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  1. I believe HIMYM stands for How I Met Your Mother
  2. I first saw a preview for the zarneki incursion? (the one when someone hacked Sheldon's WoW account) and I heard the part where lenoard said "you called the police because your world of warcraft account got hacked?" "what choice did I have? The FBI hung up on me" and I laughed so hard yet it wasnt until about three months ago that I was trying to look for something on tv and couldn't find anything on then I saw it on tbs and I haven't stopped watching since then I've watched about every episode through reruns and stuff I think there's about five episodes I haven't seen total.
  3. Although I don't see Amy and Penny ending up in bed together I can imagine a episode where something is wrong with pennys apartment so she ends up sleeping over at amys on the coach and Amy staring at her the entire night or something happening at Amy's apartment and she end up staring at penny the entire night. I think this was a good episode overall I liked the Howard parts also thought that ending with Sheldon's hair was funny for some reason when I saw that I thought of the star trek live long and prosper sign except upside down. Also I'm not a huge fan of Amy's lesbian comments I wish the writers didn't feel the need to put one in pretty much every episode. All in all a pretty good episode.
  4. Ok so here's what I think about the music i think leonard likes the music and didn't really learn about it before penny because from what I understand Sheldon doesn't exactly like music since they haven't exactly listened to and and he Sheldon doesn't like whistling or musical instruments I think that's part of the roommate agreement. The only part I don't find believable is that Sheldon wasn't wearing a hazmat suit while at Amy's lab
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