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  1. wheaton meddleds in relationship of howard/bernadette. she has cold feet, whats on the internet.
  2. mjc45

    Lust, Like or Love

    where did i hear that last line? this episode.
  3. @sursonica what a great review of penny and leonard. have to agree with netmouse-pretty much nails it.
  4. NO--i saw it online,when i was at work in the morning(maybe zip it?). sorry- i just copy it down what i read.
  5. howard/bernadette-- will they buy house. raj-beat the selective mutism/ leonard/penny-visit one of there parents, penny gets acting job in sci-fi movie. shamy- it is ok for now. ps-prady tweeted some time a go: there was a problem @cheesecake factory(real life).tweet "how would penny deal with it".(are they thinking a new job for penny)
  6. steve molaro(executive producer) the closing moments of the last scene of the season finale are "AMAZING", and should get viewers "CHOKED UP".
  7. hi sue--welcome to the forum. you are in switzerland, how close are you to hadron collider?
  8. hi maggief56--welcome to the forum.
  9. mjc45

    Episode 1.01 Pilot

    yes yes-it has happen in n.y. on t.b.s. the dvd has them in the sperm bank. yes yes-it has happen in n.y. on t.b.s. the dvd has them in the sperm bank. sheldon,leonard,gilde are all dancing trying to. katie was try to teach them. they went as a experiment said leonard.
  10. hi zach-welcome to the forum.
  11. do you need a phd,bs,ms,ma,scd, to be on this site? thanks.
  12. howard/bernadette-is the best choice, if the marriage is going on. leonard/penny-that is tough call. kaley would love to do it. 10 seasons (more 3 after next 2 are done). jim is the key to how many there will be.
  13. cheap ass-right on!!. they are going to take as far they go with it. bernadette father shows up to make howard sign the pre-nup.
  14. Exactly, a great deal of what's on this forum is speculation and observation. It's part of the fun. And for us spoiled ones, it's good training for keeping our mouth shut when required. after the taping report comes out, it is no longer speculation we all know what happens then. thats the part that hurts, when people talk about it.
  15. that is w howard is the funning one.
  16. yes it is. n.y., is every expensive bc of high taxes. moonbase-are you going to see play w/jim try to walk there, no cab.
  17. i am on both. fb do a lot more. twitter- only follow tbbt cast.
  18. mjc45


    she will keep fans updated on fb,tweeter. i did see that same post.
  19. YES, it was a great story. i like the behind the scenes stuff it's great.
  20. it was great,have watch it more than once. it will be upgraded as the more seasons are added.
  21. the end was great also. a sad leonard did not see it comming got a jolt.
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