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  1. Selz

    Jessie J

    True, but Wretch 32 was there as well and he's part of the South London rap scene - unfortunately more associated with violence and such.
  2. Hysterical episode. SO much better than last week. I don't do spoilers, so I didn't know what was coming up, and the Sheldon French maid scene had my sides splitting! Also his comment to Howard's mum about turning into a diamond. *dead*
  3. Very excited - I'm recording it and watching American Idol, so I get to watch the BBT night later when I can really relax.
  4. Selz

    Jessie J

    I guess some of you won't know who she is - it depends where you're from. She has had some hits in the US for example, but she's not as popular there as here in the UK.
  5. Selz

    Jessie J

    I have a bit of an obsession right now... either that or a girl crush lol. I really want to see her live on my birthday but I think if I go on my own I'll be stared at by teenagers wondering what the hell I'm doing there
  6. Selz

    Jessie J

    Any fans of Jessie J here? I've found a few forums for her but they're so sparsely frequented it's not worth bothering. I'm probably too old to be a Jessie J fan but I just love talented musicians!
  7. THIS I really didn't think it was that good - I'm not even sure why but it was forgettable. I've only watched it once and trying to remember some of the lines, but felt some of Sheldon's in the first half were bordering on nasty. The Raj scenes were better.
  8. I guess that's a possibility - although it's more likely they messed up because wouldn't Sheldon have said at some point "Penny I thought you were a vegetarian?" - or being Sheldon he would have quoted verbatim what Penny actually said when they first met her
  9. I keep meaning to check for this and forgetting, but did the writers keep up with the premise that Penny is a vegetarian (who eats chicken and the occasional steak!) as she mentioned in the pilot episode? They all eat together so often that I can't help wondering if somebody did mess up somewhere in the later episodes.
  10. I noticed another one recently when watching the S1 ep where Sheldon has to give a speech and gets drunk instead (The Pants something-or-other) - right near the beginning when he gets the phone call, he takes off his 3D glasses and hands them to Raj. I thought that was a nice gesture because normally Sheldon exhibits a selfishness and might even say that he didn't care that Raj wasn't enjoying the film without glasses.
  11. Have now moved on to Maya Angelou's final autobiog, A Song Flung Up To Heaven.
  12. I guess Friends, One Tree Hill and TBBT
  13. How I Met Your Mother One Tree Hill Cougar Town Glee Ringer Touch Modern Family (still need to start season 2) Desperate Housewives Skins (UK) 90210
  14. Unfortunately E4 and Channel 4 seem to have screened this episode more than any other. *sigh* Quite funny line when Penny says "We could spend New Year's waiting for the ball to drop"; there's a pause and then Sheldon gets it and laughs
  15. My favourite singer is Michael Jackson (strip away the sensationalism and he was simply a genius) My favourite band is RA (From One, Duality, Black Sun)
  16. It was episode 11. You should live in the UK (assuming you don't ), they've shown that episode about 5 times already I think it's my most watched episode of season 5
  17. Selz

    your inner nerd

    I don't think I class myself as a nerd although I enjoy playing computer games (now on Facebook ) and reading.
  18. Continuity issue? - Sheldon - "I need a growth medium, and SOMEBODY polished off the apricot yogurt!" I thought Leonard was lactose-intolerant?
  19. I don't know if anybody's already posted but when re-watching The Middle Earth Paradigm, the scene where Sheldon gives Leonard tea and a sympathetic "There there" after his humiliation from Kirk, was a very touching moment.
  20. I noticed Raj talking while Penny was in the room too.
  21. I had a Sinclair ZX81 which I played Breakout on. Terrible graphics I don't know how old you guys are but did any of you ever own a Sinclair Spectrum? Mine was a 48K but it was my favourite computer ever - such great games! I LOVED the Hobbit and LOTR text-based adventure games. I bought the LOTR box set of text adventures off eBay a few years back; just need to get another Spectrum and a cassette recorder now! :D
  22. I know this is off the thread topic, but this just reminded me of what Raj said - "What part of America is that accent from?"
  23. Selz

    Their diets.

    I've often thought about this. I end up wondering where's the 5 a day??
  24. Making a cup of tea. I coloured my hair earlier and the chemical fumes have made me feel a bit odd.
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