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  1. Ugh. I hope the 'fighting' is the kind of fighting I think it is, and not that childish crap that was season 5.
  2. Haha, yeah, I'm not going to give out her location, obviously. That's just a guestimate, but probably pretty close.
  3. I drive about 40 miles one way. I'm not that far. Disneyland area. Monique drives, like, shy of 100 miles probably, ONE WAY. I thought I had it bad at ~80 round trip, but she beats me entirely. I also shot her a text but she's probably driving, since she does have to drive all that way home.
  4. Normally I'm the one reporting back! ...but tonight I'm waiting with you guys. THIS SUCKS. Lol.
  5. I agree that there needs to be some serious growth with Penny, but I'd just like to say that in the latest taping, there is NO sign of Penny actually being afraid of commitment. When Leonard says he's moving in, she actually doesn't ever say "no" because she cares about him enough to not want to hurt his feelings by saying the wrong thing about it, because she actually ISN'T opposed to them moving in together. She just says she wasn't ready and he just wishes he'd ask her first. I don't know about anyone else, but imagine dating someone for years that lived right across the hall from you. There'd have to be a pretty damn good reason for me to want to move in with them, especially if there's nothing wrong with the current living arrangement. I found that everyone in the episode handled themselves very maturely compared to what we have seen in the past. Really, the 'bad' thing in the episode was done by Sheldon when he told Amy that it was "Penny's fault" even after he and Penny actually bonded over the fact that they BOTH don't want to move in with their SOs just yet. Sheldon is more scared than Penny, which is to be expected, but I actually thought there was a lot of growth in this episode. * Penny not freaking out about where their relationship is. * Sheldon telling Penny that they should just tell them the truth. * Sheldon not actually telling Amy the truth because he was afraid of hurting her feelings! * Sheldon and Penny bonding over how logical their SOs were when proposing the move-ins (mind you, this is the episode after Sheldon accepts his research is far behind Kripke's, where he displays liking for Amy hugging him, and admitting to Penny of ALL PEOPLE that he might get physical with Amy sometime in the future.) I think it clearly demonstrates that Penny cares (probably was also just curious) about Sheldon as well as Amy, and Sheldon actually opened up to her, and then Penny thanks him because she knows it was hard for him to do. * Sheldon not being able to argue with Amy even though we KNOW him as someone who will argue even if he is totally wrong. I'm happy at the pace this is going, and they're moving more quickly all the time, so we'll see soon enough, I think.
  6. By not reading any replies and just reading the title of the thread... I'd say Penny. Without Penny, there would be no point to the show at all. The story and world of these characters would not exist in the same way had Penny not moved in.
  7. Hahaha! I'm funny once in a while... LOL.
  8. Currently, it doesn't look like it. But I think I can swing it. The guy I email has helped me out many times, so we'll see. It was actually the only instance in which the site was getting so much traffic that I couldn't get tickets. Usually, I don't have a problem. Also, yesh, they did show the Cooper/Kripke episode. It moves very fast! And to everyone saying the episode makes Penny sound like 'season 3' Penny, that's entirely not true. Everyone is VERY adult in this episode. This is mostly why I didn't write it out as a script, because everything will be blown out of proportion until then. I know that you guys will really like the episode when it airs.
