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  1. Wasn't as funny as I expected; I think I laughed once when bernedatte yelled at howard at the wedding. But upon watching it a second time, I think the episode was okay, but two things definitely stood out to me. It occurred to me that if Penny's brother was cast with someone else, perhaps a dude with tattoos and a sullen face that grunted when he talked, that the lines would have been funny. The guy they cast for her brother could not act at all (it wasn't just the way he looked). The second thing was the wedding and the interaction with leonard and penny. After all this time, this was the moment we've been waiting for and I feel they blew it like they did with the first wedding. Penny's part was okay but didn't feel as genuine as it should. And I wish Leonard had said something more. The feeling just wasn't there, like it was for Howard and Bernadette. My two cents.
  2. Wow i'm surprised that most of you liked this one. It was cringe-worthy in my opinion. The rabbit in the hot tub was just an odd storyline to me. And don't get me started on the ending with penny and leonard in those horrid costumes. Was that supposed to be believable? There's funny and then there's stupid. Was the confetto thing at the end supposed to be some sort of joke that I didn't get? I've watched it twice and I'm still wondering what they were thinking with this one. :/
  3. It was amazing and funny at the same time. I think it was genius to combine this moment with the Star Wars movie. I loved that they kept Sheldon just like himself and Mayim's acting was awesome. I'm kind of sorry that it's over, but now look forward to more moments with shamy as the intimacy evolves. I'd like to see Sheldon show more of his feelings about it in the future (I understand that they needed the comedy for the ending of the show. Hopefully we will get to get more inside of Sheldon's head about this later on, we will see). I get what you mean. i always pictured Sheldon being overwhelmed by it, out of breath, amazed, etc., so he was way too calm in this for me. Maybe the point was that after being visited by proton he was in control of his emotions, anxiety, etc. But it still seemed off. Maybe we will get it later on, but I think they made him that way for the contrast with Amy and the comedy factor of it. But they still could have made it funny the other way too.
  4. They did an excellent job with this episode. When you're laughing and smiling from ear to ear by the end, you know the writers did something right. I loved seeing crazy Sheldon again. One thing I found interesting about this episode was the contrast between the Sheldon reverted (how he used to be, bat crap crazy) to Sheldon becoming the softer Sheldon again at the end. It was a great contrast to show how Amy how affected him, which I think was the point of the whole thing. Am I the only one that thought the tune he hummed didn't match the song when they played it? Lol. I really liked seeing Leonard, Penny, and Sheldon eating dinner together. I didn't think they would keep Sheldon in the mix once they got married, but it seems to make sense now. Did everyone notice how nervous and shy Sheldon looked before the first kiss? Like Dave being there was bothering him, or like it had been too long and he was nervous about the kissing. I'm looking forward to next week. In the preview, one of the scenes showed Sheldon on his knees in a praying position. This should be a hum-dinger of an episode. I hope the writers do it justice like they did this week. Are there any big Shamy fans out there that think the opening scene had a deeper meaning, LOL. Probably reading too much into it.
  5. I haven't posted here in a really long time, but I wanted to say that after reading the taping reports for the next two episodes, I'm very satisfied and happy with how the writers handled everything that is coming (finally). It would have been nice to see more of Amy's side and her feelings during the breakup, but other than that, I feel they've handled it well. It's been soooo long since I've read a big bang theory taping report. After so many years of waiting, it almost seems unreal.
  6. Ugh, I came here to see if there would be a new episode tonight. I'm dying. I can't wait another week for this episode.
  7. Just watched the episode again and i think there may have been some meaning with the hagfish game. Amy said it was like friend, marry, kill (if I remember correctly) and Sheldon said he would get to eat the fish instead of marry. He chose the hagfish to eat even though there was mucus, then at the very end if the episode, he changed his mind about the hagfish right after he turned Amy down. Does anyone else there was meaning behind this, symbolism, maybe?
