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    Season 6 spoilers

    The Monster Isolation Raj is sitting in an empty coffee shop with potential love interest, Lucy. He is talking about himself and where he has studied and that he is an astrophysicist. He stops talking and asks her to talk about herself. She says, "I have to go to the bathroom." and gets up and he says, "I go to the bathroom, too! More frequently than I'd care to admit... but I got it checked out. It's nothing." She excuses herself and he's smiling because he thinks the date is going super well. As he's saying this to himself, you see Lucy outside, walking away. Sheldon is in his apartment sitting on the couch in front of his "Fun With Flags" whiteboard. You hear the classic (can I call it that now?), "Hello. I'm Dr. Sheldon Cooper. This is Dr. Sheldon Cooper presents: Fun with Flags. I'm sorry this is going up so late. I did tape an episode last week, but my roommate said that my portrayal of George Washington Carver was so spot-on that it was inherently racist." He goes on to say it's a very special episode because his guest 'star' is someone who's his friend, neighbor, and flag virgin - "But not real virgin. She's had coitus many times. Penny." and she sits down and says hello to the camera. He asks her if she's ready to learn about flags and she says, "Oh, yeah, you know I can't tell you how many times I've been at a party and people start talking about flags and I just can't join in." and he says, "Well, you've come to the right place." Penny asks if he can pause the camera for a second and he does. She mentions that in her acting class they've been learning a lot about body language and she asks if she can give him some suggestions. She says when he's hunched over, he's shutting the audience out. Sitting up straight with your chest out invites the audience in. He says, "Ohhh, right. Which one do I want?" and she replies, "Let's try open." They start again, and he leans back VERY awkardly on the couch (this is something done in such a fashion that you're just gonna have to wait until you see it to understand - it's up there with the, "there, there, Sheldon's here" in Adhesive Duck). She says, "Um, well, I'm from Nebraska. What can you tell me about the state flag?" He holds up Nebraska's flag and says, "Nebraska's flag is a blue flag with the state seal on it." There's a pause and a silence, and as he's holding up the flag for the camera, he spreads his legs so you just get this open view of his crotch, LOL. Penny is just staring at the camera and Sheldon says, "Come on, Penny, open your legs. Invite them in." LOLOLOLOL. The next day, Sheldon is video chatting with Amy, who is at work in the lab working with her monkeys whilst on their nicotine addiction study schedule. They have them down to 1 cigarette a day. You hear crazy monkey sounds in the background and Amy periodically yells back at the monkey. He mentions that the new episode of Fun with Flags is up, and he mentions that Penny helped him a lot with his body language and he shows Amy by putting his arms in the air. She says it's impressive and that he should go over and tell Penny that she did a nice job. He agrees and goes over as Amy is yelling at him through the screen saying, "NO! NOT RIGHT NOW! COME BACK!" As he's about to knock on the door, Penny opens it. She says hi and asks what's wrong. He's like, "Um..." and she says, "Do I need to shut the door so you can do your knocking thing?" and he says, "Um... no, I didn't start, so it's okay." and she asks what's up. He says, "I just wanted to let you know-" (he taps the open door) *knock knock knock* "Penny. That the answer to the person that did a good job-" *knock knock knock* "Penny. Was you." *knock knock knock* "Penny." She says, "Wait, really?" and he replies, "Well, yes. I found your suggestions very helpful." and she says, "Aw, sweetie. You just made my day." He looks at her and cutely says, "Okay." and quickly turns around to walk back to his apartment. Penny says, "You know, my acting class is putting on a play on Friday night. If you want I can put you and Amy on the guest list!" He says, "Oh, that sounds terrible, why would I want to do that?" and sits back down in his chair and tells Amy that he dodged a bullet for them. Amy says it's not cool and that he needs to go apologize and tell her that they'll go to the play (as she's still fighting with the monkey). He gets back up and goes over and knocks three times. "Much better." She answers the door and he says he'll go to the play. She says she doesn't even want him to go now, even though he's saying he's obligated. She says he should go because he wants to, not because he has to. So he says, "What if I want to have to?" and this goes on for a moment. She eventually tells him to just go and he says, "Well I don't WANT to, but at least that makes sense." Bernadette, Howard, and Leonard are standing outside Raj's apartment door. They yell inside and he yells back. Howard is surprised he's alive. Raj is like, "Just because I stopped going to