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  1. 7.2 The Deception Verification The episode begins as Sheldon and Penny are walking up the staircase to the 4th floor from the ground floor. Sheldon is striking up conversation with Penny by asking her if she knew that there's a possibility that severe weather patterns can actually disturb the Earth's rotation and actually make days longer. Penny coldly replies, "There must be a huge storm somewhere." Sheldon then points out that if all his groceries are in proper condition, and if all of his eggs and other items are perfect, that would be the last time that Penny got to take h
  2. Hello! So, I'm typing up the report now. I asked Tripper and I have permission to post this both here and in the S7 Taping thread, fyi, just in case anyone says 'you should have posted that there or there' - I already asked! Anyway, allow me to type away!
  3. Thank you for the welcome back, Chow! We're going to have a blast. It's been too long!
  4. Oh my god, that picture is sooooo cute!
  5. Omg, lol. I met Kate the other night at the taping and she was soooo sweet. This makes it cuter.
  6. I love what they've done with Leonard. I love so many things about the season but they've done something to his character to nearly make him my favorite. <3 The scene with him with the junior high kids in the classroom was comedy gold. Oh my god.
  7. I voted for both Leonard and Amy. I think Amy, given the chance, could be a good person as well. Leonard seems to work better under that kind of pressure. Leonard's got that we-need-to-go-to-the-hospital thing happening, but is also calm and supportive. Haha.
  8. I think Raj's relationship with Lucy will make me happy if they have to make him work for it, and they currently are. They're placing him with someone who is, let's face it, just as broken (if not more) than he is, and he's going to have to work to gain her trust and he's going to have to be so patient until she's comfortable with him. She didn't even kiss him in the library, although she wanted to. So now he has to deal with a relationship moving slowly in that way.
  9. I like most of these. I think something that was mentioned at Paley Fest (if I can even remember) is that we are obviously LONG overdue for seeing any relatives. Even Raj's parents have not made an appearance in a looooong time. We need some family matters.
  10. I thought the whole thing could have been better. No one really answered that many questions, especially when fans were asking pretty good questions and they were just kinda like, "That's a good question." and no one would say anything. Monique and I met Steve Molaro after the show and he was sooooo nice. Definitely has a Leonard vibe to him. Jim Reynolds and Steve Holland were also super nice.
  11. It's not her voice, it's just her. No me gusta.
  12. I liked Amy's but I'm voting for Leonard. Barely.
  13. I fall in love with Mayim more every week.
  14. Kyzzx

    Never Eat

    They eat a lot between takes, and don't really eat on-screen because it's easy to mess up with food/saliva in your mouth. Plus they don't want the containers to be empty. Kaley and Simon eat more than the others. Kaley off-screen especially. Johnny never eats anything. Lol.
  15. I believe Monique posted that a few pages back. Yes! They showed it. I will tell you and be the first to admit I seem like a grouch when I'm watching television because I do NOT laugh out loud. Hardly ever, even if I think something is funny. I laughed so much at The Contractual Obligation. It's just hilarious. It actually has my favorite Leonard scene OF ALL TIME (when he's talking to the middle school kids, omg, Johnny does such a great job). Then Howard at the end when he's making his way across the room to Bernadette... LOL.
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