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  1. I loved this episode, even though I'm not a fan of Wil Wheaton (on the show). Yeah, Amy was a pain in the ass, but not everyone is perfect all the time. I liked it because it showed her at her 'worst' (as we've seen so far) and that Sheldon is still willing to be on her side and support her. Think about Sheldon four years ago. He would have kicked anyone out in a SECOND that talked to his "friend" or someone he even admired a little bit like that. Then later on in the episode he went to Wil's and made him apologize. He definitely loves her, in whatever silly way he feels that.
  2. Oh, man. I remember her from Roseanne! I wonder if she'll be like how she was on that show or opposite.
  3. I feel bad for them because it's people who don't even really keep up with the show who ask questions. You can tell when a bit of the more dedicated fans ask questions instead of just someone who wants an excuse to "talk to" the actors. I feel the same way when going to tapings. Often times I'm sitting next to or in front of someone who's there with like, their mom... and someone will constantly ask, "Who's that? And that?" and the son will say, "That's Bernadette. She's married to Howard." WHY ARE YOU AT A TAPING WHEN YOU DON'T EVEN WATCH THE SHOW?! Ajhdhflahsdfkjhaklsdhfasd. Sorry, rant over.
  4. I was just thinking the same thing last night! It seems like the ones on TV are catching up with the tapings. They would though, since the tapings are always two in a row, then they take off a week, then do two weeks, then off a week... and there's an episode every Thursday. So they're catching up!
  5. Right?! Don't you agree, though? The first time, the questions were fine, I suppose. But this year when I was there I heard all the questions I've heard before from the YouTube videos. I even like when Kaley got asked, "Are you like your character in real life?" or whatever it was, and she said, "Well. I have neighbors?" and it was definitely 50/50 sarcastic/ trying to be nice. Ha. Tell you what, if I get into the panel, I will ask a good question that you guys come up with! I'll remember to post something next year about it.
  6. I was at the panel this year (2012). Johnny wasn't at the actual Q&A because his flight was delayed, but he was able to be at the BBT booth to sign stuff for whoever had wristbands (which I did not have- I wanted to go to another panel instead of wait for wristbands that I might have not even gotten). Jim was talking via 'virtual presence device' which was really cute. I have to say, though, not that I personally had any questions to ask, but the questions that were asked to the TBBT cast were the WORST and stupidest, most redundant questions I had heard in ANY panel the entire freaking weekend. The cast were cute, though. You posted this at an interesting time. I'm watching season 2 right now and Sheldon JUST told Leonard, "Look on the bright side. Only 9 months til Comic Con." which is weird since... it's 9 months away. Then I see this. I already have my badge for next year and I'm sure they'll be there again.
  7. Main: 1. Sheldon 2. Amy 3. Leonard 4. Howard 5. Stuart 6. Penny 7. Raj 8. Bernadette Other: 1. Zack 2. Mary Cooper 3. Kripke 4. Mr. & Mrs. Koothrappali 5. Dr. Gabelhauser 6. Wyatt 7. Mr. Rostenkowski 8. Mrs. Wolowitz 9. Leslie Winkle 10. Beverly Hofstadter 11. Wil Wheaton (cool dude in 'real life' but I don't like TBBT Wil Wheaton at all) 12. Priya That was hard. It was really hard to place Penny since I loved her, then season 5 made me hate her. Now I like her again, so whatever.
  8. "Oh, come on. Not knowing is part of the fun." "'Not knowing is part of the fun.' Was that the motto of your community college?!"
  9. Kyzzx


    "I don't do returns... they're hard." Gosh, he was funny. If he made another appearance I'd be so okay with it.
  10. Until I see more, this is my favorite of the season so far. By far. I can't wait.
  11. Oh my god. I need this in a bigger size, like a nice scan. NEED. Also, he can sure rock that $110 BOW TIE. Seriously, look at the price tag of that outfit. It looks great though, I'm a big fan of the shoes.
  12. For some reason I laughed when I got to the last picture because it's just a nice photo of Kunal, not really of anything else. Hahaha.
  13. Kyzzx

    Season 6 spoilers

    I hated that, too. A moment we've pretty much waited 6 years for and that happens not 30 seconds later.
  14. I saw Seven Psychopaths last week. Tell you what, I thought it was amazing and loved it. One of my favorites of the year. Dark, but funny. Great script, GREAT cast (Sam Rockwell, omg) and just... it was a good story. It tugged on my heart in some scenes! That's always unexpected... Saw Wreck-it Ralph last night. I wish I could say I 'loved it' but I didn't. I really liked what they did with Scott Pilgrim vs. The Word, so I was thinking WIR would be similar. It has solid reviews for what it is, but I felt underwhelmed with the dialogue and they did have some video game references in there, but once Ralph meets the little girl character, then the references just sort of stop. So it had a strong beginning in the gaming references area that just kind of dropped off. It was also pretty long, just a little under 2 hours. Not saying I didn't enjoy it, but I definitely did. The 3D was okay (and I just take advantage of it because I don't pay), but I would tell someone to not pay for 3D. The entire group I was with loved it though, and I really wanted to, but just didn't.
  15. Kyzzx

    Season 6 spoilers

    I do not think they will write in any pregnancies. I've heard the cast say a few times (even Jim) that when you add kids to a show like this/this far in, it means the show needs a boost in ratings and isn't doing well. It's quite the opposite. They don't need it, and I don't like kids so I don't mind that there aren't any. Lol.
  16. So, I decided I don't like that the guys can pretty much just fly anywhere on a whim. Like when Sheldon goes back to Texas and instead of doing what NORMAL people do (calling their friend and trying to rationalize) they just all have the money/time to fly to Texas for one day. That, no... no one does that. Haha.
  17. There are way too many so I'll just mentioned the ones I watched yesterday/the day before. I like when Sheldon goes into the projection booth at the theater and takes all the reels of Indiana Jones. It was a cool breakthrough moment for someone like him. ___ In The Spaghetti Catalyst when Penny opens her door and Sheldon is standing there just looking beat up/dirty and he's holding the hot dog. "I had to trade the others for my life." Lmao. Every time! ___ The Killer Robot Instability... when they're going to fight Kripke's robot and it 'chases' MONTE out of the room and Sheldon runs after and says, "Don't hurt us! Don't hurt us! No, no NONONO!!" and is screaming like he's truly flustered. LOL. ___ "Nooo! I'm Kermit. You're Scooter." "Aw, man, Scooter SUCKS!" "...he's like the Aqua Man of the Muppet babies." ___ When Raj is dating the deaf girl. I like when Raj is explaining the constellations of stars and Howard just translates, "Look, pretty stars." And again when he's webchatting with his dad and says, "I choose love." and his dad replies, "You're an idiot." LOL.
  18. Kyzzx

    Have you ever ..?

    Yes. HYE had food poisoning?
  19. If I'm at home or at a restaurant - water. If I really crave something else, I get the Nestea raspberry tea. It's delicious. Plus that's all I drink at work since we get to take advantage of the soda fountains.
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