work and answering my phone, you think something bad happened?! What if something good happened?" Bernadette asks, "Did something good happen?" and he says, "NO! Are you kidding? NOTHING GOOD EVER HAPPENS TO ME." He opens the door and his hair is a mess, he hasn't shaved, is wearing a white shirt with holes and stains (very Queen Penelope playing Conan the Barbarian style) and Leonard is like, "Woah." Raj explains that this girl ditched him on their date and he vows to never leave the apartment again, while mentioning he was able to order live lobsters on Amazon. Raj goes into his room and the other three leave to go to Red Lobster. Sheldon, Leonard, and Howard are at the comic book store and Sheldon asks if Raj is still a part of their social circle because he hasn't seen him in days and he says, "If not, should we be interviewing to find a replacement for him?" followed by EITHER, "Like an ad on Craigslist India." or, "This time we should try for Latin." Lucy walks in and asks Stuart if he remembers her from the other night. He says, "Oh, yeah, you left with Raj, and Howard says, "So you're the one! Let me tell you something, that guy is my best friend, and he's devastated." She says sorry and hands him a note and asks him if he can deliver it. She walks away awkwardly. Howard goes back to Raj's apartment and now Raj is just in his underwear and a plastic bib because he's eating lobster with his bare hands in his messy livingroom. Howard begs him to put pants on by suggesting they have a pants party. Raj says he wants nothing to do with Lucy and that he's going to become a monk. He tells Howard to leave and to take Lucy's number with him because he doesn't want to be tempted. Howard thanks Raj for ruining the idea of lobster for him and walks out. As Howard is walking to his scooter or just walking home on the street, you hear Raj running to catch him, wearing nothing but his grandma underwear and his plastic bib. He says he wants the number so Howard gives it to him and Raj walks back confidently. Amy, Leonard, and Sheldon are in the apartment getting ready to go to Penny's play. Leonard asks Sheldon to empty his pockets. He says, "The Nintendo DS." Sheldon pulls out a DS from his pocket. "And the PSP." He pulls out a PSP. "Now the Gameboy." and Sheldon's like, "Aw, drat!" and hands it to him. Leonard asks, "Anything else?" and Sheldon stands facing away from the camera and you can tell he's reaching down his pants. He pulls out a Rubik's Cube. Leonard's face encompasses not only horror but confusion. He says, "Just set it down." Someone mentions the name of the play (A Streetcar Named Desire) and Sheldon says, "It's about streetcars?! Well, I'm not gonna need this." and he pulls out an oversized Etch-a-Sketch and hands it to Leonard and walks out the door. They all leave. Then they're at the play and Penny is doing VERY well. Like, Kaley did amazing. All Amy, Sheldon, and Leonard can do is comment on how remarkable she is. Genuine compliments from all. Around this time, Lucy is showing up at Raj's apartment because we assume he called her. He answers and she says sorry about leaving him at the coffee shop and that it wasn't cool, then she tries to leave. He asks her to wait and then asks her what went wrong. She says, "It's nothing you did. It's me. I have trouble handling social situations." Raj asks her why she was at the comic book store and she says, "I saw the flyer and made myself do it. I'm trying to do things that are getting me out of my comfort zone." So he asks her out again and she says, "No, you don't wanna do that. I'm broken." and he's like, "No! No! I'm broken, too! Without this beer, I wouldn't be able to even TALK to you. Seriously. I have so many issues. Like, diagnosable, REAL mental problems. So many problems." It's making her smile and she says, "How do I know you're not just saying that?" and he replies, "Go on one date with me, and I'll show you." She agrees and walks off. Back in Leonard and Sheldon's apartment, everyone is there (Amy, Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Howard, Bernie, Raj) and Sheldon is announcing that he and Penny are doing a reenactment of the famous play, but now it's called, "A Streetcar Named Desire. And Other Streetcars." This is where Jim removes his jacket and all he's wearing is a white tank/wifebeater. Penny walks out from the hallway and they reenact a scene for about 30 seconds before Leonard gets bored and starts using the Etch-a-Sketch. The tag scene is weird, actually, because they spent a good 30-40 minutes changing it and recording LOTS of different bits and I honestly don't even have the slightest idea of what they're going to use on-screen for this section. It seemed all jumbled and out of order. It's probably just going to be Penny and Sheldon reenacting the scene with a crazy science-filled script clearly written by him and maybe a pan of all the faces of everyone else. Then it's the end of the episode. I also feel like I'm forgetting a playback, maybe. Monique might remember, but I think that's it.
  2. Kyzzx