  9. Hi, guys! Sorry I didn't do a full report for last week. A few reasons for that: 1) I am feeling poorly. 2) Mostly because the site wasn't letting me log on for days! I could get on the boards on my phone, but wasn't going to type it up on my phone because that's just nonsense... I kept getting an error message. ANYWAY, so you don't have to wait, and because I am sick, here's a shortened version of a report I'd normally do. I know it's the spoiler thread but a lot of this can and WILL be taken out of context because it's just typed word and you do not get to see how the actors are handling the situations, but I can tell you that it's all find in the end. I also have to get up in the morning. So, yeah. A story more than a script format! Here we gooooo. The Spoiler Alert Segmentation Leonard and Sheldon are in their apartment. Leonard is reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on his Kindle (or Nook, couldn't tell). He mentions the fact that the Harry Potter books are so great that he can't believe he put off reading them for so long. Poor Sheldon, trying to make conversation, says, "Oh, that's a good one. Dumbledore dies in that one." Leonard freaks out and asks Sheldon why he would even say something like that. They get into a fight about how the other person finds qualities about them difficult to live with and Sheldon asks Leonard if he's going to throw a hissy-fit. Leonard gets mad and tells him he doesn't want to live there any more because Sheldon is a "crazy bastard." Leonard says he wants to live with Penny instead and walks out the door to go to Penny's. In Howard and Bernie's place, Raj shows up and knocks on the door. Howard opens and Raj has a luggage bag for him. Howard had lent him this luggage bag years ago but needed it back because he and Bernadette are going to a conference/some sort of trip in Vegas because Bernadette made a breakthrough within her office/team. Apparently they had a dandruff shampoo that was giving people bad cases of anal leakage, and it was Bernadette's idea to re-label it to help constipation. Howard tells Raj that he needs to checks on his mom while he's gone, since her dentist boyfriend broke up with her. Raj whines because it's a Saturday night and it would be his partying night, but Howard can see through the fact that Raj probably wouldn't go out and meet a girl like he said he would. Raj says he will visit his mom. In Penny's apartment, Leonard is having a glass of wine and is bitching about how Sheldon is the "most egotistical, insufferable person that [he's] ever met." Penny is at the counter drying dishes and mentions they are a cute couple, jokingly, like Bert and Ernie. They even "teach her about words and numbers." (Lol.) He says he doesn't want to live with Sheldon another minute and she asks where he's going to go. He says, "I was thinking here with you." She is not facing him, but her eyes get wide and she's just staring into the wall. She tells him that she thinks it's fine but she'd be worried about Sheldon. (Mind you, everyone is calm in this situation and not being childish at all.) He mentions that Sheldon has Amy now, and while Penny agrees, she says that she just can't see him doing that because it's not the same. Leonard kind of takes it the wrong way and asks her if she doesn't want to live with him. She says, "No, no, no, I do! It's just a really big step." and Leonard replies that it really makes sense financially and asks if she can think of any reason to not do it. She can't and says, "I got nothin.'" Leonard tells her that he's going to go get some of his stuff and that she needs to clear a shelf off in the bathroom because he takes a lot of medicine. She says, "Some of that better be Xanax." Later on, Raj is at Howard's mom's place, and he's sitting at the dinner table but there's leftover food and two place settings so you know he was actually sitting there eating dinner with her. She is talking to him from the kitchen, and the kitchen door is open and is actually behind Raj. (So if you're looking at it straight on, you can see into the kitchen). She asks if he wants to stay for dessert and he declines but she tells him he's not fat and he's like, no, thank you, I'm going to leave. She asks if he wants stuff to go in a doggie bag and he says that would be nice. THEN FREAKING MRS. WOLOWITZ WALKS BY THE DOOR SO YOU SEE HER. A COUPLE TIMES. (You don't see her face, but it's the FIRST actual "on-screen" Mrs. Wolowitz you'll ever see, if you don't necessarily count when we see her on the roof in season 5.) You can hear her sort of silently crying from the kitchen and he asks if she's okay. She says, "Yeah, it's just... it's tough when you're alone." and he says he'll stay for dessert. She mentions that she has to make it and that it'll be another couple hours. The next morning, Howard calls Raj on FaceTime on his phone and Raj is waking up in Howard's bed AND is wearing his classic silk pajamas. Howard is asking how it went and what time he left his mom's house. Raj is yawning and stuff and is saying that he is still there. Howard is like, "GET OUT NOW." and is saying things like he won't be able to escape and he'll be stuck there forever. He asks Raj where his clothes and shoes are, and he can't find them because Mrs. Wolowitz took them. Cue Raj freaking out. Back in Leonard and Sheldon's apartment, Amy is with Sheldon and Sheldon is putting certain things that belong to Leonard in a box and Amy is making a list. She asks him what he intends to do because Leonard is moving out. He says he'll have to