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  1. well clearly the people here in the north east of england take a very different view to social encounters i havent heard one word in The Big Bang theory that i would even come close to thinking was taboo. All insults and joking aside Some of you really need to lighten up.
  2. so its either majority prudes or majority fascists you arnt making a very good case for yourselves here what is wrong with you people *Oh my god DO NOT MENTION SEX* get a grip....
  3. First of all hello Big Bang Theory forum. Now that the hello is out of the way. I thought this episode was great Sheldons antics impressed as they usually do however Walowitz's part in this episode i thought was sublime and he did it masterfully. Starting to feel sorry for Raj now he seems to pushed out now more in favour of walowitz's girlfriend and amy the latter of which i think is a very weak character Penny was as always very good and again pleasing on the eye i do love penny she is very easy to watch Now i am a long time reader but first time poster but i cant stay silent about the growing trend of behavior on this forum and feel i need to voice my concerns so they are below i hope the majority of you find it constructive Is everyone on this forum homophobic? are you all church going die hard christian fundamentalists or something? I cant beleave the sheer number of "Inapropriate" lesbian remark, remarks on this board Please answer this for me what about them exactly is inapropriate? Can I assume that you feel the same way about similar Hetrosexual comments? I mean what is going on in this forum? *Knock*Knock* this is the 21st century calling. I think that your behavior is nothing short of disgusting shame on all of you! Personaly I don't find amy's remarks about penny half as funy as the writers seem to do but only because they are "not funy" and not because they are homosexual Where as the feeling from most of you people clearly is the opposite or both. If it makes you uncomfortable don't watch it and if you must watch then dont come on to the internet afterwards and spread your dogmatic, archaic and Fascist opinions keep them to yourself which insidently is where they belong in a dark putrid container. Enough Said. PS i am sorry for my poor spelling and grammer but english is not my first launguage PPS im a hetrosexual 26 year old man
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