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  1. I swear, I'm going to nuke the server room at tvtickets. They KNOW it's terrible yet but they'll never fix it. Not that most people do this every week, but seriously, no one has the time to sit down for an hour in the morning hitting "refresh" because it can't handle the load, which really isn't a lot. It's no YouTube or Facebook, it's potentially a couple thousand people trying to load a simple webpage at once. Oh my god.


    Okay, I'm done ranting about this.

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  2. No! We don't get ice/snow where I live. Although I did drive up to the mountains a couple years ago and I attempted to sled down this hill and I hit a chunk of ice close to the top and just tumbled down the side of this mountain, like, 80 feet. There's a video of it, lol.



    HYE unintentionally worn two different shoes?

  3. One thing I've noticed is that the reports don't always match up with the episodes. This is not the fault of the people reporting them, but because unless you're Sheldon or happen to have snuck a recording device into the taping, people make natural mistakes. Some times people take these inadvertent  errors and base their opinions on them.

    For instance for episode 12 "The Egg Salad Equivalency" KYZZX wrote:

    "I also liked that Sheldon was a definite badass. He pretty much saved his friends from being in trouble with HR at the end."

    I don't know where that came from because Sheldon (and presumably the others) had to take online sexual harassment seminar. This is even stranger because KYZZX wrote the report in the first place. My conclusion is that people are putting their own spin on the facts (ie. KYZZX likes Sheldon so Sheldon saved the day). I'm not saying this was done on purpose or to be deceptive. I only mention it because so many people make the reports the basis of their feelings about the episode before hand and afterwords there's no analysis of what really happened.

    Sorry about the rant. I've been watching old episodes and one thing led to another. I hope I didn't offend anyone, that wasn't my intent.


    I want to say this first and foremost: I am not offended for you pointing this out, but I'd also like to point out something.


    You can compare my last 13 or 14 reports to episodes that have aired, and all I do is report exactly what I see. Sometimes I even write down dialogue and notes in a notepad I bring with me for accuracy.


    I clearly was stating my opinion that I thought it was a good moment for Sheldon - it showed personal growth. My thoughts (which were prefaced with "my thoughts") are in a SEPARATE post underneath it. I don't put what I'm feeling with what I report, unless I'm very confident I had the same reaction as the rest of the 236 people in the audience at the given time.


    I think that's one of the few I actually posted thoughts on, but I try not to do it any more because I don't want people to think it will be bad or good. I made that mistake with The Santa Simulation by saying I didn't like it, so I guess if I'm writing up reports (which I like doing) then I just have to nix posting my thoughts on it.

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  4. I think leonard did worse than Raj by taking dr stephanie from howard and not even being regretful about it, I don't think that Raj necessarily needs to have a girlfriend but at least do something for him where he can speak to women without alcohol


    I guess he could have rejected her for the sake of his friendship with Howard, but it goes two ways.

    Dr. Stephanie was all over Leonard and it wasn't necessarily his intention in the first place to get with her.


    But yeah, I agree, nix the alcohol.

  5. Okay, okay... WHAT?!


    You're kidding me. Up until now I was fine with TBBT not winning things (as in: I was able to justify it) but this really gets me! They're getting seriously robbed.




    Also, Kaley's hair. What. Just. What?




    Edit: my 1000th post is full of angst!

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  6. I actually kind of like it. I thought it would be really terrible. I was iffy until I saw when they were picking teams and the girl who didn't get picked at the end ended up being the one in charge. I thought that was a cool 'twist.'

  7. I understand why people and critics didn't like Prometheus, but I liked it, too! The only problems I had were not even with the actual story, but just because the characters made really stupid decisions throughout the film.


    I thought it was absolutely gorgeous in 3D, since it was filmed for it. I enjoyed it!

  8. This is going to sound weird, but even before Inglourious Basterds came out on DVD, I was sitting at a coffee shop with my friends and this guy came through with a bunch of bootlegs. I actually bought it for $1, thinking it wouldn't even work, and to this day, nothing has been able to top the picture. It is, quite literally, the HIGHEST quality file I own on any medium. It looks better than my friend's actual BluRay copy. I've watched it on my PS3 on the 72" in my livingroom and it's crystal clear. It's like... real life.


    I have no idea where that guy got a hold of a file like that, but it blows people away when I show them.

  9. My close friend has worked with Leonard Nimoy on several different occasions. Leonard Nimoy was on an episode of TBBT, obviously (FUN FACT! Monique and I were actually at that same taping for The Transporter Malfunction, but we hadn't met yet, lol).


    Soooo, two, I guess.

  10. We've seen all sides of Raj's personality throughout the show. If the argument is that Alex isn't a good fit because she's sometimes nice OR sometimes a bitch - then I'd have to say that's not a good one. We've seen Raj do some VERY nice and VERY bad things.


    There was a time where Raj would get with a girl even if she was dating his friend. He was going to sleep with Penny. I think he was one of the top contenders (if not the winner) in a thread where we were all voting who was the most untrustworthy character in the show (or we were voting for most trustworthy, and he lost).

    But we've also seen him bring characters together and at times is more sweet and down-to-Earth than the others.


    I think they'd complement each other very well, personality wise. They both have that entire nice-to-bitch spectrum thing happening. Sometime's he's a sweetie, but that guy can get snarky.

    I don't know how they'd make it work, but it'll probably end up being like Raj's dog. We'd see her once or twice and any mention of her would just be that, a mention. Or just sporadically like Stuart.

  11. he was on The Toast Derivation and it had nothing to do with Penny, since Sheldon invited him. He was cool, he was a nice guy and he really wanted to be friends with the guys. I dunno, I really liked him, he was funny-.


    I agree, I really like him. Perhaps the guys get into a situation where they can't get in contact with the girls and they need Zack for something. Nothing is coming to mind right now, but it would be funny to have the "dumb guy" come to their rescue.

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