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  1. Not his best interview segment, that's for sure. It was a nice 8 minutes but 6 of them were about being vegan.
  2. I saw it on Tumblr but it didn't have any source from where or what it's from. Or even when. It seems older.
  3. No joke, that quote is at the top of my Facebook quote section. It's the only TBBT quote. Stands strong with me, too.
  4. Exactly. Personally, I feel awkward talking about the actors when people don't know their real names. People know I go to tapings and they ask me how they are and I will say, "Oh, Jim started laughing at this one thing." and they'll be like, "Who?" and I hate saying, "Sheldon." because Sheldon didn't laugh, Jim did. There's a difference between the two. You wouldn't say, "Jim made Mayim sign his relationship agreement."
  5. Mayim does an absolutely fantastic job in those scenes. It's so convincing. She's awesome.
  6. Wonderfully said. I find their relationship the best out of the lot of 'em. Plus I must be the only person who thinks relationship contracts are appealing, but I find their arrangement totally ideal. Their relationship makes more sense to me even though L/P have what you'd call a 'typical' relationship.
  7. Sorry, I was unclear. That is the reason, but I wasn't sure if that was too spoiler-ish for people or not. It really has nothing to do with the storyline overall.
  8. I mentioned why in the 6.10 thread, if you want to read it. It's not a spoiler, really has nothing to do with the storyline overall.
  9. Kyzzx

    Season 6 spoilers

    Oooo, I think I'm going to enjoy this episode. I love stuff like this. Stolen car? Next Gen outfits? I'm on board! I like Alex, but I wish she wasn't such a 'threat.' I hope it goes a different direction, but we'll see.
  10. I wish the interview was longer! I just love how she talks. And her laugh. The coconut bit was funny. "It's worth it for this gig." Haha.
  11. I think it's the picture that does it.
  12. Semi-spoilerish? Maybe? They're supposed to go to a funeral, but Amy is too sick, hence his nice outfit.
  13. For visual, this is supposed to be a representation of the black hole's "event horizon." It's not the ACTUAL size of the black hole. Sursonica could explain that. I'm not a scientist or astrophysicist, so...
  14. Kyzzx


    I'm gonna look it up. I've never even heard of it!
  15. My thoughts exactly. I love the storylines about mundane things. Everyday life. I love the dry humor that comes with it. If I want a storyline that I have to intensely follow and where crucial turns are happening all the time, I'll watch Breaking Bad or The Walking Dead. The thing I love about BBT is that you can watch them out of order and they're all great. You can't shuffle dramas. I am thankful this show is not like that.
  16. Well, I typed "Has anyone else spotted any 'easter eggs'?" and now all the words are capitalized... except Easter... I certainly didn't do that. Unless I'm going crazy.
  17. I'm not sure TBBT does that many, but someone else saw this and I didn't even notice it. In the last episode, you can see the picture of them from the Halloween party when they were Smurfs. So, anything else I missed? I've seen the pictures on Penny's fridge, but I don't think I've noticed much else other than the sign in the laundry room. It says, "Please keep your clothes on while doing laundry." which I find pleasantly humorous. Screenshot:
  18. He was also on Conan the other night as well! (Tuesday) He was one of the people in Conan's questionnaire thing.
  19. Hey, it's a bit of a walk! Well... a three minute walk, lol. They're right next to each other. Studio 15 and studio 25 are aligned. What's super weird is I actually requested tickets for that day but have to open at work. I'll see if the other manager wants my shift.
  20. God, I hate Jay so much. Jim was adorable, though. Thanks for the YouTube link! I really didn't want to watch Jay and I didn't have to.
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