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  1. new taping dates for january. 1/10/17, 1/17/17, 1/31/17
  2. not waiting for the weekend, my fantasy is starting now
  3. me too, was it from season#7 howard sing to bernie at the hospital.(romance resonance).
  4. fashion show week , great start
  5. @jenafan i have be to 10 taping with 11 comming up. never had to sign anything about the show, it is there choice to tell. like jonny said they could pre-tape,-- like went sheldon talk with mary about the ring, laurie was not there at the taping they did it latter.
  6. like the episode. loved melissa from a bad ass last week, to show her valuable side this week, love the story line. sheldon is so smart, not named hawking. he could do not the math, just like season 5 he fainted. amy is cool because bert said so, did he not trying hitting on amy to get a date with her in season 7. so the next couple of weeks it will be "team shamy"
  7. welcome to the forum, kazzie
  8. 38, 717 that is ok, it looked like it was to fast.
  9. @walnutcowboy , @KT1972-- are you both off. 38, 710
  10. enjoy it , fun at times. sheldon at his best with the reactions to the general talking, you had to know he would speak up. love the girls time, each trying to help bernie out
  11. @luminous, so perfect. penny thinking about the future with leonard. then took a wild ride to get marry, with mixed results. great setting in the park with all there friends, and family. both of them smiling at each other all the time.
  12. yani, welcome to the forum.
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