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  1. I don't agree with the OP re Penny and Sheldon (at least as things stand with the characters at this time), but I do share his/her dislike of Leonard, and for the same reasons as he/she stated (although I might not have worded it so strongly). Let's face it, different strokes for different folks. I can accept that some like Leonard and think Sheldon's a jerk, so why can't others accept that some of us think just the opposite? As for L/P, I was OK with it the first time around (even if I wasn't interested in it), but this 2nd time around is causing me to lose interest in the show, too.
  2. Leonard (surprisingly, because he's my least favorite main guy on the show) -- too nerdy to be comfortable with "regular" folk, and too "regular" to embrace his nerdiness.
  3. I certainly see the potential for Sheldon and Penny. And I do think "opposites attract" often applies in human relationships and that Sheldon and Penny have a lot of common or complimentary ground. But ... I do agree the writers would have some work to do if they ever decided to go there. The general audience could never buy them going from 0 to 60 overnight.
  4. Sheldon's mom, Mary Cooper, FTW!!
  5. My favorite "human" Sheldon moment was the scene with him and Penny sitting on the sofa, where he's coaching her through Age of Conan for the first time. He's sitting sideways, with a foot pulled up, leaning close over Penny's shoulder, and right as Leonard walks in the apartment, he's so into it that he's sporting a real, natural, full-on smile. It's about as non-robotic as I've ever seen him.
  6. Except when the dancing around each other gets dragged out so long that it starts begging belief and then it ends up just looking like the writers don't want to go where the story is naturally taking them and prefer to tease the audience beyond their tolerance ... which also can kill the show. Exhibit A: Mulder & Scully (X-Files) I'm not saying that I think Sheldon and Penny are dancing around each other that way at the moment. I don't think either of them thinks of the other in even a remotely romantic way right now. But ... I do think the foundation is there if the writers were ever to decide to go (slowly) down that road.
  7. I agree he seems to have more of a phobia for germs, which would lead one to avoid physical contact, but not that he has a phobia about touch per se. With a true phobia, he would freak out more, not just be super annoyed or uncomfortable when he touches someone. But he was able to help Penny get dressed in the ADD, and he hugs his mother and sister (although somewhat unwillingly). Sheldon probably hasn't had much opportunity to BE touched, outside of family. So he's not at all used to it, and don't many of us tend to avoid things we aren't used to?
  8. Ah, but I think those failures (and many, many others) are entirely the fault of the writers' inability to write for a relationship. They almost always seem to think, "Now that we've hooked A and B up together, we have to make the show all about them!" when the relationship should remain in the background. The only time I've seen 2 main characters brought together in a meaningful way that actually ADDED to the story was John & Aeryn on Farscape. Seriously the Best. TV. Couple. Ever. There was a lot of debate in fandom at the time about whether they should/should not ultimately get together, but when they finally did, it was awesome -- they both remained true to their characters and the "relationship" did not take over the story.
  9. I agree -- which is why I find him more sympathetic as a character. He desperately *wants* to connect (anyone who goes to the trouble of keeping a log of daily social interactions is certainly trying), but he has absolutely no clue how and probably realizes that he never will. I find that incredibly sad.
  10. See, I don't know as we can say that. We know Sheldon *says* he doesn't want or value human relationships, but his actions don't back that up. Remember his behavior this season when Leonard revoked the Roommate Agreement? He missed his friend. Remember how hurt he was that it was his *best friend* Leonard who betrayed him in Alaska? He would have been angry and embarrassed if it had been just Howard and Raj, but the fact that it was Leonard hurt. Rememer how he sought out Penny's company after her breakup with Leonard and was afraid he'd loose her friendship? I think Sheldon just reacted differently to the rejection of others as a child -- perhaps due to his particular family or local community circumstances, perhaps due to inherent personality traits. Unlike Amy, Sheldon accepted the rejection and turned it outwards -- "I'll reject others before they can reject me." Amy, on the other hand, seems to be more self-aware and takes a more mature approach in that she is willing to keep trying. Does that make any sense??
  11. Penny isn't rude, just emotional. She gets understandably frustrated or angry with someone or with a situation and doesn't always have the ability to think it through right away, so she just reacts with the less-developed part of her brain. Once she gets it out of her system and has time to actually think, she usually comes back and tries to deal with the person/issue in a more rational manner.
