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  1. thank you to all shamys, I am in Burbank for the taping of the show.
  2. like sram said--not the hot girl next door, but a sexy wife. yes, I am in Burbank now.
  3. hope to get some hofstadter goodness time from the taping.
  4. was good, not great. loved to see bernie bump. best was raj, and stuart in the hot tub. sheldon was ready to run, because of bathroom schedule did not fit him.
  5. the time we saw bernie parents was after howard did marriage proposal to her. sheldon, amy are still boy/girl friend. could be reason. look we get to see mrs. flower before any of penny family members.(supporting over main cast)
  6. very funny, great show, vg+ glad to see cinnamon is well, and in bed with is master. like how h/b keep calling raj about the baby sex, glad he did not say anythink, or "run fast to india". l/p dancing , then cheer went they were a lone. sheldon grew a pair. 2 years ago did not want to leave the apparment when leonard ask that penny and him could stay there, sheldon go to 4b. he did it "for science".
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