  8. After watching this episode, I realized that it's been way too long since we've seen shamy together like this, playing games and interacting like they used to. I enjoyed seeing them together, even though it had the undertone of sadness. Please bring back shamy of season 4 and 5, writers. I miss it so much. I see now why they gave away the spoiler about coitus, they wanted to keep our hopes up and keep watching.
  9. I'm looking forward to this episode. A while back, Mayim posted on facebook about an episode with a lot of Shamy goodness and I have a feeling it was this one. Anyway, we will see.
  10. Wow calm down. My point was that she has shown for season after season that her character understood Sheldon more than anyone else. I think a normal girl would indeed get mad and breakup over his comments but Amy is not supposed to be normal. My point was that they should have made something more significant happen for her to make this decision since it seemed to just come out of the blue based on the happy episodes that came before it.
  11. Hilarious episode. Loved it Things still feel off though with Amy's character. She's just too normal now and I still wish they would concentrate an episode on her so that I can understand her feelings behind the breakup.
  12. I'm looking forward to seeing Sheldon struggling to suppress his emotions! This one should be good.
  13. I thought this one was very funny. It felt like one of the older episodes to me.
  14. The episode was OK to me. The going back to 2003 thing was clever and very Sheldon. But it made no sense for Amy to turn down Sheldon's roommate offer given her history and that it was a huge step for Sheldon to offer it. They really need to address this plot hole in a future episode ( why did Amy break up with him when it completely contradicts her current character traits). We need a better reason than what was given to us. I was struck in this episode with how much the couch area in the new comic store reminds me of Friends and we had singing too with this one... It was just something that struck me. I kind of miss the old flipping through comics scenes.
  15. It would be very interesting to see Sheldon with his brother. He was another male influence in his life besides his father and Leanard. They should do an episode with his visit.
  16. Shamys breakup was needed and I've been waiting for it for a whil . Now that I've seen the second episode, I see tgatbi was right because this is going to be so much fun. Sheldon needed a kick in the butt, and I'm so happy to see Amy thinking of herself and exerting confidence and bravery to do what she needs to d . BUT the reason for the breakup made no sense. There were no signs last season that Amy was unhappy or thinking about things. The things that Sheldon said to supposedly make her mad werewere no different than what he always does, which she has been fine with for five years . the problem here is that they need to devote some time to exploring Amy and her character so we understand what is going on. What has happened to give her a backbone all of a sudden? And I don't buy it that its from talking to penny. I wish the writers had handled the breakup better so that it would be more believable. But, u am glad that it happened and look forward to watching how Sheldon handles this, plus hopefully this means more shamy moments and insights into Amy's character.
  17. I thought this was an excellent episode. I laughed several times, and I have to say, it's been a while since I've done that with a new episode. They made up for last week and I hope it continues. The Lenny moments were sweet and shamy was hilarious. I love seeing Sheldon squirm. This should get interesting as he misses her more and more .
  18. Bad episode, in my opinion. The breakup of shamy was contrived and made no sense and Lenny's argument was also contrived for drama's sake. They made up some stuff to throw in the last episode of season 8 so we would have a cliff hanger and then tried to make it believable in the season 9 opener but it fell flat to me. I've always thought they should break shamy up for whilewhile but this made no sense at all. So now we are supposed to believe that penny has been talking to Amy and that's part of the reason for her turn of emotion all of a sudden? Just too contrived and the story isn't progressing naturally at all. And yes, Stuart was creepy and not funny.
