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  1. i think is was pre-tape, would not do it live.
  2. or how about he wants a baby. the writers do not know if the end is near.
  3. have some good laughs. love me some howardette, so cute. howard is so worried about being a good father. a drunk sheldon is the best.
  4. the opening in 10x7 howard and raj are not singing thor, dr. jones for fwf.
  5. even i saw it, can not wait to see it again
  6. i hope i did not up set all with the break-up talk. i would say if leonard did not tell sheldon about the lie what could have happend, he knew amy was hiding some thing from him. even i am not the biggest fan, try to give a fare review of what i saw.
  7. thanks, did not want to ask the ladies around me. why i pick to go to the taping, it was 9 months(feb.to nov.) bernie was going to give birth, but not in big bang months
  8. i would not say permanent yet. it has penny doing leonards room to her liking (girl stuff). we have not see amy or sheldon do any thing in her apartment to make change.
  9. imo- the la or experiment is not done. only penny fixed leonards room four her self, shamy has done anything yet.
  10. (bts) take for what it is worth. when johnny ,kaley came up to talk with the fans. kaley said hope to get 2 more years, all the other times, she we would stay if you (fans) want to have us. it look like money is a big part ,if they want more years
  11. i would love to say, drawing a blank, could say it was sexy.
  12. they had a lot air time., raj was other plot about the cleaning woman. other had little pieces. i would say both, witch would have led to the break-up. they is why leonard told him about amys lie, sheldon felt amy was hidding some think from him.
  13. she has a older son,(19) raj did not look happy about that. but they are going out on dinner date.
  14. in 10x8 bernie had only one scene with shamy, she said the baby face is down. (ladies help) yes it was in the opening. howard and raj were playing background the the show(new place)
  15. they are going on a dinner date. he was flirting hard to get her to go out with him.
  16. hi everyone--- called dibs on"lenny after dark" in 10x7 in leonards room he was chain up on the wall in (boxers?), penny was a sex kettin ready to spank him in was great ,then sheldon walk in it was he dream. there was not a lot of them in both esp. but looking team, with some back and forth.
  17. hi- here is a little take 10x7- like all of y, did not amy lying about the apr. was done. a break -up was comming, sheldon was upset what amy did. both s/l and p/a used the language to talk was funny wait to y see it we were all laughing hard. 10x8--- all shamy start to finished. the rose petals was sweet. we did not see them until they did the scene. to me sheldon was trying to hard, he even asked amy was she playing hard to get. hate to say but sheldon wanted her bad. thanks
  18. i agree with you , but that is what she told the all stand by people, look like some left. i bet over 100 guaranted got in.
  19. i was at the 10/25 taping----the lady in charge said could not tell how many stand by's get in. the first 2 shows of the season no one got in. i say maybe 5-10 got in on my show. i was #63 for guaranted, and there was more behind me,plus 3 row of vip's take up more seats. if you have a stand by get there early.
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    welcome collen, to the forum.
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