    Season 6 spoilers

    I'm home. I'll get to typing up the report now.
  3. Kyzzx

    Season 6 spoilers

    I swear, I'm going to nuke the server room at tvtickets. They KNOW it's terrible yet but they'll never fix it. Not that most people do this every week, but seriously, no one has the time to sit down for an hour in the morning hitting "refresh" because it can't handle the load, which really isn't a lot. It's no YouTube or Facebook, it's potentially a couple thousand people trying to load a simple webpage at once. Oh my god. Okay, I'm done ranting about this.
  4. What's up with the Skee-Lo song from the 90s?! Haha. I like it.
  5. Kyzzx

    Season 6 spoilers

    Not to be a weirdo, but I've ALWAYS wondered this.
  6. Kyzzx

    Season 6 spoilers

    You guys are sooo nice and appreciative. ;__; /happy feels And Monique and I have just decided we're going to, from this point, do a turns system. Yay!
  7. Even if I don't post, I'll log in and read a few things. It evens out between a couple times a week and every day.
  8. Kyzzx

    Have you ever ..?

    No! We don't get ice/snow where I live. Although I did drive up to the mountains a couple years ago and I attempted to sled down this hill and I hit a chunk of ice close to the top and just tumbled down the side of this mountain, like, 80 feet. There's a video of it, lol. HYE unintentionally worn two different shoes?
  9. Kyzzx

    Season 6 spoilers

    Oh my goodness, guys. The votes are skewed for keeping opinions in! Good to know. <3
  10. I mean, I like Alec Baldwin, but are all those awards necessary? I also LOVE Modern Family. It is a funny show, but I don't think it deserves the 500+ plus awards it has.
  11. Kyzzx

    Season 6 spoilers

    I want to say this first and foremost: I am not offended for you pointing this out, but I'd also like to point out something. You can compare my last 13 or 14 reports to episodes that have aired, and all I do is report exactly what I see. Sometimes I even write down dialogue and notes in a notepad I bring with me for accuracy. I clearly was stating my opinion that I thought it was a good moment for Sheldon - it showed personal growth. My thoughts (which were prefaced with "my thoughts") are in a SEPARATE post underneath it. I don't put what I'm feeling with what I report, unless I'm very confident I had the same reaction as the rest of the 236 people in the audience at the given time. I think that's one of the few I actually posted thoughts on, but I try not to do it any more because I don't want people to think it will be bad or good. I made that mistake with The Santa Simulation by saying I didn't like it, so I guess if I'm writing up reports (which I like doing) then I just have to nix posting my thoughts on it.
  12. I guess he could have rejected her for the sake of his friendship with Howard, but it goes two ways. Dr. Stephanie was all over Leonard and it wasn't necessarily his intention in the first place to get with her. But yeah, I agree, nix the alcohol.
  13. Okay, okay... WHAT?! You're kidding me. Up until now I was fine with TBBT not winning things (as in: I was able to justify it) but this really gets me! They're getting seriously robbed. Wtf. Also, Kaley's hair. What. Just. What? Edit: my 1000th post is full of angst!
  14. Kyzzx

    Season 6 spoilers

    Medieval Times was alright the one time that I went. I liked the show, but the food wasn't really my thing.
  15. It would look good on you! I actually picked Leonard's, I think. Haha.
  16. I actually kind of like it. I thought it would be really terrible. I was iffy until I saw when they were picking teams and the girl who didn't get picked at the end ended up being the one in charge. I thought that was a cool 'twist.'
  17. I understand why people and critics didn't like Prometheus, but I liked it, too! The only problems I had were not even with the actual story, but just because the characters made really stupid decisions throughout the film. I thought it was absolutely gorgeous in 3D, since it was filmed for it. I enjoyed it!
  18. This is going to sound weird, but even before Inglourious Basterds came out on DVD, I was sitting at a coffee shop with my friends and this guy came through with a bunch of bootlegs. I actually bought it for $1, thinking it wouldn't even work, and to this day, nothing has been able to top the picture. It is, quite literally, the HIGHEST quality file I own on any medium. It looks better than my friend's actual BluRay copy. I've watched it on my PS3 on the 72" in my livingroom and it's crystal clear. It's like... real life. I have no idea where that guy got a hold of a file like that, but it blows people away when I show them.
  19. My close friend has worked with Leonard Nimoy on several different occasions. Leonard Nimoy was on an episode of TBBT, obviously (FUN FACT! Monique and I were actually at that same taping for The Transporter Malfunction, but we hadn't met yet, lol). Soooo, two, I guess.
  20. We've seen all sides of Raj's personality throughout the show. If the argument is that Alex isn't a good fit because she's sometimes nice OR sometimes a bitch - then I'd have to say that's not a good one. We've seen Raj do some VERY nice and VERY bad things. There was a time where Raj would get with a girl even if she was dating his friend. He was going to sleep with Penny. I think he was one of the top contenders (if not the winner) in a thread where we were all voting who was the most untrustworthy character in the show (or we were voting for most trustworthy, and he lost). But we've also seen him bring characters together and at times is more sweet and down-to-Earth than the others. I think they'd complement each other very well, personality wise. They both have that entire nice-to-bitch spectrum thing happening. Sometime's he's a sweetie, but that guy can get snarky. I don't know how they'd make it work, but it'll probably end up being like Raj's dog. We'd see her once or twice and any mention of her would just be that, a mention. Or just sporadically like Stuart.
  21. Heck, I'm in love with Mayim. No shaaaame.
  22. I agree, I really like him. Perhaps the guys get into a situation where they can't get in contact with the girls and they need Zack for something. Nothing is coming to mind right now, but it would be funny to have the "dumb guy" come to their rescue.
  23. This made me laugh really hard. In a good way.
  24. Emergency contact? That sounds VERY touching and sweet. How many emergency contacts do you guys have in your life? Your parents? And your spouse, IF you have one? That's a huge deal, really. At least I think so. How cute.
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