  12. While I enjoy a good S/P fanfic, I wouldn't buy them going out together as things stand now. Perhaps if the characters were allowed to change/grow, then someday it would make sense (because I do think they're good for each other). But right now, it would be completely unbelievable on both sides. (Oh, and it is often said that love and hate are just two sides of the same coin; that the opposite of love is not hate, but indifference -- right now, Sheldon and Penny are swing back and forth between the two extremes, with most of their time spent on the "hate" side of the equation. But that spark is what often turns into love over the long term. I can see Penny and Leonard eventually becoming more or less indifferent to each other, but never Penny and Sheldon. Just sayin' ... )
  13. Because to me, Amy doesn't have the same "adorkable" mixture of bluster, cuteness, humor, geekiness and insecurity as Sheldon. Sheldon is awkwardly cute and has a certain flair; Amy (the character, not the actress) is stereotypically plain and ungraceful. I would want to hang out with Sheldon (albeit perhaps in limited amounts :D), but I would rather have a root canal than spend any amount of personal time with Amy.
  14. No, but that's just Sheldon being Sheldon. Your comments suggest you, like the characters on the show, see his behavior as a conscious choice -- he acts like a dick-tator because he wants to -- whereas I don't. I see it as a pretty sad result of growing up with a super-high IQ. All children are "me, me, me" until they start wanting to socialize with others, at which time most learn that others don't respond well to that sort of attitude. From what we've seen so far, Sheldon's interactions as a child with his siblings and other kids his own age were mostly negative. His advanced placement in school also meant that he would have spent most of his time with people who were far more emotionally developed (and some of whom probably shared Sheldon's social awkwardness for the same reasons), and who therefore could not provide the right conditions for developing normal social skills. I guess I sympathize with Sheldon in part because of my own difficulty in social interactions, which I attribute to having started school a year early and then skipping just 1 grade. I can only imagine what being 6 or 7 years ahead would do to you.
  15. I wasn't thinking of Sheldon's criticisms exactly, but rather the peer review that all scientific articles/theories have to go through before being accepted. You put something original out there and then have to defend it against dozens of brilliant minds, many of whom are jealous that they didn't think of it first and all of whom are competing for the same future funding, who try to tear it apart. Sheldon's super-sized ego is tailor-made to withstand the process; Leonard's is not. So, yes, Leonard is doing "all right" as it is, but he is caught in a pretty sad chicken/egg situation, when you think about it. He craves the sort of external validation that would come from original research, yet he's too afraid to pursue it (and probably couldn't handle the fallout, even if he did try it). And then to live with someone like Sheldon whose "beautiful mind" only underscores Leonard's deficiency ... I actually feel sorry for the guy. And while we're on the subject, I feel sorry for Sheldon, too, having a "best friend" like Leonard who seems to take pleasure in Sheldon's failures and even encourages others to mock him. (When you think about it, I'm not sure there's a healthy relationship on the entire show, LOL!)
  16. I agree. But I have to wonder if Leonard has what it takes to do it. Perhaps he sticks to duplicating the work of others because his ego is too fragile to handle peer review and criticism of his ideas and theories?
  17. You mean Stephanie Barnette? Yeah she was nice. Yes, her! I liked her too. Did they ever say why they wrote her off? I wonder if the writers might have thought the relationship was a deadend, comedically speaking, because there really wasn't any conflict there? I actually agree with you on this point. I raised Penny's drinking in another thread and was shot down, but it is a very real problem that I wish they would address on the show instead of just acting like it's normal. I wouldn't exactly call Priya a "bitch" (and I agree that Penny and the others were acting more "bitchily" than she), but she was fairly passive aggressive towards Penny. Exactly right. And Leonard, if he stays on his current path, will end up a needy, clingy, resentful little man who would only end up blaming Penny (or even Priya, if he was to get back with her) for his life's failures. Neither of them is in a place right now where they can have a healthy relationship with anyone, much less each other.
  18. Or Leonard could just continue to develop his friendships while focusing on his work, and eventually make the sort of big breakthrough that would earn him the validation he seeks. And Penny could forget dating for awhile and focus either on going back to school or continuing to develop her Penny Blossoms business, and eventually learn to stand on her own two feet and to value herself other than as the "hot chick" on some guy's arm. THEN, I could probably buy the two of them together.