find and cultivate a new roommate but mentions how tedious it was to get Leonard on a tight bathroom schedule and how he's not looking forward to doing that again. Amy asks how he'd feel about finding someone who knew his schedule and was fine with it and was able to deal with his idiosyncrasies. He says, "If I found someone like that, I'd sign them on, no questions asked." and Amy is like, "HERE I AM!" and Sheldon is just going, "Ummm." and she reiterates that she's fine with his habits, quirks, isn't a stranger, and is just already familiar with him entirely, and that they're both scientists. He can't form an argument, just as Penny couldn't form an argument earlier with Leonard. Sheldon goes over to Penny's and knocks. Leonard opens and Sheldon asks him to move back in with him because Amy made him see that their argument was dumb. He says the problem is that Amy made arguments that he could not counter and he just really wanted him to move back in. Leonard basically says 'no' and says, "Spoiler alert, I'm about to slam this door in your face." Then he does. Amy is standing in the door of the apartment asking when she's going to be able to get her key. Sheldon just says, "Ummm." and the scene ends. Howard and Bernie are in the Vegas hotel room and Howard is bringing out ice packs from the bathroom and they make a comment about how they should have just "done it [sex] the 'regular' way." Bernie makes a comment about how the Cirque du Soleil performers make it look so easy. Raj calls Howard on FaceTime and is freaking out because he's literally trapped in the house and can't get out. He swears that Mrs. Wolowitz hid his keys in her bra because she jingles when she walks around. His clothes have also been in the washer all day. Howard basically tells him he's stuck and then hangs up. Bernie asks if they should leave Vegas early to rescue him but Howard says that it's too late. Sheldon and Penny are leaving their apartments at their respective times (Penny's in her Cheesecake Factory uniform), and Sheldon tells Penny that Amy wants to move in with him but wants Leonard to move back in so that doesn't happen. Penny mentions that she doesn't want Leonard to move in either, and Sheldon asks why Penny just doesn't tell Leonard the truth. She pretty much just doesn't know how to say it, but she says that they both need to talk to their SOs about it. Sheldon and Amy are in the apartment for dinner and she's bringing Chinese food to the table and Sheldon does his usual, "Kung Pao chicken? Brown rice instead of white? Mustard from the Korean market?" to which Amy replied, "Yes. Yes. Yes. I did good, right?" and Sheldon is like, "Yeah..." (but you can tell he's pleasantly disappointed - if that's even a thing). Amy mentions that she made a new voicemail message to reflect them living together. They read it together and he just comes out and says, "You can't live here." and she gets really upset and asks what she did wrong. She says, "I don't understand, I did everything right." and he says, "You did." and she screams, "THEN WHAT THE HELL, SHELDON?!" She says she does all these things for him, watches his "stupid space movies," is really patient with him, and that she's the best girlfriend he's ever going to have and says, "Give me one good reason why I can't live with you." and he immediately points in the direction of the hallway and says, "It's Penny. It's her fault. She doesn't want to live with Leonard so he has to move back in so you can't live here. She's the snake in our garden. She is why we can't be happy." So angry Amy storms over to Penny's a knocks. Penny opens and says, "Hi Amy." and she says, "Hi Amy nothin'! Sheldon says you don't want to live with Leonard and that's why I can't move in with him." You hear Leonard in the background, on the couch, "What?!" They all get up and basically all four of them are in the hallway and it's turning into a gigantic shitstorm. Sheldon is saying things to Penny like, "Why didn't you just tell Leonard the truth?" and Penny is snapping back with, "Why don't you just say you don't want to live with Amy instead of blaming it on ME?!" and Amy is in Sheldon's face saying, "YOU'RE A COWARD." to which Sheldon replies, "Well, the evidence says... yes." and then Leonard is like, "Why didn't you just tell me?" and Penny is saying, "You just moved in without asking me if I was ready!" and then she says, "You know what - let's go, Amy! Let's have some wine and talk about what jerks our boyfriends are!" and she says, "Fine! And you know what, I'll show them. I'll just move in with you!" and she storms into Penny's apartment, and Penny has the same blank, terrified look on her face like when Leonard said he was going to move in with her. She follows her in and shuts the door. Sheldon and Leonard are left in the hallway, and there's an awkward silence. Sheldon breaks it by quietly saying, "So... wanna catch up on some Walking Dead?" "Sure..." and they start to walk in the door and Sheldon says, "Have you seen the episode where Lori dies?" Leonard is pissed off and just quietly says, "No." through his teeth. Sheldon says, "Ooooor maybe she lives! Let's find out!" and they go inside. Then the tag is Raj trying to leave Howard's mom's house through the bedroom window. He is about to climb out and nearly has one leg on the ground in the bushes but you see Mrs. Wolowitz's arms grab him and pull him back in! LOL. Sorry for the shorter style report, guys, but my head is killing me. I'm knocking out now to go to sleep. Monique can answer any questions you may have.
