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  1. I think Amy's going to get really, really fed up then either leave or at least threaten to... and Sheldon realizes he has feelings for her. I hope, anyway.
  2. 5.2 The Infestation Hypothesis. 5.9 The Ornithophobia Diffusion. 5.15 The Friendship Contraction. 5.18 The Werewolf Transformation - this one specifically hit a lot of right buttons for me.
  3. Either Howard and Bernadette are at their wedding or Howard is in space. I really hope they send him up, I'll be pissed if they have him back out. I've been wanting something big to happen with Raj since... forever. ANYTHING would be fine. I hope Sheldon realizes he has feelings for Amy so their "relationship" isn't so freaking dark any more. It's really, really sad for Amy.
  4. I was actually a senior in high school when season 2 was ending. I was doing a project with a classmate and I said something that reminded him of a quote on the show (I forget what) and I had NO idea what he was talking about but all I heard was "nerd," "Wolowitz," and other key words. I didn't think to watch it until I caught a re-run and thought, OMG THIS IS AMAZING, and immediately caught up on all the episodes up until that point. Been my favorite show since. It's amazing I ever saw it at all because I really don't watch TV. I watch South Park and other select shows on Netflix but that's totally it.
  5. Honestly, this idea is hilarious. I would love if they did something like this! Or someone drugged him, like when Howard mixed the Valium with milk.
  6. I love Sheldon, but I don't know for how long. We'd start bickering almost instantly, I think. I'd like to be in there with Leonard or Raj, but I'm female and Raj probably wouldn't be able to talk to me. :/
  7. Well, it depends on what kind of ending they want for the show. I can't say either way. Though, I went to a taping of the show in January (The Friendship Contraction) and Howard's mom was "in" that episode. At the end when the cast came out to do their curtain-call, they called Howard's mom (Carol Ann Susi) out as well. I'm not going to say it ruined it for me, because I could have easily Googled her (or would have seen it eventually), but now I can't even imagine her as anyone else. At best, when I try to remember what I had imagined her like before, I can't even think of it. Because Carol Ann Susi definitely isn't extremely overweight, or very hairy... which I remember Howard saying.
  8. Kyzzx


    I personally like Amy but it's starting to get sad in reference to her relationship with Sheldon. It's just getting darker. He either needs to break out of his comfort zone (which is really unlikely to happen, and even if it does, I feel like the VAST majority of the audience will be unhappy, since I know a lot of people were uncomfortable with Sheldon in The Werewolf Transformation), or she needs to realize he's not going to satisfy her in any physical way. It's getting to the point where I feel bad for her but love her character, and I have a feeling there can't be any way she'll stick around much longer feeling like that. I feel like she might get fed up and leave. Who knows, though. Also, I love Bernadette. Done and done.
  9. Only because of Leonard, actually. Haha. Never really paid attention before that. Dinner, in some regions, is the largest meal of the day but not necessarily the last one... sometimes (on holidays, etc) there is a lighter meal served after dinner, and that's supper. What's the funniest 'clean' joke you know?
  10. Kyzzx

    Movie Game

    Pineapple Express.
  11. Hi! I can't wait to jump into this forum with you all. I feel bad bothering my friends because I love this show so much. Well, my best friend really likes it (thankfully), but I still feel bad. I caught on to the show around the end of the second season while I was a senior in high school. Still my favorite and I still get just as excited on Thursdays as I used to when a new episode was airing. I've been to a taping and am going to another next week. I can't wait. Anyway, I'll quit rambling. See you around the boards!
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