  19. I can't say as I disagree with you on any of your ideas, except for bringing back Priya. I agree that both Bernadette (whom I love) and Amy (whom I don't) are better in small doses. I also agree that there are plenty of comedic situations that the writers haven't even begun to mine because they've been too focused on the relationship stuff!
  20. Having just discovered the show a couple of months ago, I had no idea that Kaley and Johnny dated IRL! But that could explain why some of us just aren't seeing any spark between Penny & Leonard on screen. I've also heard plenty of actors/directors/producers comment about how no one ever knows when the on-screen chemistry will be there - it's often a crapshoot. It must be frustrating to plan story arcs around a couple, only to have the chemistry fizzle.
  21. Bernadette does have flaws -- for example, she hates children. She also has a dark side that we've only seen very brief glimpses of. She is pretty driven professionally, even at the expense of her personal relationship with Howard. But she's a cool addition, IMO, because she's both smart and beautiful and can hold her own with the guys. Unlike Priya, though, Bernie respects the others' nerdom and doesn't try to distance herself from it, and unlike Amy, she doesn't feel the need to prove that her field of study is somehow more important.
  22. Awww, I love Bernadette. But I agree with you 100% about Amy. Enjoyed her originally, but not now.
  23. I have always had a problem with the idea that you need someone else to "complete" you. Push you to be more? Yes. But pull you towards some sort of baseline? No. Both Leonard and Penny have personal issues stemming from their relationship (or lack thereof) with a parent, and as a result they both crave physical warmth and approval. But it is simply not healthy for them to look to each other to fill that role, to depend on some sort of external validation of their own self-worth. If I am to buy the Leonard/Penny relationship, the writers need to develop them individually, on their own, first, which I agree with cbolt that they haven't done yet. Yes, P/L have changed somewhat since their first trainwreck, but not enough for 2.0 to be healthy, IMHO. And unfortunately, there's nothing the writers can do to address the fact (as I perceive it) that Kaley and Johnny simply don't have that much chemistry on screen together. I am NOT saying that they aren't good actors, just that they don't seem to "click" together. Again, OMMV and obviously does.
  24. I wouldn't call Priya a bitch exactly, but I did see her as a user who had too high an opinion of herself. She tangled with Sheldon because he was the only real threat to her "alpha" status in the group. (By contrast, Penny only yanks Sheldon's chain for fun or to establish reasonable boundaries.) Priya was using Leonard for convenient sex while in LA, tried to make him over cosmetically into someone who wouldn't embarrass her and was condescending to the others. I don't think she ever had any intention of taking the relationship with Leonard anywhere. She also clearly didn't have any respect her brother at all. I'm glad she's gone. But I also don't think Leslie was right for Leonard (or anyone, for that matter). Again, she was just using him for sexual gratification. Always taking, and never giving anything back emotionally. Leonard deserves better. The best girlfriend Leonard's had so far has been the doctor (sorry, her name escapes me for the moment) - intelligent, warm, caring, interested in Leonard for himself.
  25. I don't dislike either character. In fact, I really like Penny, and I like Leonard when he's not trying to be something he's not. BUT, speaking just for myself of course, I really don't like them together -- there's just no chemistry.* I will say that I think the 2.0 seems to be a healthier relationship than what they had the first time around, but still .... no sparks that I can see. *Chemistry = that unquantifiable, unpredictable and almost always unplanned "magic" that happens between 2 actors on screen. It can't be artificially created by the writers - it's either there or it isn't. Penny -- I'd like to see her on her own for awhile. You know, define herself as an individual before jumping into another relationship, be it with Leonard (not my preference) or someone else. Lots of comedy potential to be had from Penny trying all sorts of new jobs/careers on for size. :D Sheldon -- not to take the thread off topic, but Sheldon doesn't need someone just like him (Amy, Dr. Hofstader), but someone more like his own mother who understands him and fills in his gaps. His "human credential," as it were.* *I used to work with a brilliant guy who was a lot like Sheldon once; his wife of 40 years was practically his polar opposite -- warm, funny, down to earth, caring, thoughtful. They were devoted to each other. At one dinner party, he mentioned to the group that he owed all of his professional success to his wife, as she was his "human credential." He knew he lacked almost all social skills, but when people saw that someone as great as his wife loved him, then they would know he couldn't be that bad. (And he really was a nice guy once you looked past his habits and quirks.) I see Sheldon as needing someone like that.
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