  10. The Egg Salad Equivalency pics.
  11. I'm jealous of you ladies that can wear dresses/skirts and have them look better than pants. I definitely look better in pants than anything else, by far.
  12. Spook - I also have an addictive personality. When I'm really into something, I have the potential to like it for years while thinking about it/ reading it/ watching it every day. Until I run it into the ground. Lol. I always had a single 'best friend' who was never actually a good person and I realize that my mom always sort of hurt for me because everyone always made fun of me in elementary school/ junior high, but I just ignored it. She would also get upset when I would talk about how another would walk up to me for no reason and throw rocks at me or throw sand in my hair. Now I just realize that she was just feeling for me and didn't know what to do about it, so it upset her, since my sister was always the personable one who did sports and art and was really involved. I was the person sitting alone by a tree during recess playing pretend whatever or just drawing. High school was leagues better and I was actually kind of popular because I was involved with newspaper/ announcements/ yearbook/ clubs, etc. Still can't talk to most people for the life of me, though. I am also oblivious to most social situations. I'd say, like, 80% of the time, I have no fucking idea what's happening. Hahaha.
  13. No, it was one of the pre-taped ones. So if there were any bloopers, we didn't see. No hugs. Every scene of the guys in uniform minus the scene at the end where they're walking up the stairs were playbacks.
  14. Also, Simon was dressed like a Borg. It looked AMAZING.
  15. I dunno, maybe. If they did it wasn't a light-hearted kind of 'aww.' I know I was too busy have my heart shattered in tiny little pieces to notice.
  16. 6.13 The Bakersfield Expedition [L/S Apartment] Sheldon is standing near the kitchen island and is steaming a Star Trek uniform shirt. Leonard walks out from the hallway and sees that he's doing it and asks if he'll 'see his shirt' later. Sheldon replies that he can't because he doesn't want to split the work since Leonard didn't go in half with him on buying a steamer. "I recall you saying, 'Sheldon, we don't need a steamer.'" Penny knocks and comes in. "Hey I have these sponges you wanted." Leonard says, "Ah, thanks! I didn't realize I was going to need this many." and he bends down and opens this intricate makeup box on the coffee table. Penny is eye-balling it and says, "Wow, you have more makeup than I do." He puts the sponges in. She adds, "And better makeup than I do. What is this for, anyway?" "We're going to Comic Con." "Didn't you guys just go to Comic Con?" "Yeah, that was San Diego Comic Con. This is Bakersfield Comic Con." "Oh. Is it better?" "It's a comic book convention. Well, it's smaller. It's more about the 'comic books' and how the big conventions used to be before it got all mainstream." Sheldon adds, "So, no." (which I found a surprising answer?) She says, "Well, see you on Sunday, I guess." Leonard says, "Yeah." and they kiss. He says, "Here, hold this." and hands her a newspaper. He gets close to her and takes a self-shot picture of them together with his cell phone. She says, "What's that for?" He replies, "In case they don't believe me." Haha. [Restaurant] Penny, Bernadette, and Amy are having brunch in this very country-looking restaurant. They're drinking mimosas and Penny says, "You drink booze during breakfast during the week and you have a problem, but you do it on the weekend, and it's brunch!" I forget exactly what's said here and Bernadette starts saying, "You should have seen Howard sewing his costume for Comic Con all week." Penny says, "When did Howard learn how to sew?" She says, "When he was a young boy. Every couple months he'd have to let his mom's pants out." They all start talking about how they don't know why the guys find comic books as interesting as they do. Bernadette says, "Maybe we should give them a try to see what it's about." Penny says, "That is a GREAT idea!" and looks down at her mimosa and says, "How many of these have I had?" They agree to go to the comic book store after brunch. [Car Ride - Bakersfield Comic Con] The four guys are in the car and Leonard is driving. Sheldon is wearing a mischievous smile. He finally tells Leonard he doesn't trust him with driving to Bakersfield without the GPS. Leonard tells him it's fine because the GPS is on, but Sheldon's not having it because the audible turn-by-turn directions aren't turned up, so he does. Then