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  1. I think sheldon and amy might be the most realistic couple on the entire show. the fact that any women could put up with howard is kinda ridiculous, and if the show wanted to stay realistic a real life penny would never date a real life leonard, she likes "macho" type guys and every time they feminize leonard for laughs it is more and more unrealistic
  2. I agree L/P is dragging the show down in my opinion, there is absolutely no chemistry between them.
  3. I don't think Leonard liked the idea she wasn't nerdy or educated at all, it might not mean everything to him like sheldon but like sheldon leonard values intelligence. There is a reason he got so over excited when she signed up for school, and that is why penny has insecurities about not being smart. He does want someone who is educated and that he can relate to.He's never really had a chance to get over penny after they broke up the first time, sure he dated others but penny was right across the hall and even in their apartment so he has always held onto hope for them to get back together. I do like that they are both maturing it seems this season, but that does not mean they are right for each other either. Maybe Leonard didn't catch on to Alex's flirting but he was definitely loving the fact that she asked him out. Maybe it is my personal preferences but I do not see romantic chemistry with them. I think the best thing for them would be to realize that while the do love and care for each other, they are not right for each other.
  4. I like the idea of Raj and Missy together, she seems like she would be the type to like getting pampered and they would be cute together
  5. leonard's character has been upsetting me for a while now, is just feels like everything coming out of his mouth lately is done for cheap laughs and practicaly says, "hey I am a stereo typical nerd". I feel like the audience is laughing at him and not with him if you know what I mean. I think his relationship with penny amplifies this because they aren't compatable. Penny has been made more sarcastic over the years and it is her original sweetness mixed with her looks that attacted leonard to her in the first place. Also, their relationship feels very forced imo and lacks chemistry. Maybe they do love each other, but that does not automatically mean they are right for each other. Sometimes I don't think they are in love at all, it is like Leonard keeps telling himself I love penny, I love penny, I love penny, it may not even be true but if you lie to yourself enough you yourself eventually start to believe it. I think lately penny has been telling herself she loves leonard and even let it slip out, but it just doesn't feel true. Also his love life portrayed on the show has been portrayed as completely unrealistic, I liked Dr. Stephanie, and I think Alex could be a missed oppurtunity to find leonard some compatability. Also, being a nerd shouldn't keep him from having girlfriends it's just the women they put him with are so unrealistic example: penny, priya
  6. hi I'm new here but I think it would have been funny to have Sheldon as the only one of the guys with a girlfriend, while the others stayed themselves. Being that out of all of them Sheldon is the least likely to change who he is just because he has a girlfriend, what has been ruined on this show is Howard, Leonard and Raj, not Sheldon. I hardly find howard funny at all now, and Leonard and Raj are even worse. Although, I did like the way Raj was potrayed in the premier, even though he was lonely he didn't seem as depressing as the last 2 seasons. I like what they have been doing with Shamy. They have taken one unique character and turned it into two unique characters and a completely unique relationship that is funny as heck to watch develop. I think a better use for Leonard would be for him to find some personal happiness on his own away from penny. I think part of the reason the shamy works so well is that neither one of them was desperate for a relationship to begin with. You really can't be happy with someone until you are happy with yourself first, that is why L/P doen't work.
  7. Jennafred29


    this might not be a popular opinion, but I was kinda hoping that Bernie would break up with Howard before they got married, don't get me wrong I think they love each other deeply, after last season they just have too many issues for a healthy stable marriage, I mean can anyone really seeing howard quitting his job to be a stay at home dad?and he will always have mother issues. Plus single howard was hilarious compared to the tame howard we are getting now. If she had dumped him before the wedding would have shown bernie in a better light than if she were to run out on their marriage
  8. I would like to see more science dialog in the guys everyday speech, I think that is what is gone. the way they used to speak is what made it believable that these guys are brilliant minds instead of run of the mill geeks and nerds, also penny not understanding what they are talking about provided some of the funniest humor of the show
  9. new here, but since this is an amy thread I will just say she is a great character, there are girls like her is real life and I think it is wonderful they have included a socially awkward female to the group
  10. hello all, I'm new here but have been lurking a little bit everywhere for a while now, look forward to puting my two cents in!
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