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  1. I voted for both Leonard and Amy. I think Amy, given the chance, could be a good person as well. Leonard seems to work better under that kind of pressure. Leonard's got that we-need-to-go-to-the-hospital thing happening, but is also calm and supportive. Haha.

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  2. I think Raj's relationship with Lucy will make me happy if they have to make him work for it, and they currently are.


    They're placing him with someone who is, let's face it, just as broken (if not more) than he is, and he's going to have to work to gain her trust and he's going to have to be so patient until she's comfortable with him. She didn't even kiss him in the library, although she wanted to. So now he has to deal with a relationship moving slowly in that way.

  3. things I´d love to see:


    - Sheldon & Raj working together again on a project (loved them in Season 3!)

    - Sheldon & Amy spending a day together in the park

    - Penny & Leonard having a romantic picnic

    - Penny in a national commercial for shoes

    - Penny in a leading or supporting role in a tv series

    - Sheldon winning a nobel prize one day

    - Shamy moving in together one day

    - Penny & Leonard moving in together one day

    - Sheldon & Leonard should clean Pennys apartment  again *LOL* (but not when she´s sleeping)

    - Leonards older sister should come to visit

    - Missy should come to visit again

    - Pennys mom should come to visit

    - Pennys dad should come again

    - Wil Wheaton can return as often as he wants

    - Penny dancing with Leonard (in a club :D)


    I like most of these.


    I think something that was mentioned at Paley Fest (if I can even remember) is that we are obviously LONG overdue for seeing any relatives. Even Raj's parents have not made an appearance in a looooong time. We need some family matters.

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  4. Just watched paleyfest on hulu. I really enjoyed it.  I'm glad Jim was sitting next to Mayim because she seemed really shy. I loved all the things Jim said and Kunal, Simon, and Melissa.  Mayim didn't talk much at all.  Thought they talked about the flash mob to long.


    For some reason Molaro reminds me of Leonard....


    I thought the whole thing could have been better. No one really answered that many questions, especially when fans were asking pretty good questions and they were just kinda like, "That's a good question." and no one would say anything.


    Monique and I met Steve Molaro after the show and he was sooooo nice. Definitely has a Leonard vibe to him. :) Jim Reynolds and Steve Holland were also super nice.

  5. They eat a lot between takes, and don't really eat on-screen because it's easy to mess up with food/saliva in your mouth. Plus they don't want the containers to be empty. Kaley and Simon eat more than the others. Kaley off-screen especially.


    Johnny never eats anything. Lol.

  6. Did they show the finished previous episode--the Contractual Obligation?


    Oh, and do we know the writers for the new episode?


    I believe Monique posted that a few pages back.


    Yes! They showed it.


    I will tell you and be the first to admit I seem like a grouch when I'm watching television because I do NOT laugh out loud. Hardly ever, even if I think something is funny. I laughed so much at The Contractual Obligation. It's just hilarious.


    It actually has my favorite Leonard scene OF ALL TIME (when he's talking to the middle school kids, omg, Johnny does such a great job). Then Howard at the end when he's making his way across the room to Bernadette... LOL.

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  7. Monique can and might post some teasers or answer general questions, but it was a good episode. No guests and no Lucy, but everyone else has equal screen time and this story was Howard based. It was REALLY well written.

  8. Guys! I just got home (the taping got out late) and it is my turn to post the report BUT THE POWER IS OUT AT MY HOUSE. ): I'm currently sitting in my car charging my phone and typing this from the Tapatalk app. Apparently the power has been out since like 4pm today so someone probably hit something with their car. I feel really bad, but I'm going to type the report on my laptop with whatever battery it has left and then I'll be ready to post it when my internet comes back on... so don't wait up! Because I don't know when that will be. Sorry... ):

  9. Lucy is really cute. You guys will like her. She's proving to be a sweetheart.


    The episode was pretty level with the stories. I didn't feel like one was primary. Maybe the guys going to the school was primary only because it opened up with it, but it cut back to Raj/Lucy a lot.

  10. So Amy doesn't come to Sheldon's rescue like the spoiler said?  I guess if she is with the girls at Disneyland she isn't available to help and get to the school and go over the calculator?   TI posted a spoiler that Amy was to go rescue Sheldon and help teach at the school.


    Well, when the guys are in the class and trying to get the kids interested and asking them questions, Sheldon decides it's not going so well so he calls Amy on the phone and has Bernadette and Amy on speakerphone talking to the class.

    None of the girls were ever at the school, though. There was nothing about a calculator... or whatever.

  11. So how did the girls play into it, Kellee?  I know that Monique will be doing the full report, but we were all trying to figure that out earlier today since we know the boys are at the school and Raj/Lucy at the library.  We were not sure how Amy, Bernie and Penny fit in.


    Basically Raj has the chance to take Lucy on a date, so at first he's asking them where he should take her because she has bad social anxiety.


    During their brainstorming about date ideas, Bernadette suggests Disneyland, and in a moment's time they end up forgetting they're helping Raj and Bernadette, Amy, and Penny all agree they're going to call out of work on that Friday to go to Disneyland.


    When the guys are at the school talking to the class, the girls are at Disneyland. So that all happens on 'Friday.'

  12. Hey, guys! Since Monique and I are now taking turns typing up the reports, she's going to be doing it tonight! It was a GREAT episode. Very well rounded, no drama, and lots of laughs and clever jokes! It's a winner for sure. It's got a scene in it which encompasses one of my top LEONARD moments of all time. I'm excited to see this one when it airs.


    It's called The Contractual Obligation Implementation!



    Lucy is also in this one (Raj's love interest). The interaction between everyone was fantastic. No one could keep it together tonight as well.


    During the cold open, Johnny's saying his first lines and he sits down in his chair in the apartment, and he goes to set a water bottle on the table and sets it on the edge so it fell on the floor. It was funny. He also kept saying incorrect words during his lines, which is always fun when he's like, "I know it! I know it."


    Anyway, she has a longer drive than me, although traffic was stupid tonight for some reason, so I'm not sure if she's even home yet.

  13. You guys make me and Monique feel so special. ;___;



    The part in Streetcar is when Blanche is telling Mitch about her first love and that her shadowy world became illuminated with a 'blinding light.' Very short scene, maybe two minutes.

  14. Seriously, I lost it when Jim just got on the floor and yawned really big, haha.


    It was also cute to watch him dance a little! He's not a dancer, as we know. :p


    I enjoyed Kunal dancing around with Kaley, Melissa, and Mayim to Call Me Maybe. The girls were all into it and you could tell he was jokingly mocking them because of the face he was making. It was comedy gold. Kunal's a funny dude, I like him.

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