it starts speaking, in SHELDON'S voice, lol. He says, "I downloaded a software and recorded my voice so I could replace it on the GPS!" There's a silence. "Turn left at ______ Ave." Sheldon says, "It sure sounds like it knows what it's talking about." You can tell the guys all want to die, because it says something like, "In 400 feet, make a right turn, then go (down some street)." Then there's a silence for a second before you hear, "And here's an interesting fact! Did you know that highways that are labeled with an even number run East and West? That ones labeled with odd numbers run North and South?" and it just keeps going on and on and on. Howard finally says, "Hey, Leonard. There's a bridge. Can you drive off of it?" [Comic Book Store] Penny, Bernadette, and Amy walk into the comic book store and every guy (probably 8 of them) are all staring at them and are completely still. They're creeped out. Bernadette says, "Why are they staring...?" Amy whispers, "Who cares? Just soak it all in." (It zooms in on all the dudes' faces, LOL.) She walks in a couple steps more and touches her hair. "Hello, boys." Stuart walks up and says hello and asks what they're doing there. They tell him that they wanna know why the guys like it so much and that they wanna give it a try. Stuart says, "What do you think you might be into? Superheros? Graphic novels? Manga?" and looks around at all the guys staring and says, "Can you all stop staring? They're just girls! It's nothing you haven't seen before. In movies or drawings..." and they all go back to what they're doing. They ask what the guys like and he says, "A little bit of everything. Mostly superhero stuf-" and he turns around to all the guys and says, "I swear to god I WILL TURN THE HOSE ON YOU!" Amy says, "Well, who is the best superhero?" Stuart flails over to her and is like, "SH SHHH SHHH SHHHH! You can't just come in here and ask that question! You want to start a rumble?!" She apologizes and Penny asks what he'd recommend. They walk to the far wall and he says, "Well you have your basic superhero. Superman. Spider Man. Captain America. Then you have your dark anti-heroes, like Batman. The Punisher..." Amy says, "Oh, I do like a bad boy." Penny replies, "As evidenced by your boyfriend and his fear of hamsters." Stuart says, "I would recommend Fable's 1. The art is sophisticated, it's intelligently written, and it doesn't objectify or stereotype women." He hands it to Amy as Penny looks to her left and sees a comic book and exclaims, "Oh, THOR! He's hot." Stuart looks down. "Yeah, he kind of is..." They all look at him, like, wtf. [Vasquez Rocks - (an area in North Los Angeles County were lots of Star Trek stuff was filmed)] The guys are driving by this national area and Raj says it would be really cool to stop by the rocks, put on a little makeup and do a photoshoot. So they stop and are doing makeup and Raj is doing makeup on Sheldon. It looks incredible, and you can tell he's supposed to be Data. Raj says he's done and Sheldon looks at himself in the mirror and he gasps in awe a little. He says, "I know Mr. Data would not be one to smile, but, here it is." and he smiles really big. You see Howard and Leonard walk up and they all start posing in different ways and are taking pictures with a camera and self-timer. Leonard says they need to do a battle pose and Sheldon just stands there with his hand on his chin. "What are you doing?" "Data's weapon is his mind. I'm harnessing it." They start doing more poses and all of the sudden they hear Leonard's car's engine start up and the car is driven away as Raj is yelling, "Someone's stealing your car!" Raj tries to call 911 but then they all realize that ALL of their phones are in the car in their other pants. After some freaking out about what to do, they suggest hitchhiking and the next person just drives right on by. Leonard says there has to be a gas station nearby so they start walking. [Penny's Apartment] The three girls are sitting in Penny's apartment. Amy and Bernadette are done reading their comic and you can tell they're waiting for Penny to finish hers. As she closes the last page she says, "I'm done! Hey, how are you already done?" Bernadette says, "Well it's a lot of pictures and one page only had one word." (I forget the word she used.) They ask each other what they thought. Amy says, "Well, it's had a lot of action. The dialogue was quick and the story moved at a brisk pace. But I can't find the word for it... it was..." Penny says, "Stupid?" "OH, soooo stupid!" "I can't believe Leonard gets so caught up in