch. As far as Mayim being ugly, she's not in her teens of course and she's not the most beautiful actress but that doesn't mean she's ugly.
  22. Lace...much softer Walking or taking the bus?
  23. He was indeed to thin back in the days...he looks just great now. Pleaseeee post the YT link...I haven't found it either
  24. Hope you have a nice time here! Welcome Colleen! :D
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