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  1. here is one:in (s4e2 cruciferous veg.) she has to pay leonard $1400 for rent,gas,food. then asked -howard and raj to buy her underwear to pay back. she has money problems-that was my though for them to move in. (s5e23 launch acc.) when he talk to penny in the bedroom.
  2. That's exactly the reaction the marketing department of TBBT was hoping for! Anybody here believes the actress is doing her own tweets? Whoever chose that word - "emotional" - knew very well what they were doing. Good job! She does her own tweets, but she is not above getting scripted advice. Check some of her interviews, like the one about dating a hoarder, and you can see she has things written for her sometimes. i like mayim tweets,facebook you can see she will updates what she is doing right a way. unlike kaley somtimes you have to wait for them.
  3. it is mystery, will see it in the last season. but also like sydnc choice- to bad i did not come up with it.
  4. yes, thank you jim, you are doing great job. living in n.y. i feel like i am there.
  5. sounds like a good choice. the beta test must have worked very well. thanks--hope everyone will do the same.
  6. i like the theater part also, was moving to every seat.
  7. mjc45

    new guy here

    hi-welcome to the forum.
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    very cool:icon_cool:
  9. Second scene described: Third scene described (the final scene, I guess?): Feel free to post if you find any more spoilers. hi-- is the first scene, second part of it in the right order. (like cbolt) amy part sounds wrong. could be flip-flop. thanks
  10. the beta test is going well, (penny said it was running smoothly). leonard says- want to move in together.
  11. hi alien94--i like the eye to, i do not know how mellow you are?
  12. bath item gift hypothesis: penny gives sheldon the napkin sign by nimoy. 2nd-adhesive duck deficiency. sheldon helps penny to the hospital.
  13. do not read in 2 it. lol oh I know, i just wanna see Raj's face when she holds his hand do not give clues on the spoilers?, people do not like that!!! something to think about for next time.
  14. the best part of the show is a little "spillage". to bad the other girls,"like penny". she has matured since the first season.
  15. @netmouse-i do not to be mean. that was so funny i all most fell off my chair i could not stop laughing, match sandwich. thanks.
  16. how can you vote (yes) to the original 5 alone. it stop when bernadette and amy came on the show. every few shows raj gets to test out a girl-friend.
  17. add a vote for the bare naked ladies. like kyzzx- i get pumped up by the song.
  18. mjc45

    the moms

    i have your back! will not see her a lot, she as her tv show on c.b.s.=good wife. like season #5 opener had to tape it, for the show.
  19. pregnant- no!!!. they are in the beta test, moving slow. last rime they were in bed to have sex was season#3.
  20. that is what kaley tweeted? the emotion of the third scene. it will look great on tv. h/b:icon_cry:
  21. you can cross me off your list. LOVE COUNTRY.
  22. very much agree. i thought bernadette:icon_lol: was great in the first one, hope the wedding does go on.(not season#6).
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