this stuff." "I can't believe they actually fight about stuff in these." Penny says, "Yeah, it's ridiculous. I mean, come on. A hammer so heavy that no one else can lift it? Pffft." Bernadette says, "I can see that. It's Thor's hammer." "That doesn't make any sense, though. If Thor is touching the hammer, can someone else pick it up? At the same time, Bernadette and Amy say "yes" and "no." and start talking about the physical reasons why and why it would not work. Bernadette says, "Maybe we should read them again..." So Penny picks up her comic and starts to read. Bernie asks Amy if she wants tea and she says yes and that she'll help her. Penny says, "I thought we were reading?" Amy says, "We are. We're just... givin' you a head start." [Vasquez Rocks] The guys are walking and they are all discouraged except for Sheldon. He has a touching mini-speech which I forget, and says, "We have always dreamed about being a part of a fantasy world, and now... here we are." Then a car drives by and throws a slurpee at Sheldon. It's all over his shirt. He gets sad and they keep walking. [Penny's Apartment] Back at Penny's, they're still fighting about Thor's hammer. Amy's saying, "No! It can't be picked 'up' because in space there is no 'up'!" Penny says, "Oh, yeah? Well then how does the SUN come up EVERY DAY?" Bernadette says, "You know what, the guys have a bunch of comic books, we should look at those." Penny says, "Yes! That's a great idea so you can see how not-wrong I am!" She grabs the guys' apartment key out of her key bowl by the door and they walk across the hall. Penny adds, "You'll see that anyone can pick it up in space because it's floating around in a weightless environment! SEE, the slow reader just used science! HA." [Diner] The guys eventually make it to a diner somewhere near where they were stranded. They are all dusty and Sheldon has dried Slurpee on him and everyone in the diner in staring. Sheldon quietly says, "Hello." then looks to the other side and says, "Hello..." He looks over to the waitress who's staring and says, "May I have four glasses of water?" He turns around and says, "Anything for you guys?" Leonard says, "Can we use your phone? Our car got stolen with everything in it and we have to get back home." The waitress says, "I dunno, how about you call Scotty and have him beam you up?" and everyone starts laughing. Sheldon slowly says, "Well. Scotty was in The Original Series. We're from The Next Generation. So the joke's on you." Howard turns to the guy nearest to him who's staring and says, "We're not with him." and then looks down in shame. [L/S Apartment] The girls are sitting in there and eating Chinese food and talking about comic books (which I found very symbolic). Bernadette's saying, "When Thor picks up the hammer and the Hulk picks up Thor, by the law of transient power, the Hulk is actually picking up the hammer." Amy disagrees, "No, no. The Hulk picked up Thor. Thor picked up the hammer." Penny says, "Wait. So you're saying if I went to a bar and picked up a guy and the guy picked up a girl and we all left together - did I pick up the girl?" Amy looks at her and smiles, "Did that really happen?" Penny is silent for a second then puts her hands up, "Hey, we talkin' 'bout me or Thor?" [Diner] The guys are sitting at a table in the diner. Howard is missing from the table but the other three are talking to a cop as he's asking if there's anything valuable in the car. Leonard says, "Well, yeah. Our clothes. Wallets. Cell phones." Raj adds, "And $300 worth of makeup so the thief could look like anyone by now!" The cop is just like, "Uh huh..." Leonard says, "We were supposed to go to this comic book convention in Bakersfield. It's pretty cool. We're cosplaying." The cop sarcastically says, "That sounds cool." "Oh, it is." The cop says, "Well that's about all I need. Is there anyone you need me to call? Possibly your moms?" Leonard goes, "Psssh. No. We've got that taken care of, thanks." Howard comes out from where a phone booth was and says, "So I just got off the phone with my mom." The cop walks off. Howard sits down and says, "She arranged for us to have a rental car." Raj starts talking about how he wants to go to the Comic Con still. Leonard says, "You know, I really don't even want to go any more. I just want to go home." Howard says, "I want to go home, too." Raj says, "Well, Sheldon, looks like it's you and me. Two against two. How do we solve this?" Sheldon looks up, somberly. "It's actually three against one..." "What?" He starts to talk about how they have fun cosplaying, but