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  1. Thats going to be hard seeing as there in Penny's purse and have been for years
  2. If any of Leonard's ex's are to return then let it be Priya, firstly to remind Penny that he can do better which he can. And secondly to once more destroy Sheldon's roommate agreement, his pride and joy above his own work no less.
  3. What Leonard needs isn't to end up with someone just like his mother, Amy, not saying that ending up with Penny would be any better or worse. Bring back Priya!!! She was hot and put Sheldon, Penny and Amy all in their rightful place's. She was beautiful and successful something they all lacked. As for Penny ending up with Sheldon, unlikey, because you know thats what Penny is hoping for in a relationship no passion, no kissing and to quote Sheldon no coitus.
  4. Yeah the lesbain comments seem a bit old now, but people seem to enjoy the gay banter between Raj and Howard so is there any real difference Focus on Howard and Bernadette relationship seems ok, not that it should dominate the show As for Leonard and Penny's unstable relationship, that ain't gonna change any time soon. According to the writers that is.
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