  19. Forgive me if I'm repeating anything. I haven't read any posts here, but I've watched the episode a couple of times and read a few reviews. Even though the ending of the episode was sad, I have to say that I'm glad we are finally moving things along. This season, while good in many aspects, has been at a stand-still in my opinion and let's face it, it has been mostly boring. So, yay to the writers for bringing in some plot twists, and giving us something to look forward to next season, whether it be good or bad, at least it will be interesting. The main thing that I've liked about this season is the fact that they seem to have brought back clueless Sheldon, who is happy and mostly innocent, saying the wrong things, but means well. We'd lost that Sheldon for a while, so it's nice to see him like this again, and also, he has seemed overall at peace and happy this season with changes taking place and with Amy. There's been a huge difference from the Sheldon of last year, who sat at a train stop confused and scared about what was about to take place. Now we have found out that he has bought a ring, a huge step and one almost out of character, which makes it so exciting and interesting as we head into season nine. I have said before that I wouldn't mind a breakup of the shamy and yay, we finally got it. Now, don't get me wrong, I love the shamy, but I've always felt that this needed to happen. Seeing Amy tell that to Sheldon was a huge step in the right direction for her. We've watched her for too many seasons becoming an Amy that is hard to watch, even hard to understand, because she is so all over the place with her character and so under-developed. I've missed the Amy of the earlier seasons, the one that was confident and happy and together, one that wasn't so frustrated and angry, and let's face it, even though she had low self esteem then, she still wasn't the mouse she is now. So, after last night's performance, I can say with gained confidence that I feel she is now the most mature character of the entire group. We all know how much she loves Sheldon. It took so much bravery and courage for her to decide to take care of herself, and make this difficult step to evaluate what she wants. While it was hard to watch, the emotion displayed in that scene was probably one of the best acted in the show. I ask this of the writers: please use this and make some great episodes, centered around Amy and her struggle, along with Sheldon's. Please do not quickly wrap this up in the first episode of season nine. Please don't have Sheldon show up with a ring and make everything okay all in one swoop, back to the status quo. They need to use this breakup for some major shamy development, and I guarantee if they use this and create many episodes working on the shamy, they will have good viewership. This is what people want to see! Bring back a focus on shamy, at least for one season, please? As for Leonard and Penny, I feel it's time to move them forward, please! Bring on the wedding if it's going to happen. If not, quit dragging this out because it's been too freaking long. There's my two cents.
  20. I came on here to post about this and was surprised to see a whole thread dedicated to it. I watched that last night and oh my goodness, can TV get any worse than this? That was so awful that it totally disrespects everything that was ever good about that show. I'm almost tempted to stop watching big bang because I detest Chuck Lorre so much now for such a stupid ending to that show.
  21. BazingaFan


    I've been watching friends a lot lately since it is on netflix. It really takes me back to when I was in college, lol, and brings back those memories. I just want to throw out there that I always wished Joey and Pheobe had gotten together. But I know they were planning on Joey being in his own show, and that is the reason. But I always thought that they were thinking about doing that because Joey and Pheobe would always have things that they would say to each other that were flirtations, like maybe they were thinking of doing it but then changed their mind (the writers). For me the worst episode was the one where pheobe had the dog and chandler said he hates dogs (it was thanksgiving one I think). I had never seen it before (imagine that) and I was surprised when I saw it while watching on netflix because I honestly don't think I've ever seen a bad episode of friends until I saw that one. It just wasnt funny.
  22. Shamy Fanfiction on a Big Bang episode. I wouldn't have guessed it in a million years. That was pretty awesome.
  23. What a sweet episode. Of course, as a shamy fan, I loved it. The part about Meemaw's cookies was a nice touch. And I like how they integrated Sheldon deciding to like Christmas at the end, so it wasn't just about shamy, but also about Sheldon becoming more accepting of the holiday. This was nice to see after that dreadful Christmas episode when Sheldon said he hated Santa Clause and talked about his paw paw. That was a sad episode, so I'm glad that they actually resolved it. Hey, a story arc over seasons? Cool. I laughed once during the episode (the blowing of the wool ball). I felt the bird part and the arguing with leonard and howard was drawn out a bit too much. But Shamy made up for that, of course. I think this is the most we have seen Sheldon openly showing how much he enjoys Amy's company since seasons 4 and 5. I hope they continue with this. Amy deserves it after baking those cookies! Edit: I also snickered when Sheldon was in the car with Bernadette. That was a good scene.
  24. I think Emily is a good fit for the show right now. She adds a comedy element for sure, and I anticipate some funny scenes in the future with her and the rest of the cast, especially with the other girls. Also, I could see her being a really good friend for Amy since they bonded before when they first introduced Emily to the show.
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