says, "We are characters, but I'm tired of doing this and having real-life people throwing real-life garbage at us and talking about us like we're idiots. And frankly, I'm starting to feel like one." He looks over to Leonard with the saddest eyes ever and quietly says, "I want to go home now." Raj says, "...okay. Can we still at least rent the car from Enterprise?" *collective silence* "Oh, come on! That was FUNNY!" [staircase] The guys are walking up the staircase like they're tired since they've had a very long day. They walk up to the apartment door but don't open it because they can hear the girls talking. "So that doesn't mean that you can pick up the hammer just because you're in the position of someone else who can!" "But what I'm saying is that the Red Hulk can pick up the hammer because he's touching the strap." "That doesn't work like that, he can't pick up the hammer." "The STRAP is part of the hammer!" There's collective chatter about the comic books going on but you hear Raj say, "Are they really arguing about comic books?" Howard says, "Maybe Red Hulk is a new kind of... nail polish?" Sheldon says, "There's only one reasonable explanation. In the desert we walked into another dimension. A dimension in which the women in our lives understand great literature." You hear, "But if red Hulk can pick up the hammer then what does that mean?" "You can only pick up the hammer if you are worthy, though." "So what? Red Hulk is worthy." Penny says, "Oh, please. What makes him worthy?" Bernadette says, "YOU don't know his LIFE!" Raj says, "Well, this seems like a good time to be a... landing party." There's a silent agreement about the group and Leonard says, "Let's go in." Sheldon pulls out his phaser and says, "We have to be careful. They might be hostile." They all put out their own phasers and Leonard says, "Yeah, but set them to stun. If you obliterate Penny I'll kill you because I'll never have a girlfriend that pretty again." He shoves open the door and they all bounce in. [Tag] The thieves (who are stereotypical looking Hispanics) are shown driving the car, with the Sheldon-fied GPS system still running. It's telling them history facts as it would have been if the guys were still driving it. The guys look like they are displeased, however, when the voice on the GPS says, "Here's an interesting fact - did you know (I forget the fact, sorry)" the guy driving says, "Wow. That was interesting!" and the GPS comes on again and says, "Here's another question, when did (forget this, too). Find out in 4 miles!" The guy looks over to the other and says, "Aw, yeah! Another quiz!" and then they fist bump. Annnnnnd that's all she wrote until January 8th!
  17. I'm glad it wasn't just me! I was too embarrassed to say anything!
  18. Good lord, tell me about it! ANYWAY. Jim could be Data. It was incredibly weird how good it looked. I mean, the first time you see Kunal all done up, it's almost not Kunal. In my head I knew it was, but I still had to wait for him to speak to REALLY know. That's how good it was. Johnny Galecki also has the PERFECT face to be Picard. You can't see it but when he has the bald cap on, it makes sense. It was wonderfully done. Tell you what, if I saw people who looked like THAT walking around at Comic Con, I'd expect them to be on G4 or something.
  19. 8:30! Haha. Krys, it was so weird. One of the guys I drove back to the hotel was actually tweeting with you. The world is crazy sometimes. Haha.
  20. I quote myself from earlier: "My ovaries exploded." Oh and you're welcome for the sandwich! I didn't mean to walk away! I'M SO DUMB. LOL. Anyway! I will be getting home shortly. I drove those guys (the Aussies) back to their hotel because I didn't want them to take a cab. Plus they were super nice. When I do type it up, if you remember anything, you should do what Disgusted did that one time and copy it, paste it, and whatever you add, just make it bold so people know. I think that'll work.
  21. I think one of the best scenes where you can see his red hands are in the episode where Howard needs security clearance and all the guys ruin his chances by ruining the interviews with that girl from the FBI. When Sheldon walks into the cafeteria to apologize to Howard, he says, "I will offer you a one-time high five." and he holds his hand up. It's very, very red.
  22. Lol, whichever editor did that is gonna be in trouuuubllllle. Lord knows I was ruthless when I was editor-in-chief at the papers I've worked on.
  23. The wreath is gone! What the heck, man.
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