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  1. the person at the tapping said-(lennys)that they were very cute, and that they were nice to each other. lets hope it play out better than the report.
  2. well not the first time that sheldon has face the jealousy, pick a season. all most from the start (dr. gablehauser his boss ) did not respect him for the job. poor howard, he must not be a star, did not sheldon make drunk calls to hawking. but that is ok, it was sheldon being sheldon.
  3. raj opened his mouth and issabella burn him, would like emily to come back. sheldon wants a baby?, long way from being messy, and want to use penny omaha hips
  4. they are still in the lab, it was priceless
  5. both main ship couples had there A games, with the languages, sweet bedroom talk, sex dungeon. like to see the "old" howard come out to play. well done grade a+, laugh a lot
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