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  1. You will be missed, Michael...  ⚘

  2. MICHAEL, you will be missed !

  3. merry christmas, lennys hope get better stories next year.
  4. i would like emily, she got a long with the other wives, girlfriend. after getting over penny and raj hock-up. like the dark side of her keep raj on his feet.
  5. what a nice trip down memory lane for howard and bernadette, it was sweet, glad to see althea was back. wow, stuart slam raj good, lets hope it is a wake up call for him.
  6. love it , baby hallie and dad howard
  7. could it b the opening , that bring her back to big bang.
  8. looks like shatner made a good choice not to go on, they had lloyd be a bum and stay for $1day to rent a room. lets hope howard gets its together, he has 2 slaves working for him. amy miss the sarcasm, just be cause said "your cute", or did not want to rock the boat for what was comming. best part we are going to a baby
  9. if it was me, i would go now!!!, if you have never been to a living taping you can not take a chance and wait for next year. there are only (14) 12 more taping left, (2 in dec. are gone). good luck
  10. i agree with you tensor, she is a shamy, but i have been to a few taping with her. i do not think she wood make up, i did not even ask about lenny , she just told me. @filexxx sorry, can not say
  11. the person at the tapping said-(lennys)that they were very cute, and that they were nice to each other. lets hope it play out better than the report.
  12. well not the first time that sheldon has face the jealousy, pick a season. all most from the start (dr. gablehauser his boss ) did not respect him for the job. poor howard, he must not be a star, did not sheldon make drunk calls to hawking. but that is ok, it was sheldon being sheldon.
  13. raj opened his mouth and issabella burn him, would like emily to come back. sheldon wants a baby?, long way from being messy, and want to use penny omaha hips
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